Friday, July 29, 2022

Not Convinced

We've had our girl Ree for nearly a year now. It has been quite a year as we've gotten used to the energy and the antics of an active 5 year old dog in our midst.  

Along with mastering total pillow domination, and the art of morphing to the exact dimensions of a king-sized bed, Ree always finds something to get into when she's left unattended - I honestly think she keeps a list of things to get into when we're not around because she's eaten rolls of toilet paper, bars of soap, boxes of cards, magazines - You get the idea. 

Yesterday, I left the house in a bit of a rush, and forgot to put Ree in her crate. When I got home about 2 hours later, I was surprised when she happily greeted me at the door. But everything was as I'd left it, nothing was torn up, and there were no accidents. It was so unlike Ree. I was so proud of her, relieved, and I gave her lots of praise and extra treats. But now, a day later, I'm still not convinced that I won't find something that she got into. ❤ 

Sunday, July 24, 2022

For Our Friend Tammy J

This post is for our longtime blogging friend, Tammy J in Oklahoma. She mentioned in her comment on my last post that she's recovering from a stroke. 

So, Tammy, from our corner of the world, we are sending our best get well wishes and caring thoughts, together with all the healing vibes that you need along with whatever else it takes to regain any needed strength for the days ahead.

Tammy, over the years you have visited and commented on my posts in the good times and the not so good times, and it has meant so much. So now, it's my turn to cheer you on as you recover! You truly have a place in our hearts. Feel better Tammy, and know that you are loved by so many of us in the blogging community! ❤❤

Thursday, July 21, 2022

Jake's Last Day

Dear Friends, 

Thank you all for sharing the loss of Jake with us. It's a reminder of something that I've known for a very long time, and that's that the blogging community is one of kindness, compassion and friendship. Your comments on Jake's loss really made a difference in the sad days of the past week. 

A couple of months ago I read something that really stuck with me about the "responsibility of being a witness" to the passing of our beloved pets, just as we've been one to the lives they lived. It was a very powerful article, written by a professional and long time death doula, who shares her experiences and thoughts on death on a Facebook page (and blog) that I follow. But I'd never thought of myself as a "witness" to our dogs lives, but I guess I am. I am a 'witness' to the last chapter of their lives and what's written below is my 'witness' of Jake's last day with us. I know that it's a bit wordy, and with time being a premium, I totally understand if you don't have time to read it. 

So I will end this part of the post by saying again how much it means to me to have your support and for always being there to cheer us on, in both the good times, and the not so good times. You all are the best!

   July 13th started out as a normal day.  I'd gotten Jake outside, he ate his breakfast, drank water and was even wagging his stubby tail when I gave him treats. Off to work I went. Knowing how concerned I was about Jake, a few weeks ago our dog walker started texting me updates when she came midday so I wouldn't worry (too much) about how he was doing.  She said she'd also gotten Jake out and made sure he had water, and gave him treats and even noted that he was in good spirits.

Carl got home around 5 o'clock, and he also got Jake outside and there was no indication of anything wrong - I got home from work, Jake was fine, he was sitting up and seemed happy to see me and I spent a few minutes with him before getting dinner ready for the dogs. Jake's first seizure was at about 6:30, it lasted just over a minute, and he seemed to recover in just in few minutes. It had been over a week since he'd had a seizure, so I wasn't overly worried because he seemed okay. So, I went ahead and fed the other dogs, and I could tell that he wanted something to eat, so I gave him his meal, which he ate. We decided to move him into the bedroom because it was quieter. I didn't want him to be alone, and so I sat with him. Shortly after 9 PM, Jake would have a 2nd seizure. I texted the medical coordinator for the rescue to let her know. 

