Saturday, February 11, 2023

It's About Balance

Yet another vet visit this week and this time it was Ree's turn. Let me just start this by saying that she's a terrible traveling companion. Even though she happily gets into the car, she'll sit directly in back of me and barks at everything that she sees. She also likes to have the window down so she can stick her nose out to sniff the air. Lesson learned to remember to use a crate next time. 

We've had Ree for over a year now, but she'd never met our vet. So, it was time that she did. Ree was really good, and we're waiting on the bloodwork results to be returned. 

So, after being the defender and protector of my van yesterday, today Ree's job was laying around and doing nothing. 

I think that there are days when I'm just like Ree. Some days all I do is bark at everybody, and some days I just want to lay on the floor and do nothing.  I think Ree has got it right. It's all about balance. ❤

~The snowdrops are blooming!~

Sunday, February 5, 2023

Jaycee - Color Dilution Alopecia

Our February began with just a little bit of snow, that practically disappeared if you blinked. It was the bitter cold that was hard to miss. But it was easier to take knowing it wasn't going to hang around for long. By Sunday afternoon milder and warmer air arrived and is in the forecast for the week ahead.

Lately, my days off have been spent at the vets office. This past week was no different and this time, it was Jaycee's turn. 

I am both sad and worried for Jaycee. We've had her for almost a year now and there has been some interest from hopeful adopters, but no matches. And I have to confess to being brought to tears when it's not a match with someone that I thought may be perfect and when other dogs who've not been available for adoption that long, find their new family. I'm trying to remain hopeful. But it's not always easy.

But Jaycee's vet visit was an uneventful one because it was just a yearly exam to make sure she's current on everything for when the day does come, she'll be ready for adoption. 

A health concern I have with Jaycee, is that she has alopecia on her sides, and on top of her head. 

~The top of Jaycee's head~

I've always thought she would regrow hair in these areas, but she hasn't. The vet explained that she has "color dilution alopecia" (CDA) which is a genetic-recessive-inherited condition that causes patches of hair thinning or loss. Interesting, at least to me, it's also this same diluted gene that gives Jaycee her silvery color, and her dappled ear.

I had no idea, and because everything on the internet is true, I looked it up and read about it. You really can learn something new every day. Even on the internet. ūüôā

~The beautiful Daisy~