Sunday, August 30, 2015

Why Was I Worried?

-Moon-set on Sunday morning~
Back to the airport on Friday afternoon to the "arrivals" and as quick as you can put a suitcase into the trunk of a car, I was no longer a single parent. Back at home, all the dogs were happy to see their missing pack member and tell him all that had gone wrong while he was away.  George is the worst at keeping a secret.
~The face of a dog that can't keep a secret~
Of course it was no secret that there is our newest addition, Dusty.
He's had a hard time settling in, mostly because I was keeping him away from the other dogs, and it wasn't where he wanted to be.  But given Dusty's stress level, I just thought that I needed someone else to help with those introductions.  I was wrong.  I think they'd all looked at one another so long through the fence that meeting him up close and personal was no longer exciting.  I simply opened the gate, and with barely a second look, it was business as usual.
Why was I worried?  

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Minus Two & Plus One -- Welcome Dusty!

This morning my day off started with taking the five kittens to the vet for exams and vaccines.  I also said good-bye to two of them that will be going to a new foster home.  It's time.  They are now about 4 months old, weighing around 4 pounds each, and are active and mischievous as all kittens are.
While the kittens leaving has been planned for a couple of weeks, a new arrival wasn't.  With Carl out of town, I have welcomed to Golden Pines, a new 12 year old boy named Dusty.
He comes to us from someone who adopted him from a shelter this past March.  Dusty was originally given up in February by a elderly couple who were no longer able to care for him after a car accident. *She* was dealing with family losses, and saw Dusty at the shelter and adopted him. When I met her *She* told me that Dusty helped her through those losses, but now *She* was no longer able to care for him, and *She* felt that *She* needed to focus on herself now, saying to me in an e-mail today, "I know I made the right decision for both of us as yesterday I felt a bit lighter in spirit and was able to get a good workout at the gym. Not worrying about Dusty is such a blessing."  This is the part where I don't openly pass judgment on someone....
Dusty is what's important, and I think that by nature he is a nervous dog.  With all the changes he's had in the past several months, it hasn't helped for him to be that way, and it's totally understandable.  I asked our dog walker to come over to help me with the intros to our gang, that didn't go so well.  Dusty was really feeling the stress of the day, and so I decided to forgo the meetings which included Todd. Until then, he's got his own space in the house where he can relax and get used to his new life.
I'll do the rest of the one-on-one meetings in a day or so when Carl returns.  I've not told him about Dusty and until then I'll be practicing the look in the photo below for when Carl sees him.

I hope your week is off to a good start!

Sunday, August 23, 2015

All Present and Accounted For

The weekend began with a trip to the airport and as much time as it takes to drop someone off, I became a "single parent."
~Dulles Airport~
So far, it's going pretty well and I'm keeping up with everything. But does it matter that I accidentally left Todd outside during a storm?
~Todd just before a storm~
Or that I forgot to feed the lovely Ms. Yellow on Saturday morning?
~Ms. Yellow half starved~
That we're out of dog treats?
And that I didn't remember to prop the bathroom door open, and Sunny got stuck in there while I was gone...
What's important is that all the cats
And the dogs are "all present and accounted for."  Or are they?
Because that may change later this afternoon after lunch with family visiting from out of town.
Stay tuned...

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Convincing Todd

The first of two days off this week.  Inside and away from the heat and humidity we're taking it easy.
~Josh, feeling very, very sleepy~
With Todd however, there's no taking it easy.  He was on full alert and patrol.  
You probably know that the Scottie was bred by farmers to help them manage vermin problems. They are known to follow prey, such as badgers, foxes, and other vermin, right into their burrows and then try to dig them out. That is exactly what Todd has been doing.  In the last three days, Todd has dug out and "made dead" two moles. This morning with no one around, (i.e., Carl), it fell to me to bribe Todd into giving up his newest prize.  It was before breakfast and a weak moment and it only took a few treats to convince him. But it was easy to see that he had to think about it first.
However, I think that he's also still convinced there has to be more where those two came from. I hope he's wrong!

