Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Rainbow and the Rabbit

My day started with a rainbow, and has ended with several places flooded on our road because of pouring rain, all day.  Coming home in the dark was a little tricky because there is water across the road in several places and I couldn't really see how deep it was.  Our driveway looks like a stream, and our backyard is a mud-lovers paradise.
Todd's day started out with an encounter with a rabbit whose ear became a fun play-toy for him. Getting it away from him proved to be a little challenge. I chased him through the house, and outside. Corrections and trying to bribe him with a treat fell on deaf ears.  There's no way to catch him; Todd is just way too fast and way too quick!  
Then I remembered 'blue squeaky ball.'  I grabbed it out of the drawer and Todd immediately dropped the ear, and came running to me, anxious for his treasured toy.
I picked up the rabbit's ear and put it with the other one that has also come off...
Oh, did I forget to mention that Todd didn't have a 'real' rabbit ear but one from a garden statue?

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Today It's About Toby

Today was all about Toby.  He was past due for his six-month senior wellness exam, so off we went to the vet and to spend the morning together.  The assistant that took us back is new to the practice and I'd not met her before.  Looking at Toby and his portly figure, she felt the need to lecture me on his diet and nails that were a little longer than they should be.  I told her that Toby was 'full figured' when he came to us, and I thought that he looked so much better.  I even pointed out that he was almost 4 pounds lighter than he was when he was last seen.  I also remarked on how much stamina he has, and that he even manages to run a little now. I don't think she really heard what I said because the scolding continued.  Toby and I politely sat there, pretending to listen, but daydreaming of what we would do afterwards. 
Because of scheduling conflicts, this was the first time that my usual vet was meeting Toby.  She has taken such wonderful care of all of our dogs, and also Toby's companion, Bubba, so she was anxious to meet him.  We talked very briefly about his weight and moved on, discussing how he was adjusting to life without Bubba.  She knew I had been worried about him when Bubba first passed away.  I think how Bubba felt was mirrored in how Toby felt and acted too.  But he has started to blossom in the last month doing things I've not seen him do before. He really seems happy and relaxed.  We left the office feeling the same way.  

Friday, February 24, 2012

A No Regrets Friday

Feeling like I still needed some distance from my job, I decided yesterday to take another day off from work.  At the start of the day, I watched the dogs and realized that they were feeling the same way about things that I do.  Charlie looks, just how I was feeling....
I only had one thing that I really had to do today.  Otherwise the day was one with no “to do” or “must do” lists. The only thing that Lucas had on his 'to do and must do' list was to stalk the cat.  
I've pretty much done what I wanted ...
Todd did what he wanted to as well; and that was to dig a hole.   
And I've not felt guilty about my choice of not doing anything.  
Todd, being a Scottie, didn't feel guilty about digging the hole...  
The day is coming to an end, and looking back at it, I have no regrets.  Lucas,  I know, has no regrets stalking the cat...
All of us feel relaxed and refreshed!  
Whatever your weekend brings, I hope it's an enjoyable one!!  

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Busy Day for Lucas and Todd

My day off switched this week to today.  So I've had to remind myself all day that it's Wednesday, I need to work on Thursday, and Friday isn't as close as I'd like it to be! Actually, it was nice to be off today because I had a bad day at work Tuesday.  I've needed the day to forget all about everything and enjoy a beautiful day of blue skies, sunshine and lots of warmth!
Lucas did have to go to the dentist for a post-op check.  The dentist was really  happy with how everything has healed and he has given Lucas the 'all clear' for the next surgery in two weeks.  He is now free to rub his face on the floor and have crunchy treats if he'd like!
Todd went to the groomers today.  I think the groomer clipped him a little short, but that's okay.  I'm remembering when I have had my own hair cut too short, it grows--I know Todd's will too! He didn't seem to mind or notice.  He was more bothered by the chiffon bow!  
Todd was really worn out from the day!  
I hope you're not too worn out from your week and all is well with you!  

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Gypped Again!


Say it with me....PFFT!  I have once again fallen victim to the weathermen's promise of snow.  So strong is my desire for the white stuff that I was willing to believe their original forecast.  Even when the hype for this latest storm started on Friday, the system that was going to bring 'significant accumulation' hadn't formed and was still over the state of Texas, I just knew this time they were right.  Their reports were that convincing.  