Jake seemed to again recover from the second seizure, and was alert. By this time I'd talked to the coordinator for the rescue about what to do. We decided to take him in to the animal emergency - The first one I called, was 'full to capacity' and wouldn't see him. So, I called another about 45+ minutes from us to ask them about seeing Jake. They said they were also having a busy night, and it would be at least a 4-5 hour wait or possibly longer if Jake was stable. I'll add that I seem to recall a possible 12 hour wait in my conversation with the receptionist. Jake did seem 'stable' so I called the coordinator back, and we decided to wait through the night, and call the vet first thing in the morning and take him into the ER if he had another seizure. Unfortunately he did shortly after we talked. It was worse than the other 2 had been, and I became more than worried that Jake may not make the nearly one hour drive to the ER, especially when he had another seizure barely a minute or two later. 

I drove as fast as I dared to, given that I kept seeing deer (and even a fox) crossing and grazing along the side of the road and it was a little rainy, making it pitch dark. Jake was whining a little, and I didn't and don't know why. I'd not heard him whine before, and it's something that still bothers me. But Carl sitting next to him, he settled down and he was alert for most of the 40+ minute drive. 

Unfortunately Jake had another seizure when we were about 5 minutes away. It was about 11:30 PM when I pulled up to the ER. I opened the door of the van and he was barely breathing and his (gum) color wasn't good. I knew we were going to lose him. I ran inside to find the one and only receptionist listening to someone talk about his dog who had been scratching his ear all day - I stood silently as long as I could, and I finally interrupted. Fast forward to the staff getting Jake onto a stretcher, and they rushed him to the back. By the time I parked and was back inside, they were coming out to tell us that Jake was gone. 

Being told news that I already knew just caused all the emotions I'd been ignoring all evening to surface and my heart to break. I asked the vet to to bring Jake to us so we could say our goodbye's. I kissed his head knowing that it would be the last time I would ever kiss him, and I noticed how soft and warm his fur was, and I wanted to remember what he felt like, because I knew I would never feel his soft fluffy coat again. I tried to memorize every detail, knowing it would be the last time I’d ever see the face of a dog I dearly love and I whispered into his ear those things that come from the heart at those moments . . . . . . . . . we said good-bye to Jake. 

I know in time the sadness and emotions last Tuesday will soften, but what will remain is what always does, the gratitude in my heart for having the chance to know Jake and to love him, and have him as part of our lives for 317 days. 

Saturday, July 16, 2022

Farewell Tribute to Our Boy Jake

I've waited a couple of days to write this post because I wanted to find the right words to let you all know that we lost our boy Jake on Tuesday. I have the post already written of the events leading up to our suddenly losing him, that I will post after this. I want this post to be a tribute to a dog that I came to love very much. 

~Jake, the first day we met~

It was exactly 317 days ago that I'd met Jake. His first life was spent with someone who'd served in the military, and when there was a divorce, Jake was given to his parents. When the parents no longer had time for Jake, they felt that he'd be happier in another home. We became Jake's second foster home when it was realized that he was unable to do flights of steps. He settled in easily and nicely and got along with our crew and found his spot within the pack. 

Proving an old dog actually can and does adjust to a new life, Jake spent his time with us enjoying all the smells of the country and all the other joys of being canine. 

He mastered the art of the assistant chef in the kitchen and all things food related. 

You couldn't help but  notice that Jake was a big boy, and we tried to help him on his weight-loss journey. But it didn't help that he appointed himself the official dog-bowl-cleaner, making sure all leftover morsels did not go to waste. We tried .....  

Jake didn't know any tricks like shake, speak, or roll over . . . But he did know sit . . . 

And he had a smile that truly warmed my heart. His affection and trust for everyone he met was as intense as his love for finding a cool place to sleep and living life how he wanted. Something we happily let him do.

Jake is survived by a pack that misses him, and by two people who are heartbroken and wish they could have given him a few more hugs and a few more of those new treats he was really enjoying. 

In lieu of flowers, as Jake's foster home, we are requesting that you spend this week giving your dogs or cats extra treats, and extra hugs - the same goes for people too. And most importantly, consider giving second chances to senior dogs like Jake. Because two-legged or four, everyone deserves to be loved to their fullest potential.

