Saturday, March 26, 2016

Home and Home

This week took me to Kentucky for a few days.  Sometimes the 11 hour drive isn't all that "environmentally friendly."  
-A gas refinery on the border of Kentucky and West Virginia-
It was my youngest brother's birthday on Tuesday, so we celebrated by going out to lunch.  
It was an enjoyable day that ended with my baking his favorite, chocolate brownies, to celebrate his growing older.
My visit was to also (finally) order the marker for my brother's grave who died last year.  Even though it will match the headstone of our parents, it could have been done via phone and e-mail.  However I felt that this was something that needed to be done in person.

Once again, I stayed at the Airbnb I had stayed at in the fall.  It's a lovely home and the room that is spacious and quiet is perfect for me! The homeowners, a retired dentist and his wife, are both warm and welcoming. I feel lucky to have found such a nice place to stay when I visit Kentucky.
All too soon my visit was over, and I was on my way back home to Virginia.
Carl did a great job single-parenting the dogs and the cats too.
Today, I spent time with the dogs, and caught up on things around the house.
I caught Todd and tried to take his picture with a spring-flowered headband for Easter.
Of course, he made it clear he would have none of that!
Sheba was a little more cooperative, but trust me, she didn't like it either.
What we do like is this great weather we've having this weekend.  I hope you're having a good weekend too!  Happy Easter!

Sunday, March 20, 2016

A Decision for Reggie

The Lady, her dog Scruffy and her friend arrived early. During our visit, I did my best to not like the Lady and try to talk her out of liking Reggie/Sherlock.  
But I realized about an hour after she was here, that in many ways she was like me in how she felt and cared about her dogs.  And as hard as I tried, and believe me I tried, I felt I had to give her a chance at giving Reggie a forever home.
~The Lady and her friend walking Reggie~
It may not have been what was best for me, because I'd gotten quite attached to the dog that hardly wagged his tail, who followed me everywhere and often rested his head on my knee. But Reggie trusted me from the first day I met him in November to keep him safe and make the best decisions for him.  And I felt that The Lady should have the chance to make the same best decisions for him too.
~Reggie, the first day we met~
I promised The Lady that I would take Reggie back if it didn't work out and I let Lab Rescue know that too. All I can do now is hope that it goes well, and keep the door open just in case.

Letting Reggie go today has been harder than I thought it would be.  I will and do really miss him.

But the e-mail that's below, that I received from Lab Rescue just a few minutes ago, and a voice mail has helped.
So far, so good with Sherlock.   He made it home and was getting settled at Linda’s house.  It appears Scruffy is underfoot a bit, but, is surviving too.   The big test will come when they are left alone.  Who knows....they may do pretty well!   Linda use to raise dogs and is still very busy with dogs in many functions.    I know she will provide a great place for Sherlock.  I will keep you informed with Sherlock’s status.   I did ask for photos once they were settled so I could share them with you!
Take care and I will for sure keep you informed!

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Hopefully the Last Snow Fall!

It snowed today, and so we aren't quite welcoming spring the way I had in mind.  But we'll just have to trust that Mother Nature knows what she's doing, and that this will hopefully be our last snow fall.
It was a gorgeous winter wonderland and pretty to watch fall, and not stick to anything.  My favorite kind of snow!
The day has been spent quietly at home, catching up on a few things.  The Holistic Vet came to see both Josh and Jake.  We are both really pleased with Jake's progress and she mentioned that she thinks that he could even be made available for adoption.
I stopped her right there -- I don't even want to think about that because I'm still trying to come to grips with the thought that Reggie/Sherlock may be leaving tomorrow afternoon. The Lady is due to be here between 1 and 2 o'clock.  I'm sure it won't take long to figure out if they are a match or not.
~Reggie/Sherlock, will he stay or will he go?~
 I will post on Sunday and let you know.  I hope you're having a good weekend!

Wednesday, March 16, 2016


A busy last weekend volunteering at a free dental clinic.  Despite the day beginning at 4:30, a nearly 2 hour drive to the clinic, it was a good experience that reminded me how fortunate I am.  
But it left me running on empty at the start of the week.   Last evening we had tickets to a play at a local university that I'd purchased late last year.  Exhausted, I was considering not going. But I dragged myself there, and I was glad we attended.  Despite a late night, it was a nice evening.

