Thursday, January 31, 2013

We're Still Here


We're still here! I know my posts and visits to your blogs have been almost nonexistent for the last week or so, but 'Carl the patient,' and life continue to totally and completely consume me!  All is really going well, even though I'm knee deep in laundry and my house looks atrocious. I am off work on Friday and am devoting the day to getting the house in order and catching up.

The good news for the week is that I heard that Humble is settling in wonderfully into her new foster home!  I continue to hope that the two forge a bond with one another, and the foster home will decide to become Humble's forever home.  Here at our house, there was a definite change in CarrieAnne who is around more now that Humble is gone and is more herself than she has been.
Todd on the other hand is missing Humble who was his playmate.  I suppose there is the cat he could play with...
But then who would Lucas stalk?

Saturday, January 26, 2013

A New Home for Humble

Another whirlwind couple of days! Carl had surgery on Friday to repair his heel and ankle that were broken when he slipped off our barn in December. The surgery scheduled for early in the afternoon was delayed and at 9:30 last night we were leaving the hospital for a two-hour drive home on snowy roads.

Today started early when the phone rang at 7:30 and it was the repairman who was coming to fix a problem with our new heating/air system. He told me he was on his way and would arrive at 8 o'clock. He finally came at 10; better late than never I suppose.
With a new thermostat put in for our heating system, I was on the road with Humble. I'd taken her last week to meet someone who was just approved to adopt from the rescue.  I really hoped the two would be a match because I thought they were perfect for one another. Unfortunately, she is still mourning the loss of her Golden from several months ago and even though she thought she was ready for a new addition, in the end, she decided that she wasn't.  Humble is such a nice dog, and I have to admit that it had me rethinking my request to the rescue to move her to a new foster home. But a couple of more fights, one that occurred while our dog-walker was here and another with Sheba and Annie who was trying to step over her, I knew she had to go. Her new foster home (also) looks perfect from the outside. She has very recently lost her Golden  and unlike the previous lady that we met, she is so, so excited that Humble is coming to live with her. I am hopeful that the two will find a connection and forge a bond with one another.
This afternoon our house feels quiet and a little emptier. Carl is resting the dogs are also napping nearby. I hope it stays this way.  

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Cold Nose and Warm Hearts

Another week has passed by making me feel like I'm standing still as it rushes past. I'd first like to thank-you for your sympathy and support on the loss of our boy Toby. Your kind words are of great comfort because I know that you understand.  The loss of Toby has been difficult because he was such a part of the fabric of our every day life. I think that this is why that out of habit I find myself looking for and expecting to see him.  And then I remember that Toby is no longer with us and the sadness I feel at his loss returns.

However, I am finding that at many of those moments the antics of Todd brings me back to the present and provides a much needed lift.
The dogs may have cold noses, but they can certainly warm the heart, can't they?