Just to make sure, even though the sun was shining and there wasn't a cloud in the sky, the dogs did a little snow dance. 
~Toby doing a snow-dance~
And Todd dug a couple of holes.  Okay, maybe that's not part of the snow-dance ritual, but I guess he figured, 'why not?'  
In the end, we were gypped again. Maybe next time the dogs, and especially Mother Nature and the weathermen, will get it right.  But when 3 things intersect, isn't that like the Bermuda Triangle?  
Speaking of the Bermuda Triangle, the blue squeaky ball from yesterday's post that brought Todd hours and hours of fun and enjoyment, disappeared under mysterious circumstances.  If you see it, don't worry about returning it.  Please keep it, I know you'll give it a good home.   

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Who Will Outlast the Other?

It's Saturday morning.  All is calm.  The sun is out and it's supposed to be a gorgeous day.  The dogs have all had a good walk and been given their breakfast.  They are settling in for a quiet relaxing morning.  However one sound has been playing over and over and over (!!!!) again since before it was daylight. (play video)
I'm thinking this is going to be like a 3 way contest.  With me as contestant number 1--Will I be able to listen to the endless squeaking all day?  Contestant number 2, The Ball--Will it survive the rigorous workout?  Contestant number 3, Todd--How long will the ball keep his interest?  For some reason, my money is on the Scottie.  What do you think?

Friday, February 17, 2012

Making Room for Change

Today is a day that I've been dreading for well over a year. It's the day that the 10 acres directly in back of us is sold, and a house will be built.  I have to admit, that I have never been very good at dealing with changes.  And in thinking about this change, for me, it's all a bit unsettling.  Even though the property doesn't belong to us, with its sale, I feel as if we are losing a part of what I have loved about living in the country.  I really feel a strong connection to my surroundings and treasure the memories we have made with the dogs in the 4 years that we've lived on Mountain Road.  Knowing that we'll no longer to be able to walk them any time we'd like up the hill to run in the open fields to explore as we enjoy the beautiful views has me feeling a bit of sadness.

This feeling of attachment to where we live has been magnified as I have combed through my counties website where there are aerial pictures showing our property dating back to 1957. At that time, our land was part of a large farm which still exists today and is owned by the same family.  Our house now stands is in the middle lower portion of the picture below.

~1957 View~
This next picture was taken in 2002, and it shows our house and barn. In looking at all the photos, there was one thing that stuck in my mind.  This was that despite the county that I live in being one of the fastest growing in the country, our road has changed very little over the years. 
~2002 View~
As I mulled over the upcoming changes, a thought occurred to me which was that just as 'room' was made for our house, I know there is room for another.  But it still makes me sad to think about...
~2010 View~

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Winter Dampness

Another typical hurried week of work and traffic and things like...  
Getting Todd to day-camp, and ...
~Todd at day-camp~
Of course taking care of the other dogs...Lucas continues to do really well.  He's now able to eat his entire meal of 'porridge' without our helping him.  There is still some swelling around his nose, but it doesn't appear to be sensitive to the touch, so I don't think it's anything to be concerned about. I've been able to look inside his mouth a little and from what I can see, the tissue is healing nicely.      
As is always the case at this point in the week, I feel pretty drained. It's not helping that today we have clouds and rain.  I'm trying to avoid the dampness and cold that seems to set into your bones this time of year.  This morning I crossed the Potomac into Maryland and I thought that the river really had a winter stillness about it.  
It's days like this, it's good to be home!  

Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Word of the Day

Our word of the day is 'blustery.'  Our wanna-be-blizzard that brought hardly any snow did bring with it a nearly intolerable blast of winter!  High gusty winds have kept our temperatures below freezing all day.  
But the forecast is for the warm spring like weather to return as we head into the first part of the week.  
Looking at the calendar, it's easy enough to see that February is quickly slipping away along with any hope I have for a good snowfall.  But there is still two more weeks, so I won't give up yet.  
Today has been a quiet day that is being spent inside where it's warm.  I think I'll throw an extra dog on the bed and take a nap!  I hope you're enjoying your Sunday!!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

He's Listening

A small amount of snow at the start of our day, melted by lunchtime.  But I'll take whatever we get and try to be happy with it.  Forecasted to come by the end of the weekend is a blast of cold air from Canada that will send our temperatures plunging.  Listening to the weathermen, because they seem to know the temperatures to come instead of a snowfall, I've gotten out my warmest scarf and gloves.  We'll see if I end up needing them.  