I switched my day off to today and napped off and on through most of it.  But the warm weather did have us outside just a bit.
It was good to relax, get over feeling like I've neglected the dogs and enjoy the afternoon!  
A busy weekend is on the horizon.  I've received a call from an approved applicant with Lab Rescue about Sherlock/Reggie.  A single lady with another dog would like to meet him on Sunday.  As you can figure, I've been seriously considering keeping Sherlock/Reggie.
However, I had decided awhile back to roll the dice to see what and who might come forward as a possible forever home for him.  I like "the lady."  She's single, retired, with another dog (a terrier mix) named Scruffy.  The Lady is willing to drive more than 3 hours to come and meet him.  So, I've decided to let fate play the card and see if they're a match.  If it doesn't work out, I've already decided that Sherlock/Reggie, will stay with us.  Stay tuned!
I hope you all are doing well.  I've really missed reading your blogs and seeing what you're up too.  I hope I can catch up with your news very soon!
Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, March 10, 2016

The View

 A good day off, helped by the really warm and sunny weather we've had this week.  It also marked the return of my favorite bird of spring, the Eastern Phoebe.  This little cheeky bird is one of my favorites.  It has nested around or on our house each year that we've lived here. It's raspy “phoebe” call is a frequent sound all spring and most of the summer.
After a little spring yard work, it was nice to sit and just enjoy the view from the front porch.
I'm not sure which view I like the best.
I don't think Sherlock/Reggie has an opinion
And neither does Ms. Yellow, who after seeing my "regular vet" on Monday is feeling much better!
I hope you're enjoying and getting a good view of spring coming too!

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Ending Quietly

While Todd worked on his spring gardening and landscaping...
I was off to the vet with the lovely Ms. Yellow who hasn't been feeling well.  My "usual" vet wasn't working, so I saw the young vet.  I think that she's kind and caring and there is no doubt she has the potential to be a really good vet.  But her inexperience, not just with Ms. Yellow, but another dog she saw of ours a few months ago showed.  I left the office with several prescriptions and no real answers about why she's not eaten since Wednesday, and only a vague plan.  Today has seen little improvement, so I'll take her to see my "usual" vet on Monday if there is still no change.
The holistic vet came to see Josh and Jake, Someone else stopped by to do some "manicures" for a few of the dogs.
~Josh, totally relaxed after acupuncture and cold laser therapy~ 
Its been a really busy weekend, and I could have used another day between Saturday and Sunday.  But it has ended quietly, just as I like it to.
~Sheba and our foster kitty, Mohawk~

**Whale update**
Unfortunately, one of the Orca Whales on our town's water tower didn't make it. (see previous post)  I guess you really can't keep whales in captivity.  Or maybe it was just too cold. However, there are plans to re-inflate him very soon.  I wonder if the Town's Mayor is going climb up there again and do it?

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Whale Watching!!

We've all had instances where we're left a little speechless by something that happens -- So much so, that when you tell people about it, it's so ridiculous that they don't believe you.  Well, this is exactly what has happened in my town this week.

There has been a problem with a large group of turkey buzzards roosting on the town's water tower.  We all know that while they aren't the most attractive bird, they do serve an important role in the environment by helping to "recycle and clean." However when they form big groups in towns, it becomes a problem.
The water tower that the buzzards took up residence on is very near a subdivision.  And so the town council consulted with an expert to help resolve the problem.  I'm not sure who this "expert" is or where they found him, but they were told that turkey-buzzards are afraid of Orca whales.  Yes, Orca whales.  How they know that is anyone's guess.

So, on Tuesday afternoon, despite high winds, what the town has dubbed  Operation “Fly Willy” began with the town mayor himself climbing to the top of the water tower to attach three orca whales (Humphrey, Moby Dick and of course Willy) onto the railing of the water tank to try and scare the turkey-vultures away.
 All that the town could do was wait and see if it would work.

Well, big surprise, it didn't!  The buzzards returned that very evening, just as they always did.  And believe me, social media was lit up with jokes about the whole thing!  
But it's only because I think, it's the craziest and most far-fetched thing I've ever heard of and seen.  Thank-goodness things are normal at my house.... At least they are at the moment!  Maybe they should try putting a Scottie up there instead!