Tuesday, April 30, 2024

Before April Ends!

Before April ends, I have to post about yet ANOTHER April birthday at our house. This time, it was for Todd who is now 13 years old. Thirteen years old ... can you believe it? 

Each year I have tried to take this same photo of Todd, sitting at the same place at the table, wearing the same birthday hat with a big cookie. At some point, I'll make a collage of them all.

Looking back on those photos, I've not seen the changes in Todd that you'd see in a Lab or Golden. However this year, I am seeing one. But maybe it's just his 'really bad haircut.' (grrrrrr!) Or on the flip side, maybe it's knowing that this past year wasn't his best as we dealt with his allergies and injury in January. 

Whatever it is, through it all, there remains a quiet dignity about Todd. And he is still one of the most loyal dogs we've ever owned. He's also just as spirited, feisty, independent, and stubborn as he's always been -- I will add that Todd will do what we ask of him, especially if there’s a treat involved. 

But there are times when asking Todd to do something is met with a lot of backtalk (barking) as he does what he really doesn't want to. He does tolerate what and sometimes who he doesn’t like –  But he is more open to my affection than he has been in previous years, and loves a good massaging backrub -- But who doesn't love that? 

At 13 years old, Todd is still as utterly fearless as he has always been -- That said, he's not so quick to judge newcomers as he once was. He still enjoys spending time outside on the porch napping and watching the world go by as he protects his turf from the marauding herd of deer -- that by the way has grown to about 12 in the last year. 

I think that sometimes it’s not easy being Todd. But aside from a few things, as a Scottish Terrier, I don't think he'd have it any other way. 

Sunday, April 14, 2024

It's All About Monty and Max

Just as we were getting to know Monty, a new foster home for him was found. I've said it over and over again how much we loved having him as part of our household because he was or is such a nice dog!! But Monty's "enthusiasm" for fun and life was too much for two resident grouches, who see life as serious and no nonsense. --can you guess who the two were?  But I'm grateful we got to be a small part of Monty's story. And, I'm grateful for the rescue for being there when he needed 'rescuing.'  It has given Monty a bright future.

~Monty at the vet~

Speaking of fun, April 4th was a day that I was humbled and grateful for  .... Our boy Max, Maxie... Maxine, our fun resident canine clown that always makes me laugh, turned **14 years old**

It is a true milestone for any dog, which is why I am thankful we were able to celebrate him. 

I've had a hard time thinking of Max as a senior boy. Of course I've noticed that he doesn't see or hear as well as he once did, and some days his appetite is off, and of course he doesn't jump on the bed like he once did. And after his recent yearly vet appointment and being groomed, I know that I need to be more mindful of his age. Especially since he was really worn out and tired from those two full days, that made him a bit grouchy. 

It's all totally understandable, and totally okay for him to be however he wants to be  -- at 14 years old he deserves to be.

~Max pre-grooming~