Friday, January 18, 2013

Good-Bye to the Last Chub Brother

In June of 2010 we welcomed to Golden Pines, a bonded pair of Goldens named Bubba and Toby.  Because they were both overweight, they were affectionately given the nickname 'The Chub Brothers' by our blogging friend, KT. The name stuck to them, even though their weight didn't.  Bubba was the more carefree of the two, but had health and mobility issues. Toby was the serious one and was always watching over his life's companion, taking care of Bubba, washing his face, and constantly cleaning his ears.
~Toby (left) and Bubba, June 2010~
Into their private club the two welcomed our boy Sam. The three became 'The Chub Club' and were companions to one another. But there always remained the unbreakable bond between Toby and Bubba.
~The Chub Club: Sam (left), Bubba (middle) and Toby~  
When Bubba passed away on New Years Eve 2011, Toby mourned his loss. Sam kept his distance from Toby during this time, but there came a time that the two were always together. Toby then blossomed into a mischievous, carefree and comical boy who was always rolling in the grass and when your back was turned he would run in between your legs.
We even found out during a power outage that he liked to chase a laser pointer. The good days for Toby had returned.
But sadly when Sam passed away this past June, there was a loneliness about Toby that I couldn't help to erase.
~Sam (left) and Toby, June 2012~
Toby's ability to get around has been deteriorating over the last few months, but we were there to give him that boost whenever he needed it. This week, he became unable to stand and was in a great deal of pain. Despite many attempts my vet and I couldn't get Toby to stand up, even with the best of help and support. With that and because of how uncomfortable he was, it was decided that the kind thing to do would be to let him go. Making these decisions, no matter how many times you have done it, is never easy. I noticed that as my tears were falling there was one in Toby's eye too...And with a shake of his head, he quietly and peacefully left this life for the next.
All day long I've been remembering Bubba and Toby on the first day we got them.  When they were turned over to the rescue I volunteer with the two weren't boarded together. When Bubba and Toby arrived here all they did that first evening was lay next to each other and lick one another's face, they were so happy to be reunited. This evening as I was driving home a beautiful bright orange glow of the sunset filled the sky in front of me. Across the horizon flew a large flock of geese. Behind the flock, two geese flying side by side were trying to catch up to the others ahead of them. I imagined the meeting of Toby and Bubba on the other side.  The two greeting one another with licks on the face, and then running together to catch up with the others that were ahead. Despite the ache and the emptiness I am feeling, thinking of their reunion gives me great comfort.  Toby will be greatly missed.
God-speed 'Toby-Bunny' until we meet again at the Rainbow Bridge....

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Crossing Fingers and Paws

The end of the week is in sight. This week the focus has been on Humble, and our boy Toby.  For Humble, coming into a large multi-dog household has gone pretty well for her, and she's managed to get along with everyone. But for whatever reason she has decided that she doesn't like our girl CarrieAnne. Carrie as you may recall is a pretty tough little street fighter, and the two of them have had a few 'disagreements' ending with a few scratches on both of them and Todd too who can't stand on the sidelines and just watch. Thankfully its not been anything more serious. Because these kind of issues have a tendency to escalate, and I am very concerned that it is only a matter of time before someone gets really injured, I've asked the rescue to find Humble a new foster home. But as luck would have it, there is someone who is interested in adopting Humble. I spoke with her yesterday and feel that she would be the most perfect home for Humble. We're meeting her on Saturday and hoping, hoping, hoping that the two will be a good match for one another.
As you're crossing your fingers and paws for Humble, I hope you'll cross them for our boy Toby too. He's totally unable to stand on his own and he uncharacteristically snapped at me this morning when I tried to get him to his feet. Toby is a big boy, and isn't easily moved. I'm hoping that he'll allow me help him. He didn't eat his breakfast and I've been unable to get him outside. I'm not ready to give up yet, and I hope he's not either.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Should I Ask?

A warm but foggy and wet start to our Sunday. Sheba and CarrieAnne and I enjoyed a walk up the hill in back of us. The girls loved the chance to run through the fields and enjoy the new smells.
The pictures aren't the greatest because the girls were hard to spot in the fog and the tall grass that matches them almost perfectly. 
I also looked at the progress of the home that's being built in back of us.  It's going to be a lovely home with a 3 car garage, a lot of windows for natural light and 3 sliding glass doors in the back to enjoy the sweeping views. But it doesn't look like they've done a lot of work on it the last few weeks. 
It leaves me to wonder which will be completed first, the new home or the roof on our barn? Should I even ask?

Saturday, January 12, 2013

The BiRtHdAy Girl!

Thank-you all for your kind and supportive comments on my last post.  Your encouragement has helped more than you know! We ended our week on a positive note, with a birthday.
Because many of our dogs have come from shelters, or an owner who simply didn't know, the birth date of most of our dogs is unknown. Of course I know when Todd's is, and we are lucky in that we also know Annie's--Her birthday was yesterday.  She reached a milestone by turning 14 years old!

