Sunday, July 30, 2023

A Rescue Story

You may recall that on Thursday's I take the calls for Lab Rescue, from the 'owner give up line.' A few weeks ago I got a call from a Realtor who had come upon 2 Labs being kept outside in a 5 x 8 pen. He described the conditions as deplorable, and used similar words to describe their owner. With the heat, Mr. Realtor felt that it was a dire situation for the pair, and he asked the owner to give the two dogs, named Gunnar and Lucy to him. Of course he wouldn't. Money talks. Mr. Realtor ended up buying the pair from him - For how much, I've no idea. 


Mr. Realtor immediately took them to his vet, and they were given check ups, bathed, nails trimmed, and appropriate vaccines were given ... It was also discovered that Lucy was expecting puppies in a couple of weeks. Not sure of what to do next, Mr. Realtor called Lab Rescue - And I returned his call. 

**I will add here that my role in answering 'the owner give up line,' is return all calls and to decide if Lab Rescue is right for a particular dog -- I get photos and ask about 2 pages worth of questions covering everything from favorite treats to last vet visit. All that information is put into a report that I send to a coordinator who gathers any vet records, and arranges boarding with vets offices and other coordinators for the dogs to come in to the rescue. I tell the owners it may take 4-6 weeks. Dogs in shelters have priority over dogs being given up from owners. 

~Gunnar, left and Lucy on the right~

But, back to my story .... I explained to Mr. Realtor what my volunteer role was. I told him that my coordinator was out of town, and a weekend was coming up, and even though I knew boarding space was a premium, I would do my best and add an 'urgent' to my report. Which I did do - I sent everything to the medical and foster home coordinators that typically don't work on the weekends. 

Meanwhile,  Mr. Realtor assured me that he could manage having Gunnar and Lucy at his home, where he has a cattle dog, a geriatric German Shepherd, and a Lab mix. 

At first, Mr. Realtor seemed to have everything under control. The text messages were positive, and I was optimistic that time was on our side. Mr. Realtor even sent me a video of the pair. 

But unfortunately Mr. Realtor quickly realized he was in over his head because his dogs were not accepting of Gunnar and Lucy. He told me he thought he could keep them all separated and safe. I'm still not sure if or how he did it. All I know is that I got the below text on Sunday afternoon. 

I'll admit I had a moment of panic thinking about 2 dogs coming to our house - And one of them expecting puppies - It sent this whole situation to a whole other level. I was able to talk Mr. Realtor through everything and calm his worries and concerns because I knew behind the scenes it was already being worked on. 

Thankfully on Monday, the coordinator was able to arrange for Gunnar to be both boarded and neutered, and she found a foster home for him too. 

The Foster Home Coordinator also found a foster home for Lucy - one that specifically takes expectant Mom's and their puppies. 

The pieces truly all came together. I could not have been happier or more relieved. And it was just in time. Lucy arrived at her foster home on Tuesday and on Friday she gave birth to 9 puppies. It was a very rough labor for Lucy and three pups were stillborn - she finished having her little ones at vets office because she was having such a hard time. 

We are all sad that 3 little ones were lost. But the thought of Lucy giving birth outside in the heat, and needing vet care during the delivery would have probably meant more would not have survived. Perhaps not even Lucy.  

But thankfully and gratefully, Lucy has six healthy puppies and I'm told that she is being a great mom!  

And Gunnar has already found a new forever home too.  

Eight lives have been saved. ❤

Sunday, July 16, 2023

Marley Arrives at Golden Pines

Another busy weekend as today we welcomed a nearly 12 year old boy, named Marley to Golden Pines. Marley comes to us via the Golden Retriever Rescue. Marley belonged to a grown son, but unfortunately after returning home (which, I'm told is a story in itself) a younger brother found himself allergic to Marley. 

Sometimes, as sad as it may be for a family to surrender their dog, their coming into a rescue can be a good thing for the dog. Marley's future was uncertain. For 5 years, he'd not seen a vet. And, as sad as I'm told it was for the son to say good bye to Marley, this last part of his life can and will be one where he's able to have the care and comfort that he should have at his respectable age. 

~Exploring the yard~

Marley has met most of his new packmates easily. 

~Sharing a moment with Iva~

Intros to Todd and to Jack will come later. Marley only gets one chance to meet them both, and when it goes smoothly that usually guarantees that there won't be any problems between them. So, I always take it very, very slow - Probably too slow, but it's just how I do things. 

-Welcome Marley - 

We're glad that you're here!

And we look forward to the chance to get to know you and love you too!

**A postscript to Carol (aka Coppa's Girl) -- 
I'm so sorry to read that you had return Amber to the rescue, and perhaps a 2nd one as well. As hard as it is, you are doing what is best for them. Just know that I'm cheering you on to find that right addition to your home - don't give up, I know you will find one another!!

Friday, July 14, 2023

Iva's Search Begins

We have cruised right to the middle of July. Summer is flying by. My little vegetable garden is just doing okay, flowers just okay too. The hot sun and probably my lack of attention is to blame. But that's all okay. 

The dogs are in good spirits. 

~Milo with Lily in the background~

Todd returned to Wholistic Vet for a follow up visit last week. He has had a few 'attacks' where breathing seemed a bit difficult for him -- But unlike it has been previously where his sinus is clogged and breathing is difficult for hours, any snorting, sneezing or coughing has lasted only for moments and is maybe occurring once or twice during the week. knock, knock, knock on wood that it stays that way.

~Waiting for Wholistic Vet~

But this makes me and Wholistic Vet really optimistic and so we'll continue both the tincture and the Chinese herbs as I note that it was almost exactly a year ago the problems with Todd's sinus began. 

~On the way home - A good once-over wears a Scottie out!~

Our foster girl Iva is now available for adoption via the Golden Retriever Rescue. We've had a few calls, but no one that I think is a fit for her. Some of Iva's needs are specific, and I think are important for her to have. One is her having a fun companion like Milo, to play with. 

And Iva requires a home with very few steps. Iva had a broken shoulder previously to coming into the rescue, and this old injury has left her with limited range of motion. She can manage a few stairs, but looses momentum on bigger flights. We'll see where all this takes this fun and energetic girl that we are very fond of. ❤

Finally, I'll also add these collages I did of Iva for the rescue - Seeing her every day, it can be hard to really notice her changes, until I put photos of her now, next to older ones. What a difference! 

~Iva - On the left, the day we met her in November  - On the right, taken June 30th ~

Below, Iva in June and early March