Saturday, November 25, 2023

Abridged Version of Happenings

Hello Blogging Friends! Thank you to those who checked in on us to make sure we're 'okay.' In short, I will tell you that we are. From family, to work and my volunteer role with both the rescues and of course the dogs, I'm just being pulled in a lot of different directions right now with very little time to myself. 


But now that I can check Thanksgiving off my list, not forgetting that there is so much to be grateful for, I'm onto the next thing I need to do. And among a couple of other things, at the top of my list is catching my blog up and catching up with your blogs and news too.  

I do have to admit, that these past few days, I have been trying to write a post - The words are coming, but I'm afraid that as always, it is a bit too wordy for what you may have time to read, and for what I know will probably bore you to death. So, I'll TRY TRY TRY to do an abridged version to get caught up. 

Marley .....  He's much better. His arthritis has been bothering him. He's had a couple of visits to the vet for both his achy joints, and his infected ears. He came to us with double ear infections that had been superficially treated, and both needed more attention -- More attention than the first vet that saw him was willing to provide. But Marley saw a new vet that I liked very much because she listened to my concerns, and treated Marley like more than just an 'old foster dog.' 


Lily ..... You'll remember that she's a howler when she's left. But her howling seemed to have gone up a notch or two, sounding almost painful. She tagged along with Marley back to the vet for a 6-month check up. The same vet that sees Marley is now treating Lily too. We have a good plan for her going forward, and she's also on a daily anti-inflammatory medication which has helped, and we're seeing a much happier and even more engaging Lily. 

~Lily (front) and Marley her date for the vet~

Iva ..... There has been a lot of attention on her. One morning Iva was in obvious pain and was whining and hiding in a corner, and didn't want to get up onto her feet. I 'triaged' her, and found that the pain she was feeling was in her shoulder - The one she'd dislocated prior to coming into the rescue. I'm not sure what or how it happened. It was early, so I didn't call the vet, but just got her into my van and took her there. They admitted her, and I was off to work - What a morning! Before lunch, a vet called and said it was a soft tissue injury and he thought that with some rest and medications, she'd be fine, and she has been. 

In other news ..... 

Todd ..... He's reached a bit of a milestone of 250 days since he last had an allergy attack. Knock, knock, knock on wood - He coughed a few times last evening, so I'm hoping it was just because he was outside most of the day. 

Work ..... I'm responsible again for our office holiday party. We are an office of about 10 people, so I enjoy planning it, and I have for the last 5 or 6 years - I'll add here that I do it because no one else wants to. I worked a recent Friday for a co-worker who was traveling to Kaaba in Saudi Arabia. I arrived at the office before everyone else. That never happens! 

~Work on a Friday - Where is everyone?~

Me .... It actually hasn't been all work, stress, dogs and no play. One Saturday my friends that I went to the beach with did a 'scooter tour,' in Lancaster Pennsylvania. It was a fun 4 hour trip on Vespa type scooters on a beautiful day on the backroads seeing Amish farms and a few other sights. My friends had all gone before, and were comfortable on a scooter going about 40 MPH -- as for me, well, it took me a couple of hours, but it was great fun!

Oh, and as for the rest of the gang, they're all in good spirits as the holidays rush right at us! Milo in the video below seems totally relaxed about it. I need to follow his example! ūü•į

THANK YOU again for stopping by and checking in on us while I was away. 
You all are the best and I've missed my blogging friends!!