Annie may be 14, but she still has a lot of spark and spunk! Goldens are known for being a quiet breed, but Annie isn't and she always lets me know by barking (and barking and barking) when she wants something, or if I'm not moving fast enough for her.  
The life expectancy of a Golden is 12-14 years. We know that each day with Annie is a gift, and just as we've been doing, we intend to treat the ones we have with her that way.  Enjoy your Saturday!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

In The Midst of Crazy


Its been nearly a week since I posted, and I honestly don't know where the week has gone. On Monday Carl saw the orthopedist and a cast was put onto his leg. He returned to work Tuesday.  However he's still limited in what he is able to do. Because of that, the daily list of things for me to do is really pretty long. Unfortunately along with work it has been zapping any extra time out of the day and taking the joy along with it. When everything falls on your shoulders it can be overwhelming.
I feel so lucky in that I have good, supportive friends who have shared my load by listening, brought baked treats and even taken me to lunch.  Each have told me the truth as they see it.  And that truth is, is that no-one has a life that looks like a pinterest board. No one has a life that stays like the page in a magazine. And no one can go through life without having those days (or weeks) where the to-do list has things listed on it that should have been done last week--Like the work on our barn...
The truth is real life, just as Charlie looks like right now, can be messy. But the beauty isn't in the perfection, but rather in seeing the beauty in the everyday ordinary things and Charlie too. I find I've been comparing and putting on the mask of perfection that led me, and can make anyone feel overwhelmed. Its been really easy for me to live in that overwhelmed place.  But I have been reminded that it doesn't change anything.
So today, I've decided to remain positive in the midst of crazy. With the dogs and their antics and positive energy, I am ready to do just that.  I just need to remember to hang on, because like Todd, the ride may continue to be fast and a little bit bumpy!

Friday, January 4, 2013

Does Annie Know?

Annie, who will be 14 in just a couple of weeks came into the rescue because her owner had stage 4 cancer.    He was no longer able to care for her, and wanted to make sure she would be cared for after he passed.  Since Annie came to us, I've heard from him a few times, asking how she was doing.  Of course I'd respond back and always include the newest picture of her. Knowing how difficult it was for him to give Annie up, and with his declining health, I always let him initiate the contact. I've not heard from him since late summer.

A couple of weeks ago, in the middle of the night I was awakened by Annie. We keep a small night-lite on and in the shadows I could see that she was standing in the doorway of the bedroom.  She was looking down the hallway and was wagging her tail and whining.  What she was doing would have normally gotten the attention of the other dogs, but this time it didn't.  I watched her and fell back to sleep.  I'd forgotten all about that until this morning when I received an e-mail from the son of Annie's former owner, (who was always included in the e-mails) telling me that his father had passed away a few weeks ago. Coincidence?  Perhaps. But I have to wonder, does Annie know?

Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Glass Half Full Day

When I finished work on New Years Eve, I had grandiose plans for the three days that I had off work. To start, I was going to stay caught up on my blog reading, do things around the house, and then there were the 2 new shops that have opened in a nearby town that I wanted to check-out. It didn't matter (too much) that I had a spouse with a broken foot, he would be just fine....He wasn't fine....We spent an exhaustive entire New Years day at the hospital.  At the end of it, despite varying opinions that he should be admitted to the hospital, Carl and I were both on our way home. A stop at the Arby's drive-thru for our first meal of the day, we both thought the message on the cup summed it all up. We remain very grateful for all the well wishes and prayers from friends and family and we are thankful that Carl's injury was not more serious than it is.

Staying with the half-theme, the roofer came on New Years day and he is now about halfway way finished putting the new roof on our barn.  We just wonder now when he'll return to finish the other half.
Yesterday I received an e-mail from someone interested in adopting Humble. The family seemed like they may be a match until it was mentioned that their farm has about 15 cats. They felt that since the cats were outside, it wouldn't be an issue--Humble would have no doubt felt like she was in heaven to have that many cats around.  But with the current dogs allowed to be off lead, and the hope that Humble could be as well, I decided that they weren't a match for her. So, for now, Humble remains here with us, which of course is just fine.
While Carl stays in bed with his foot propped up, with the TV remote and his computer nearby, we are looking forward to a quiet day at home--And in keeping with the theme off the soda-cup, we are hoping it's a FULL glass kind of day--If Charlie could see, I think he'd agree to one too!