Sunday, August 20, 2023

Outside and Inside

Every day when Carl gets home from work, he lets the dogs out and Jack always sits and waits at the bottom of the steps for him to come out and throw a ball for him. He never moves from that spot, and that hopeful look of anticipation on his face never changes. He's now about 14 years old, and arthritis has really slowed him down. Except when it comes to games of ball, Jack still wants to play like he's a puppy again. Of course we don't let him play like one, but he doesn't care, he just loves the game, however long it lasts. That's what it's all about.  How I love that Lab heart and spirit!! 

That's what's happening on the outside. Inside, on the other side of the door, there's something else going on. It's Todd, waiting by the door for his turn to be let outside to play ball too. Who knew that a Scottish Terrier could be so patient? I think it's about the only time he is. 

Wednesday, August 16, 2023

Marley - Part of the Pack

It has been a bit of a whirlwind since Marley arrived at Golden Pines. 

Since Marley had not seen a vet in at least 5 years, our time with him began with a needed vet appointment that included updating his vaccines, all senior bloodwork, aspirates from several large lumps, and a few other tests in between. 

The results were a bit of a mixed bag. The good news, was that Marley was negative for heartworm and other tests had pretty good results too. Unfortunately he did test positive for lyme disease and anaplasmosis -- Both are tick borne illnesses. Marley is now on an antibiotic for a month. 

Another concern I had from the very start were Marley's eyes that were really goopy and very red. The vet records that came with Marley mentioned this as a chronic issue that was never treated. A test showed that he's not producing any tears, meaning his eyes are very dry. The vet gave me a lubricant for them, but unfortunately it didn't really help. I was also pretty sure in watching Marley that couldn't see that well. 

So, on Monday we were off to the ophthalmologist. Marley's chronic dry eyes has caused a lot of scar tissue that has damaged his eyes, and unfortunately it limits his eyesight. So, we've started a prescription eye medication that he will have to be on for the rest of his life. The good news is that it will help his eyes to feel better, and may in time, restore some of his lost vision. 

~A tired Marley on the way home from the Ophthalmologist~

Despite that Marley probably doesn't feel all that well, he is the quintessential Golden Retriever! He is easy going, and has let us know that he thinks that treats and mealtime are the best part of the day -- And I think best of all is that he gets along really well with his new packmates.  Always a relief!  

~On the front porch~

We're grateful that Marley found his way to the rescue and onto us. He quickly found a place in our hearts and we love having him as part of our life! 

~Milo and Marley~

And I'm also grateful that he's getting the medical care that he needs because I know it will make a difference for him.