Tuesday, December 27, 2022

A Post Holiday Post

I'll start by wishing you all a belated Merry Christmas! I hope this time of year finds you with family and friends and making the best new memories. 

I hope the holidays haven't been to crazy and chaotic for you. Todd (below) just wanted me to take the crazy hat off. 🙂

In the time I've been gone, I pulled off planning and putting together my office holiday party at a favorite restaurant. 

We were back at the vet with our newest arrival, Iva. It was just for more blood work, and a little longer wait for all test results to be returned. When we finally heard from the vet, it was to tell us that all the reports came back with good news, except for her thyroid, which we expected. Iva's back on thyroid medication and all of the usual supplements. I think in a few months, she'll be a whole new dog. Right now, we're working on removing mats and tangles, and using a pin-brush to buff away the loose hair from her coat. When that task is done, it'll be time for a good bath and blow-dry, that we'll of course do ourselves.

~Same photo of Iva, different day waiting at the vet~

Taking the spotlight off of Iva was Jack. One morning just as I was leaving for work (running my usual late of course) he found a dead mouse that he wanted to bring inside. I quickly grabbed treats and kept dropping them until he decided to give it up. It took 5 treats. I thought that was a real bargain because I would have given him the whole handful just so I wouldn't have to get it out of his mouth. 


Ree also had a birthday. She turned 6 years old. At six, Ree is of course the youngest in our household, and hands down the most mischievous dog we have had in a very long time. She was probably disappointed that she did not get a purse, but a cookie was always a fun treat too!

In between all that, there was work, and even an ice storm. 

And and this past Friday, high winds ushered in plummeting single-digit temperatures and a power outage that lasted about 13 hours for us. What a relief it was to have lights and heat again!

With the power restored, we cruised right into and through Christmas. At the moment, it's a quiet time at our house and I took the last of my yearly vacation from work. It was only one extra day off, but it was good to be home. 


Sunday, December 11, 2022

Iva Arrives at Golden Pines

When our dogwalker said to me that, "we are growing our pack again" I laughed because it was funny and she was right, because I was telling her about a new foster girl that arrived a week ago.

~On our way home - Iva's new chapter~

Eight year old Iva (pronounced eye-vah) now takes the top spot as the newest and the biggest Golden Retriever we have fostered in more than 20 years. She comes to us from a family that has given her up for reasons from a family members allergies to a thyroid problem that was diagnosed two years ago and she was never put on or kept on the needed medication. There's also a whole backstory of her having a shoulder injury that has limited her ability to get around as well as she used to. Whatever the reasons may have been, I'm grateful that the owner contacted the rescue, and Iva has made her way to us. 

Iva's new chapter began with a busy week. It was easy to see that she was a bit confused about her whole life being turned upside down, especially when she refused treats, and didn't want to eat anything. She would barely even look at us. But Iva met her new packmates with no problem, and has fit in easily. 

~Milo, is glad he's not the newbie anymore~

Iva's first week included a trip to the vet where she weighed in at 120 pounds. But with the help of the vet, we've got what I hope will be a good solid plan going forward for her, which will of course include a weight loss program -- However, we are confident that once she's back on her thyroid medication it will help with that. It was an exhausting visit and she was so tired once we got home. 

So, as we begin our second week with Iva, she's coming out of her shell and we're getting to know her. She is there in the crowd to greet us when we come home and anyone that comes to visit. She loves her treats, she easily learned where her spot is at mealtime, and she's following me around the house. And outside I got her to engage in a little game of ball and inside she's playing with a few toys. Yes, Iva is a bit of a "project," inside and out, but she is going to be just fine. We're glad that she's here. ❤

~Waiting at the vet - Look at that smile!~

Saturday, December 10, 2022

In Other News

My last post was about Ree and an unfortunate culinary choice that she made out of one of my handbags. I'm happy and very grateful to report that she has recovered fully. 

Todd is doing just "okay." He'd hardly been coughing/sneezing at all, but this past Saturday, it started again. By the third day when it seemed to be getting worse, I put him back on an antibiotic and Carprophen (generic rimadyl) for any inflammation. Two days later, he's not coughing at all. Again, it makes me think that all this could be allergy related because Carl had put some timothy hay down, and I wonder if that was the trigger? We raked it all back up again just in case. 

Then there's our almost newest addition, Milo. I can't believe he's been with us just over a month now. He easily settled in to his new life and routine with us. 

Milo's small size (about 50 pounds) and color is reminiscent of  the original Field-bred Golden Retrievers bred back in 1800s Scotland. In appearance only he is unlike our beautiful foster girl, Daisy who was bred more for looks and is bigger, stockier, and “big-boned.” 

~Milo and Daisy waiting for their treats!~

Field bred Golden Retrievers are natural athletes. They’re smaller and slimmer, and have body types that make it easy for them run, jump and even swim all day. This totally describes Milo who is a fun, active, agile and playful boy that is always wagging his tail and 'woo-woo-woo-ing'  telling us that he's totally ready for the next fun thing to happen. Even our other Black Lab Jack, who in the past hasn't been so welcoming to 'the boys,' doesn't mind Milo either - Another testament to Milo's carefree personality that has made him an easy dog to love. We feel so lucky to have him as part of our lives and household. 

And did you catch that I said that, 

Milo was our almost newest addition? 

Well, guess what ..... 🙂