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Closer to Home

An uneventful weekend for us.  While Carl did things like mow the lawn, I tried to get photos of the five kittens.  This is proving nearly impossible to do given that they are almost always in constant motion.
So I turned my attention to something that stands still for a little longer, George. You'd never know it, but I've a feeling that he loves his picture being taken.    
Cissy is feeling photogenic these days.
With her allergies being managed with a limited ingredient kibble, Cissy is definitely happier and feeling much better.  She doesn't seem to be bothered too much by the torn meniscus in her left knee. She is getting around pretty well, but she does walk with a pretty good limp.  
~Rolling in the grass always makes a pup feel happier!~
I took her to an orthopedic surgeon to see about doing surgery to repair it.  He said that because of the damaged tissue around her knee from years of untreated thyroid disease it has made a repair impossible to do.  He did suggest cold laser therapy for Cissy which is what our vet recommended doing twice a week to start. But because of the distance to my vet's office, (an hours drive each way) it's impossible to do with traffic and work.  So, I've been asking around for someone that can do it that is closer to where we live.

Because I'm for anything that will keep me off the road and closer to home.
~Sheba and Todd~

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Nothing and Something

The first of two days off this week and I was up early and on the road to the dermatologist with Buddy.
~Buddy, my co-pilot~
He had a recheck of a pretty ugly ear infection that's only marginally better. A culture was done and maybe new medications for him when the results are returned next week. The good news continues to be that the Apoquel that Buddy is taking for his allergies is still working really well for him. We both couldn't be happier!
Afterwards there was time to stop at one of the local farmers markets.
I prefer the no frills markets.
I think they let the fruit and vegetables speak for themselves.
Back at home for a mid-day walk and lunch.
~Sunny, unaware I've taken his photo~ 
I did pretty much nothing the rest of the day, 
 Todd on the other hand, of course, always finds something!   

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Is Niceness Contagious?

~A quick shot of Sunny escaping the camera~
Its been just about six weeks since Bella arrived at Golden Pines.  From the beginning she let us know with her growling and snarling just how unhappy she was to be living in a group home.  My "support team" from the rescue and I felt that it wasn't helping that Bella wasn't feeling well.  When she seemed to be feeling better, and her behavior continued, I had a discussion with the rescue about finding another foster home for her.  A plea was sent out to other foster homes, and two people came forward.  When we thought that we had found a perfect match for Bella, the person changed her mind at the very last minute.  Another plea was sent out that added a few more people to the e-mail.  Still no takers. But I guess Bella has just decided that maybe we weren't so bad after all, or all the medications and supplements she's taking are working, because I realized that she seemed happier.  She still has her diva-moments, but they are coming farther apart.  I'm now seeing a lot more tail wagging and the scowl and hard tense look I've seen on her face so much is being replaced with a softer look and smile.  
~A much more relaxed Bella~
I had to stop and wonder if the "niceness" was contagious and infecting Todd.  As a Scottie, he's devoted and affectionate to those he likes. However, he can take a while to warm up to strangers and visitors to our house.  Last week we had company, and I fully prepared our guest with lots of treats, and I was ready for Todd to show his displeasure of the intruders.  He didn't surprise me by at first keeping his distance from our friend.  But he did surprise me when she was allowed to pet him shortly after she arrived.  He was a true gentlemen Scottie during the entire couple of days.
Then  yesterday Buddy was rolling on the grass with Todd's favorite red ball that he never shares.
I had to stop and wonder if the gentleness of the Goldens or the "cuteness" of the kittens was getting to him?  Was Todd at 4+ years old growing up and mellowing?  
Judging by the torn up dog toys,
 along with the barking and chasing and the holes he keeps trying to dig...
I'd say no, and I'm glad about that!  

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Forever Homes

The reports coming from Lexi's new home have been good ones.  She is settling in and doing well.  I got a text message from "Val" on Sunday that said, "All is terrrific!  We had a small family fathering and Lexi was the star! -- I'd not mentioned to them that I thought that Lexi should be in a place where she was the "star," so when he said that she was, I took that as sign.
Val's message continued by his saying, "Lexi gets long famously with her new brothers, and sleeps in our bedroom on a new orthopedic bed that she claimed right away.  She is a real love bug and is doing great!  She is confident and keeps up with the boys on walks and romps in the yard and enjoys a nap afterwards. 
~Lexi and her new pack-mates~
Val concluded his message with:  It's like she has been here forever!" 
~Another photo of Lexi in her new home~
Speaking of "forever" it seems like forever that the kittens have been with us and its been just a month.  I didn't mention that a 5th little girl was captured over a week ago. Thought at first by one of my counterparts to be just a random kitten, when I saw her, I knew, she wasn't.  "Star" as I call her, is a nearly perfect "bookend" to one of the original group.  The plan is for ALL these mischievous kittens that all weigh around 2 pounds now, and who have taken over the office to be on their way to their forever homes in about a week.
  Who's going to break the news to Father Charlie?