And allowed to be who they are . . . ❤❤❤

God speed Jake. Thank-you for being part of our lives and thank-you to GRREAT, the rescue that was there for him when he needed a place to go. I know in time the ache of your loss will soften. But that gratitude in my heart for having the chance to know you and love you, will not. 

Monday, July 4, 2022

Happy 4th of July!

We round the corner to today, July 4th. July is my favorite time of summer. I love all the light and waking up and looking out my window and seeing the hydrangeas blooming. 

Everyone loves summer. Don't you think that people are so much happier when summer comes around? I think because it's so much more laid back and you can get away with things you may not be able to during the colder months when we're sometimes a bit grouchier.

I think the dogs are in a better mood too. Jake, Daisy and Todd didn't seem to mind the trip to the vet last week. With the 3 of them in my van, it was a reminder that my van fits our needs perfectly. I'd been thinking we could/should downsize what I'm driving, but this vet trip was a reminder that I really cannot. 

Todd had mostly a good report. He was diagnosed this year with lyme disease, which is not unusual for the area we live. He'll go on a round of antibiotics (doxycycline) and he should be just fine. What's not fine is me, as trivial as it is, I'm still feeling that guilt over his ear that will never stand up straight again. 

The report for Jake has us making an appointment for acupuncture and cold laser to see if that will help with his being more mobile. At some point very soon, I'll share more about how he's doing. The vet report was as good as it could be, considering his age of 13-14 years old, and being such a big boy. But x-rays of his chest showed us that his heart looked good, no signs of fluid or tumors. 

However, my worries escalated when Jake had a seizure on Friday morning. I'm grateful I could be home for a long weekend to keep a close eye on him. Each day since Friday has been a better one for him, no more seizures (knock, knock, knock on wood!!) and his appetite is back.  

~A very tired and worn out Jake on Saturday~

Finally there was our newest arrival, Daisy. She got a good report from the vet. We're doing a round of antibiotics to clear up an infection that we hope will help with those inside-accidents her previous owners reported that she was having. My report is that Daisy hasn't had any accidents in the house in a week and all of our dogs, even Jack, who can be moody around the other dogs even likes her. How can you not with that smile that has won everyone over. ❤

Sunday, June 19, 2022

Daisy Arrives at Golden Pines

To start, I am going to spare you the saga of some drama that came from changing our internet provider. I am pretty sure it's all worked out now, and we are officially divorced from *them.*

And I also won't make a big deal about how our outdoor kitty White Boy has become friends with a member of the marauding gang of deer on our property.  Traitor? 😊

But White Boy remains good friends with our Siamese cat, Tiggy. 

I'll also not brag about a really nice birthday celebration I had a couple of weeks ago. My "bestie" at work, Chris made this very delicious pie, it was a Texas Trash Pie, and the recipe can be found here. 

But I WILL brag to you about our newest arrival via the Golden Retriever Rescue, a 7 year old girl named Daisy. 

~My first photo of Daisy~

Yes, you are right, she is younger than what typically comes to us - And there are two reasons for this.

The first one happened a couple of years ago. Daisy was in boarding and somehow injured her back, right hock. No one is quite sure how it happened. It was a clean-cut to her leg and at first it was thought it would heal on its own and she would be fine and recover. But the injury didn't heal. 

That was because the injury got infected. And when Daisy was not putting any weight on her leg it was discovered that her achilleas-tendon had been severed. That started her on a journey that involved surgery and physical therapy. In the end, it has left Daisy able to walk just fine, but she is unable to do a flight of stairs. However, she is easily able to do a few steps like we have on our back porch. We were asked to foster Daisy because our house is all on one level. 

~My second photo of Daisy, wet from the rain~

Daisy's injury was not why she was given up by her family. Daisy has been given-up to the rescue because her well to do family are renovating their home. They are currently living in a rental, and Daisy started having "accidents." in the house. And they did not want the "distress"(their word) if it continued when they move back into their newly renovated home ..... You cannot make this up - The coordinator for the rescue knows that a dog having "accidents" in our house isn't an issue for us whatsoever, so we were more than happy to welcome the very lovely Daisy on Thursday.