I continue to be very grateful for all the healing thoughts you've sent for Lucas!  He continues to do pretty well, but his face is still pretty swollen.  If there is any problem we're having with him, it's his habit of rubbing his face along the rugs.  I was specifically told by the dentist to not allow him to do anything like that because it could pull out the sutures.  To try and 'protect' his face, I've put a small e-collar on him.  He became really subdued and kept his head down when he realized it wasn't going to come off.  I told Lucas there was no shame in his having to wear the 'cone of shame.'  I think he believed me, because he didn't object to it nearly as much after I said that. Its been my experience that Golden Retrievers will believe just about anything you say to them...
I am finding that Scottish Terriers do too. Todd really loves being outside.  But I told him that his digging in the yard means he's not going to get to play outside by himself for the time being.
Todd responded by running off with my house-slipper, the dishtowel he pulled off the counter, and whatever he could grab out of the clothes basket.  At least he's listening...

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Better Than Expected

Everything went well for Lucas yesterday and I am contributing it to your good thoughts and prayers that you sent for him!  The work began on the right side of his mouth.  It was originally thought that all of his teeth would have to be removed.  However with Lucas under anesthetic, the dentist was able to do a more thorough exam and it was decided that about 5 of his teeth on the right were salvageable; but in the end 15 (!!) were removed.  He will have another surgery in about a month to do the left side to remove and save about the same number.

From the time Lucas came to us, he's not been able to eat a kibble based diet.  Instead he eats a freeze-dried food mix (called Grandma Lucy's) that when warm water is added, becomes like a porridge with meat and vegetables. He likes it really well, and is eating with no problems.  As you can see in the pictures, his mouth is swollen from the work and the sutures--However he's up and around this morning and is even doing a little bit of stalking of the cat.  There are a few hurdles to get over as far as healing, but I think he's going to be okay!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Today is the Day

As is always, always how it goes, the week is off to a running start. After today it (hopefully) turns a corner and slows down. I called the animal shelter yesterday and the black lab that I picked up on Saturday was reunited with his family--Good news!!  This is also the day that Lucas is having his surgery to have most of his teeth removed.  This morning I find myself a bit nervous thinking about his having it done.  But then, I always am anytime one of our pups has something done requiring anesthetic.  I hope you'll send some good thoughts for him that all goes well.

We are also having a birthday at our office today.  My co-worker and her family really enjoy the outdoors and camping so of course s'mores over the campfire are a favorite.  With that in mind, I have made her s'more bars instead of a cake. Because I've never tried making them before, (at least not in the kitchen!) I did a preliminary taste test.  Carl and I had them as an early morning treat and have given them a 3.5 star rating.  I hope she enjoys them.
Snow is expected later today too.  With the warm  temperatures there's no chance that it'll stay around long.  But we will take what we can get.   I hope your week is off to a good start!  I look forward to catching up on your blogs when Lucas is home and the week becomes a less hurried one.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Gone to the Dogs!

My weekend was all about dogs!  It started out by my finding a black lab on the highway.  A couple of people were stopped trying to catch him.  I opened my van door to get a leash and he jumped in. When I looked around, everyone had suddenly disappeared, and I was left with this rambunctious happy boy who was wondering what the next chapter of his adventure would be.  Not knowing exactly what do to next, besides take him home with me, I took him to our county animal control--Probably not what he had in mind.  But he was in great shape and had 2 collars on, but no tags so my hope is that someone will be looking for him.  Just in case they aren't, to make sure nothing happens to him, I put my name down as a possible adopter for him.  And just to cover another base, so his owners know where to look, I later put up posters in the area saying that a young black lab had been found and taken to animal control.  Paws crossed that he finds his way back home!

I have to admit that usually I take a found dog home with me and hope I can find the owners.  But I was on my way to our friends house to take pictures of their new addition, Parker. I have to admit that I caught puppy fever all over again!  But when I'm reminded of all of the things that a really young puppy needs, I'm thankful that our puppy, Todd, who is now almost 10 months old, is past all of that!

We had little bit of wet, sloppy snow as the day was ending.  It didn't last long, but the dogs, especially Todd, enjoyed each and every flake that he could catch or chase.
Finally, thank-you for sending good thoughts for Lucas!  I heard from the rescue that they have approved his treatment!  He'll have his first surgery this Wednesday.  Until then, his stalking and love affair with our cat, CC, continues.