Monday, May 30, 2016

Carefree Blissfulness?

~Sunset out my window~
It's Memorial Day weekend and it's officially the unofficial start to summer! With the rain and the cooler temps we had for most of the month, I couldn't be happier.
~Cissy's happy about the good weather too!~
This weekend marks the beginning of long days, the lightning bugs which I saw for the first time a few nights ago, ice cream and as a friend put it, "sun-kissed and carefree blissfulness."
~Charlie in a carefree blissful moment~
I'm not so sure about carefree blissfulness, but it has been a pretty good weekend.  Our week long guest, Berkley arrived yesterday.
His reintroductions to our pups was uneventful.  Maybe they remembered him, or maybe they don't care that he's here.  Maybe it's both.  Either way, everyone seems okay that Berkley is here.
~Sunny on the left, Jake in the middle, and Berkley on the right~ 
Despite having a lot of yard work to do, and a few pots of flowers that I have got to get planted, I've not gotten any gardening done.  But I have turned on the garden-hose and let Todd run through the water a few times.
Does that count?

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Hotter or Happier?

With the exception of some yard work this week, and Todd barking at the mower,
its been a relatively quiet and uneventful week for us.
As Memorial Day weekend approaches we've had a really nice summer preview in our corner of the world.
It's supposed to hang on through the weekend, and Todd could not be hotter ... happier about it.
We have no real plans for the weekend, but we do have a 4 legged guest coming for a few days. You may remember this 12 year old boy named Berkley that spent the Thanksgiving holidays with us. He's a real nice and handsome boy and I've once again had to promise the foster home that I'll give him back.  So, again, I just have to ask, with a face like Berkley's why should they be worried?

Monday, May 23, 2016

A Rocky Creek Scottie Reunion

On Saturday, the day of the Rocky Creek Scottie reunion began with rain in our direction.
Todd wanted to be his best, so he rested up during the nearly 5 hour drive. 
The closer we got to Rocky Creek Farm, blue skies and lots of sunshine started to appear.
~Todd's birthplace, Rocky Creek Farm~
It really was a good day with great food and old and new friends
~Todd catching up with family~
And of course there was Todd's 4 legged family.
Below is a photo of his brother Arlo.  Arlo is actually the puppy I chose before Todd.  But Lynn (breeder) had other ideas and she picked Todd for us instead.  There is no doubt that it worked out like it should have!
Todd did take a break to try and make new friends with the Rocky Creek cattle.  They didn't want to be friends. 
Along with us for this trip was Charlie. He handled the day pretty well.  But he did need a break a few times because he didn't do so well with a couple of the more rambunctious Scotties who knew Charlie wasn't exactly related.   
All too soon the reunion was over, and it was time to leave. I think the fun wore Todd out -- Is that possible?
At the hotel there was no doubt Charlie was really worn out from the days events.
On Sunday we were all recharged, and left early to get home. Todd was ready to help navigate! 
This morning it's back to work for me, but the echoes of the reunion are still fresh in my mind.  If you'd like to know what a Scottie Reunion sounds like, play the video below. 
 Enjoy your Monday everyone!!

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Will It Ever End?

The weekend is in sight, and I can't wait.  Todd and I will be off to his birthplace for the annual "Rocky Creek Scottie Reunion" to see old friends and make new ones.  It's always great fun, and a nice chance to just get away, even if it just overnight.  
Here at home, we are minus Lady, who did go to her new home on Saturday afternoon.  After meeting Retired Couple in person, I really did like them.  I know Lady will have a good life!  A few text messages and photos this week have given me no reason to not think that.  I am however, hoping that the two missed phone calls from "Retired Teacher" is just the promised call to catch up on how it's going.
~Lady settling into her new home~
Today while Charlie is at the goomer, we're getting a little bit of sun.  It's a welcomed break from the rain and clouds that are supposed to return for the weekend.  
~Charlie before his spring-makeover~
I'm wondering if the rain will ever end?  
~Todd watching it rain~

Friday, May 13, 2016

A Lucky Friday the 13th

Some may see Friday the 13th as an unlucky day, but it's not for our boy Jake. Today marks a milestone of 100 days since he left the shelter where as you know he'd been taken to be euthanized by his owner because he had trouble walking.
Each day I marvel and am so grateful for how well he's getting around and that he's not letting his diagnosis of spondylosis slow him down.

It was also a lucky day for Lady, our foster girl for Lab Rescue.  I was caught off guard by phone call this afternoon from an adoption coordinator from the rescue telling me about applicants who are very interested in meeting Lady.  I received a call from "retired couple" and I chatted with "former teacher" on the phone for about an hour.  My first impression of her is that she could not be more kind and gracious.  She has had Labs for 50 years, and got choked up telling me that they have been dog-less since they lost their yellow lab last year.  Former Teacher sounded so excited about the prospect that if it goes well when they come tomorrow afternoon, Lady would be going home with them.
~Josh, Jake and Lady~
Of course it goes without saying that I'm very fond of Lady. She is a dog of great character, attitude and spark.  But she is another dog that I feel that we're the "gateway" to get her to where she's supposed to go.
Onto Dusty.  I'm guarded about how he's doing.  He's preferring to spend all of his time outside in the grass sleeping the day away.  With the sun finally returning after 16 days, I'm letting him stay out as long as he'd like. Carl and I both check on him, and offer him and treats and water which he always gratefully takes.  The picture below of Dusty was taken a couple of months ago.  The last week it has been easy to see that he's not feeling well, which is why I'm letting him rest and set his own pace for this part of his life's journey.

Sunday, May 8, 2016

On the Flipside

'With hey, ho, the wind and the rain,' wrote Shakespeare in a what I think was a cherry mood. But I have to admit that I have not been all that cheerful because of rain for more than a week. 
The rain and the lack of sun really zapped my energy and affected my mood. 
On the flipside, Todd didn't mind the rain at all.
Adding to the dark cloud overhead, we had water leak in around the outside door to our basement.  We hardly ever go into our basement, and I was so thankful that I'd thought to check downstairs before any real damage occurred.  On the flipside, I've no doubt the dogs would have come down to help us with the clean-up if we'd let them.
Saturday morning I was off to the vet with Dusty.  The tumor on his leg has some redness to it, and feels warm to the touch. I felt that he should be put onto an antibiotic to help hold off any infection.  Mobile vet doesn't see the dogs from the rescue, and with our second choice vet not working, we saw new-vet contestant #3.  I'll spare you all the details, and just say that my preference will be to not see new-vet contestant #3 again.
On the flipside on the drive home the sun came out.
~Cissy enjoying a sunny afternoon~
My inner-solar batteries are recharging and I'm feeling better!
On the flipside, for 94 days, Jake has never stopped feeling better!