Saturday, May 30, 2015

Past and Present

You may recall our girl Cricket who passed away in January.  This little gem was turned over to the rescue by the niece of her owner who passed away last spring. Cricket was a much loved and treasured family member, not just to "Flossie" but to "the Niece" and her family as well. "The Niece" and I became friends, keeping in touch during the time Cricket was with us. This week, the Niece contacted me and we arranged to meet at a nearby school where her son was participating in a sporting event. I really enjoyed our visit and I appreciated her thoughtfulness of a gift for our crew that included Crickets favorite treats!

I'd hoped the Niece and I could get together because I'd wanted to give her Cricket's remains. Knowing how much she and her family loved Cricket, I felt strongly that she should be returned to those that loved her first. I found it so fitting when the Niece told me she was going to spread Cricket's ashes at Flossie's grave-site.  We both agreed that there could not be a more perfect place.  

On a much lighter note, we had our "post adoption visit" today from Lab Rescue for Georgie.  His adoption contract said that it wouldn't be "official" until the rescue was satisfied that he is settling in and doing okay. Not knowing what to expect, I made sure everything from the smallest detail on the inside and the outside was in perfect order. The volunteer came, greeted Georgie and the rest of the dogs, (Todd was tucked away in his crate) asked a couple of questions, and in 10 minutes tops, she was gone. I was glad I'd not gone through a lot of trouble. As you can see in the photo below, Georgie was still excited about her visit after she left.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

The Finish Line

Since my brother's passing in February, I've felt like my life has been like running a marathon.  Each event of the past few months from the sale of my Mom's home, to Todd's "Rocky Creek Scottie Reunion," have all been mile-markers along the way.  Some of the miles traveled, like the reunion, were great fun! Others have been both difficult and challenging.    
~Todd (right), greeting his litter-mate and sister Stirling~ 
But now, with no more trips planned for a few months, most of the family matters settled, I have limped across the finish line and I feel nothing but relief.  I think it all caught up with me. Last week I was feeling worn out and went to bed a few nights before it was even dark. Now I'm feeling energized and have caught up on several things I've been neglecting.  This weekend I've felt no stress and have been able to enjoy being home.
I did however take the lovely Lexi back to the vet on Saturday for a recheck of her infected ears.
Other than her ears and what appears to be a thyroid problem, she's a healthy girl. Lexi did have a bit of a bumpy start here at Golden Pines because of a pretty upset stomach, that affected her appetite for more than a week. It's easy to tell that she's feeling much better, because she is a really enthusiastic eater!  Lexi may forget about being a lady at mealtimes, but she does know when it's time to leave, as you can see in the photo below--She thought it was time to leave the vet!  
With that, we're feeling ready for summer, and ready (I hope) for whatever may be ahead.  I think Georgie is ready and excited about it, don't you?

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Back to Where it Began!

It was an early start on Saturday morning for an overnight road trip....
to a reunion at the place where it all began for Todd, Rocky Creek Farm!
It was great fun seeing a few of Todd's family members.  
And catching up with a litter mate or two like Todd's sister "Sterling." 
I enjoyed chatting with friends and making a few new ones. 
~Rocky Creek Brother MacAdoo~
Just as it was getting dark, we said good-bye to everyone and went to our hotel to settle in for the night.
It was a full and enjoyable day!  But a tiring one too, even for a rambunctious Scottie like Todd!
Thank-you Lynn for a great family reunion!  

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Making it Official

I have filled out and mailed Georgie's adoption contract.  

He is now a full fledged member of the Golden Pines Gang. Are you surprised?  
I think Georgie looks pretty happy and excited about it, don't you?  