Daisy's intros to her new packmates and spending time with them has gone really well. 

~All the girls in the kitchen helping with dinner~

All the dogs and the cats seem to like Daisy just fine. 

Daisy is friendly, easy going and never stops smiling or wagging that beautiful tail of hers. I think it goes without saying that we are going to enjoy having her as part of our household. 

~Daisy and Max watching those marauding deer~

Welcome Daisy!

Tuesday, May 31, 2022


For this post, I thought I would share some of the random photos that I've taken over the last month or so. 

Ree, always happy. 

My peonies this year. Did you know that in the Victorian age it was considered unlucky to dig up a peony bush and, if you did, the fairies would curse you. I dislike thoughts of upsetting fairies or inviting curses so despite my red peony not blooming this year, maybe I'll resist that urge to move it in the fall. But I have decided that their sweet, rosy, citrusy fragrance is what heaven must smell like.

Jaycee waiting for Carl to come back inside. She really loves him.

I was going through some things and came across my Mom's 1951 high school year book. I didn't want it. But the county where my Mom graduated from in Kentucky has a Facebook page and so I asked if anyone would like to have it. To my surprise there were a few people who did - And someone who works in "City Hall" said they'd love to have it to add to the county museum. I was thrilled to be able to send it to them and it is now part of a collection of school memorabilia. My Mom would have loved it too! 

George and Todd, before his right ear went wonky. 

My very favorite bird, the Eastern Phoebe

Ree, sniffing out crumbs because she is sure there is a tidbit leftover from breakfast. 

Tibetan prayer flags on my fence. A gift from a friend before my surgery. The colors together signify balance - And I love the thought that their catching the wind allows "the prayers" to be carried far and wide and are a tribute to nature and peace and represent a spirit of harmony. And I'm told that I must never take them down because as they become slowly tattered over time, they release all their prayerful energy.

Finally, there's Max ....

Saying good-bye for now, and thanking you for stopping by. 

Wonky-eared Todd thanks you too.❤

Thursday, May 26, 2022

Hello Friends!

Hello Friends! 

What a whirlwind it has been at our house! Updating my blog has been something I have thought about every day. Really. But when I would sit down to begin a post, the words just wouldn't come. Then someone told me this week to just push through it, and to just start writing. So, that's what I'm doing and so lets see where this post goes. 

To start, I really want to thank everyone who have stopped by leaving comments and sending messages asking how I'm doing, and how our gang is doing too. I so appreciate your friendship, your concern and your letting me know that you were thinking of us - It really meant a lot; you all are truly the best! ❤

I returned to work exactly a month post-surgery.

~Sitting in commuter-traffic--- grrrrr .... My least favorite thing to do~

After my first post-op appointment, my doctor had recommended that I take another week or two off work, but I didn't listen to her or friends that were telling me the same thing. I know now, I should have, because I was exhausted and yes, also grouchy and irritable. The good thing is, is that the doctor and all that I read were right, it did get easier and better. This past week or so, I finally feel like my energy is back to where it was, and I'm finally feeling like myself again. *And as a post note, I'll add that the biopsies have all come back "clear." 


The report on the dogs has been a bit of a mix bag. A few of our crew are a tad-bit worse for wear, but as always, they're in pretty good spirits and great company.


Todd did have a small scuffle with Jack, that Jack started because he didn't like Todd barking at people he could see walking around the adjoining property. Todd hurt his neck, and there was an injury behind his ear that was made a little bit complicated by a prior ear infection that turned into an aural-hematoma. As a result of that, Todd has an ear that may never stand up straight again. I feel terrible and guilty about it. 

On a much lighter note, going back to April, we did celebrate Todd's 11th birthday - Can you believe that Todd is 11 years old? As always, I'm continuing to ask that ongoing question, " just where the heck does time go?"

Wherever times disappears to, I'll keep this short for now and just say, that I'm so glad you stopped by, and I really am looking forward to catching up on all that I've missed!