Sunday, October 28, 2012

CarrieAnne and the Storm

The National Weather Service has issued a high wind warning for our county to begin at midnight Monday as Hurricane Sandy begins its trek into our area. A flood watch will also go into effect starting late tonight and extending through Tuesday evening.  Today we've only had a light drizzle and some wind off the storm.  All the shopping has been done, our gas tanks are full and the rain-gutters are cleaned out again. The only thing we don't have is extra batteries, but I think we'll be okay.

The dogs are of course totally oblivious to the preparation going on around them. Twice this weekend CarrieAnne has disappeared and found the same thing to roll in, which has meant two baths for her.
While we were giving CarrieAnne a bath this afternoon I noticed Todd standing there watching with a little sparkle in his eye.  I had to think that he was just happy that it wasn't him!   
I have a feeling Carrie would have traded places with him. 
With the storm coming, I know that none of you wants to trade places with us, but I do hope that those of you who are in its path will be safe!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Whose Company?

~Annie and Sheba (right)~
There’s virtually no chance the Washington, D.C. region will avoid the wrath of Hurricane Sandy entirely. The only question that seems to be remaining is, how bad will it be?  Even though its range of possible tracks has narrowed some, there still doesn't seem to be enough to provide a single, confident forecast.  But just as it happens with predicted snowstorms it seems to be the only thing on the news and what people are talking about.
~Lucas, Charlie and Todd's nose~
The only thing we're talking about however is the nice visit we had with our friends.  The dogs were on pretty good behavior.  However they remain totally convinced that whoever comes to our house couldn't possibly be interested in anything else but seeing them.  But I've decided that even if (and when) company isn't here to see the dogs, they do add a lot to a visit, don't they?
I hope you enjoy your weekend!!  

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Enjoyable Perspective

Low clouds and fog are holding strong in our area this morning, as the weathermen warn that Hurricane Sandy could become an issue for us early next week. Just as they always do with snowstorms, they get us all worried about the weather.  I however, have adopted the wait and see approach.

I am off work for the rest of the week and we getting ready for the arrival of company this evening.  Even though there is so much to do, no matter what is going on, when Thursday comes I always take the time to evaluate in my mind how the week has gone.  I especially like to check in with where I am with my attitude and my thoughts. This is when I really put those annoying and trivial things (and people) that I can't change behind me, and focus on what and who are most important.

Taking this time and early morning walks with the dogs is a great way to do that.  This morning I sat with the dogs as they enjoyed the newly fallen leaves.
Josh enjoyed having his favorite frisbee.   
Todd who wasn't with us on the walk, did what he enjoys most and that's digging a hole.  
And not being one to miss a good opportunity, Todd took a moment and did another thing that he enjoys doing and that's chasing CC.  
For me, it all works together to put things and life back into a much needed perspective.  
I hope you're enjoying your Thursday!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A Tired Tuesday

Our week is off on its usual fast, hurried pace. Our past weekend was a busy and productive one.  Carl took off work Monday to finish getting everything cleaned up, and put back in its place so it can be found next year. We are both thankful (and relieved!) that our tractor made it through the mowing season. Unfortunately it will need work in the spring to repair damage caused by a family of mice that built their home around its engine.
This morning I am really tired because of staying up to late last evening watching the Presidential debates.  Whatever happened to those days when you could survive on a few hours of sleep?  The dogs spent most of their day yesterday outside with Carl and stayed up with me, so I know how they'll be spending their day.  I actually think they're happy when we both go back to work so they can catch up on their sleep.    
However you spend your day, I hope it's an enjoyable one!  

Saturday, October 20, 2012

New In Town

Move over brown-marmorated-stinkbug, there's a new bug in town, and it's a lot better looking than you!
Yesterday we were bombarded by the fall arrival of the 'Asian Lady Beetle' looking for a warm place to spend the winter.  By last evening, the sunny side of our barn was covered with them.  But unlike my despised nemesis, the stink-bug, which is harmless and dies in cold temperatures, the lady-beetles do live through the winter, and they can and do sting.  Fortunately they seem to be attracted to the barns light color and we've not had many around the house--At least not yet.
There is also a new alliance between dogs.  This week Todd and Charlie have found common ground to dig up. The two together have excavated several places in the yard.  Both being terriers, I'm not sure who is the better digger.
Todd is better at not getting caught but the last round went to Charlie who was without question the dirtier of the two!
This weekend is going to be spent filling in those holes really well, and finishing up the fall yard work.  We have some beautiful fall colors right now, so it'll be nice for all of us to spend time outdoors.  
Enjoy your weekend!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

A Milestone

Another week is coming to a close.  As always, its been a busy one with work, not feeling well and topped with just a little bit of  'family drama' that I'm just really hoping I have shoved closed and locked the door on.  I'm reminded yet again that we have a really good life that is better off without certain people as part of it, especially when being so cruel and vindictive comes so easily to them and is the only way they know how to act.