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Remembering Gus's Lessons on Life

In the day since we sent Gus to the Rainbow Bridge, I am mostly fine. Yes, I've of course had those low moments yesterday and today. Gus had a really big personality and was never shy about letting me know if he thought we weren't getting his meal fixed fast enough or if he needed help getting to where he wanted to be. So instead of being focused on our house being quieter without him, I'm instead remembering and celebrating the nearly one year that Gus was a part of our lives.
~Gus and Cricket~
When I think of dogs that had truly been dealt a bad hand, it was Gus.  He was a six time repeat offender at a shelter in Virginia when he was found wandering in traffic. Each time his owner would come and get him, but the seventh time, he was found tied to the shelter door and they never returned for him. Thankfully Gus was given to the rescue, and unlike others before him, we at least knew his name.
~Gus, the first day we met him~
In looking back at the photos of our first days together in May of last year, I recall the total uncertainty that we were facing with Gus because of a tumor in his abdomen, and the grim diagnosis he'd been given of degenerative myleopathy. Added to that, not long after Gus arrived, he developed a large pressure sore on his hip that even after nearly 10 months, would never really heal. It added to my discouragement when I was told by a vet that saw him at that time, that he didn't expect Gus to live through the week and sarcastically quipped to me to "not buy him any green bananas."  Of course I was taken back by those words, but they would give me the determination to prove this particular vet wrong.
Thankfully Gus would become the patient of two other vets who managed his care both clinically and holistically.  They gave me the optimism, hope and support I'd need to get through some of the low moments with Gus. I will always be grateful to these two amazing ladies for their solid expertise and care they gave Gus, and for their friendship. They truly made a difference for him.
~Gus and Beau~
A person can learn a lot from a dog, even a silly and goofy one like Gus.  He taught me about living each day with joy and seizing the moment. Gus taught me to appreciate the simple things in life; the cool grass, a beautiful day outside, and to remember to trust my instincts.
On the days that I knew Gus may have be feeling pain from falling or tumbling down the steps, he taught me about  forgetting all of that, and to continue on by doing my best, to get up those proverbial steps no matter how difficult and insurmountable they may seem.
Gus also taught me about the depth of friendship, love and selflessness.  He taught me to never give up and to remember that life can be too short and passes too quickly, so enjoy it.  Play the hand  you've been dealt the best you can, no matter what your circumstances may be. And finally Gus taught me that when some don't see your value, and tell you that "you're not going to make it." don't listen to them, and buy those green bananas!

Godspeed my handsome Gustavsen.  I wish I'd known you when you were younger. But I have a feeling you were just the same carefree and endearing boy as you were when we met last year.  I'm grateful to have had you as part of our lives and that I was  your caretaker at this final season in your life.  You taught me so much, and those lessons will not be forgotten. Run free until we meet you again at the Rainbow Bridge. 

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Angel Watch for Gus

An "Angel Watch" for Gus began last evening.
He wakes up every once in awhile to look around as if to make sure he's still here.
 I talk to him, give him a few pats, hold his paw, and he puts his head down and falls deeply asleep again.
Dr. E., the vet that has been coming for nearly a year to treat Gus will be coming this afternoon and he'll begin his journey to the Rainbow Bridge.   There is peace. It's as it should be.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Back From Kentucky and a New Addition!

It was an emotional, exhausting, tiring and full trip to Kentucky.  I returned home in the very late hours of Wednesday, and was asked to work on Thursday, which really added to my fatigue. This evening for the first time I'm starting to feel like I'm coming out of the fog I've been in.  It's great to be home!  I've missed the routine, and of course the dogs, who Carl took great care of while I was gone.  
On Thursday I was contacted by the rescue and asked about taking a new senior girl. Of course I didn't say "no" and on Friday evening, we welcomed a very lovely girl named Lexi.  Said to be in her very senior years, Lexi comes to us via a shelter in southern Maryland.  
~Ready to leave the shelter!~
For some reason her owner left her with a roommate, who decided they didn't want her, and took her to the shelter.  I'm not sure why or how that happened, but what I'm sure of is that she has been cared for. She is a gal that shows no signs of neglect; her coat is brushed, nails are trimmed, even her teeth are in great shape.
Lexi oozes confidence, friendliness, beauty and spark that everyone who has met her agrees that she has.  Our pups easily accepted her, and she has quickly found her place.
I don't think Lexi has stopped smiling and wagging her tail since I met her.  I can only guess that she's glad to be out of the shelter!
Welcome to Golden Pines, Lexi, for the both of is, it's great to be home!