Moving on from the negativity, this week we reached our 5 year milestone of living at Golden Pines.  To some, I know that it's not that long, but it's a milestone nonetheless.  I remember very well the day we left our last house in the subdivision.  I remember the feelings I had when I stood in it's empty entryway for the last time looking at the freshly painted bare walls, new carpet and polished floors. Carl and I felt humbled as we thought about our life there and the dogs that had found their way to us during the 10 years we lived in the house.  
Below: Golden Pines 2007
On Tuesday, we remembered those same things.  The house we bought in the country was only supposed to be a place to give us the room we needed for the dogs and the privacy I was craving.  But along the way, it has become so much more; it has become home.  I am so grateful to have the chance to bring the senior dogs to Golden Pines that need a place to go.  Yes, we've had many losses that have brought their own sadness and heartache.  But without a doubt I wouldn't want to miss out on the joy we've had in caring for and getting to know these precious senior dogs and have the memories of them.
In remembering them, today I also want to toast the dogs that came with us from our last house and are still a part of our lives at Golden Pines.  They are:
Wendy, who came to us in July 1999
Josh, who came to us in 2002
CarrieAnne in June 2003
Charlie in July of 2004, 
Sheba, September 2004
Here's to the next 5 years and the adventures ahead!     

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Todd's Political Views

I found out that Todd is a Republican.  Because he's a terrier, for some reason I just took for granted that he would be a Democrat.

But I've come to realize that terriers are all about limited "government," a strong terrier defense and military, and their freedoms, particularly their right to bare their terrier teeth--In thinking about it, it all sounds like the makings of a conservative to me!
It is a little disheartening to suspect he’s playing for the other team. Of course, I could be imagining it. But I don' t think so because this is the second time he has torn up something that had President Obama's name on it.
However we really do have things in common; a shared pool of beliefs and behavior, of likes and dislikes that we use to bridge our differences and learn from each other.
And it all comes together to create harmony at Golden Pines.  
I hope you're having a weekend with harmony too! 

Thursday, October 11, 2012

I'm Glad ...

Its worked out that instead of working every day this week, I was able to arrange to take off work on Friday!  I am so glad I'm done with the near misses of deer crossing the road, and the heavy morning fog.
I'm glad I'm done sitting in rush-hour traffic.   
And I'm glad that for this week I'm done seeing unhappy patients and kids who get sick while I'm trying to take their take x-rays (yes that did happen!)  
I'm just so glad I'll have that extra day to be home, relaxing...
And spending time with the dogs and catching up on things around the house.    
And recharging those inner-batteries so I can do it all again next week.  
~Carl and Lucas~

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Pace of the Week

Our week is in full swing!  To add to its pace, I've been asked to work on my day off.  And just to make sure I don't slow down, on Thursday my office starts seeing patients at 7:30, an hour earlier than I'm used to.
For me, losing that free day means I have to get any errands done during my lunch break or after work.  It's times like this that I wish I was more like Todd.  He's always energetic, alert and ready for the next thing to occur, and the next adventure.
Instead, I'm afraid I've gotten to be more like the senior Goldens--Moving at a slower steady and even pace.  But I guess that there's nothing wrong with that, right?    
Whatever pace you're moving at this week, I hope it's a good one for you!  

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Sandy's Saturday

 I enjoyed a beautiful sunrise from the road this morning as I was taking Sandy to an 8 o'clock vet appointment.  He's doing really well, but we're still trying to find the right dose of thyroid medication for him.  Since Sandy arrived here in late June, he's lost over 20 pounds (9 kg), which is a little more than he needs to, so that indicates that the dose will need to be adjusted again.  Also on the agenda for Sandy was an eye pressure check because the 3 eye medications he is given for his glaucoma sometimes don't continue to work.  Fortunately, this has yet to be the case for Sandy and the pressure was again normal.  
A blind dog never rushes to where they are going and Sandy's pace caused me to slow down too.  We took our time so that he could take in every smell, and he would stop as the texture of whatever we were walking on changed.  I then decided to take Sandy to the shop where I buy dog-food where he managed to find the treats.  I enjoyed my time with Sandy and I could tell that he enjoyed the little trip and attention he got from everyone.
We were back home by  11 o'clock.  And after some time outside with all of the dogs, we have settled into a quiet day at home.
Todd has spent most of his day outside, waiting for his next adventure to begin. He doesn't have to wait long. There's always something for him to watch, chase or bark at; blowing leaves, a bird overhead, a noise from the woods, a deer wandering through our yard--He's a Scottie after all and that's just what he does.