Saturday, April 25, 2020

What We Know About Leo

Thank you all for taking a moment and sharing the loss of Gino. I really miss him, and miss having an outdoor cat. In the coming months, when the time is right, we'll see about maybe adding another.

In all that's been happening, I've not mentioned, that after two weeks, new arrival Leo, has settled in nicely. He's getting along really well with all the dogs, and the cats too.
Here's what we know about Leo ...

  • He countersurfs
  • He begs at the table
  • He wants to sleep on the bed
  • He loves treats so much so that he got into the treat bag of the girl who comes to trim nails
  • He has great eye-mouth coordination to catch those treats
  • He loves mealtimes
  • He doesn't come when called - When he knows you want him to come with you, when you reach for his collar, just as you get within inches of him, he'll playfully run off
  • He likes everyone (mostly women)
  • He is afraid of storms (like so many goldens)
  • He is always smiling and wagging his tail
  • He is always ready for the next fun thing to happen
We think Leo is perfect! And in the weeks ahead, he'll be available for adoption via the Golden Retriever Rescue.  
Leo will be a great addition to someone's home who will also love his fun and easy going personality and nature as much as we do!  

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Good-Bye to Outdoor Kitty, Gino

The first day of this week ended on a sad note for us as we said good-bye today to our outdoor kitty Gino. His appetite was all but gone, and he began hiding from us, and not coming back inside. The diagnosis was liver failure. There was nothing that could be done.

Gino came to us exactly 2 years and 2 days ago after someone moved away leaving their 8ish cats behind -- The "Loudoun Community Cat Coalition" trapped them all, vetted and re-homed them, and through what can only be described as serendipity he found his way to us.
~The first day we met "the cat with no name"~
At first Gino was strictly an outdoor cat.
But his six month plan to come inside came in a little ahead of schedule. It took him only about 4 months to find a spot inside the house and on the table.
It did take him a little longer to learn to trust the dogs, who in turn got over their fear of him.
Gino truly became part of our lives and household.
For a cat that was supposed to be feral, Gino was a gentle soul.  And when I held him and he purred, on my worst days, it was a great comfort. He was a good friend and good company wherever he happened to be.

Near the end our driveway, where the mowing ends, and the grass grows tall, was Gino's favorite spot. He spent hours there, watching birds, and whatever else crossed his path, and soaking up the sun.
It only seemed right to make it his final resting place.

God speed to our very first "outdoor kitty" who has a place all his very own inside our hearts. We will really miss him.

Sunday, April 19, 2020

George Returns to Golden Pines

Saturday was the day I arranged to get George picked up from Paul's brother. I really wanted to make it easy for the brother, so I drove over an hour to get there, to an area of Maryland that I'd never been to before.
~Sykesville Maryland~
George was happy to see me, and wouldn't stop barking. In fact, for the first 20 minutes of our drive home, all he did was bark and shove his head under my arm. It was really good to see him!  ...not so much to hear him though.
Unfortunately, about 20 minutes into our drive home, I had car/van trouble again. It was the same issue I'd had in February.  Not knowing the area, thankfully I was able to make it to a shopping center, I'd passed on my way to pick up George, where I was able to safely park. Having done this before, and because we have an "extended warranty" I called and a tow truck to take my van to a dealership closer to home was arranged.
~Here we go again....~
I will fast forward through the snags caused by the (less than competent) man I had initially spoken to, because the next person on the phone was totally sympathetic, and helpful (she could hear George barking) and she solved those issues for me. Carl and the tow truck showed up at about the same time and six hours later, we were safely home. What an afternoon!

I read recently that dogs have associative memory, remembering people, places, and experiences based on their associations they have with them. I totally believe that. George has settled right back in, even remembering where he used to eat, and I'm so glad to report that he's not barking much at all.
So, whatever is ahead for George -- Lab Rescue has said they'll help to find him a new home if needed -- George is going to be just fine. 
Welcome back George!

Thursday, April 16, 2020

We'll See What Happens

It has been a bit of a strange and mixed bag of a week. I'm not even sure where to begin exactly.

Maybe I'll start with tonight, and work my way back with to the real news of the day.

This evening, for some reason, our outdoor kitty Gino won't come back inside the garage. We tried for over an hour to catch him, so we could shut the door to keep him safe overnight, but he won't come to us and keeps running off. I'm wondering if something maybe scared him?

Work at the office continues to slow down. But I'm still asked to be there all day. We have two emergency patients to see on Thursday. With no patients scheduled on Wednesday, I took Max in with me to the office. He was fun company, and the girl at the front desk, who is a real animal lover gave Max lots of extra attention which he soaked up.
While I was at work, I got a phone call from Paul. You'll remember him as the owner of Abe and George, the Barkalot Brothers. You''ll also remember that Lab Rescue returned them to him in January and Abe passed away in February. Well, Paul is back in the hospital. I'm not sure of the details, (but it's not COVID), and he wants to GIVE me George. He said he's no longer able to care for him because George was becoming more and more "mobility challenged" and along with being hospitalized a few times, it's just to hard for him to give George the care he needs.  Of course I agreed to take him back.
~The day the Barkalots were returned to Paul~
Paul's brother called me last evening, and we're going to try and arrange something for this weekend or early next week. And with that, can I just say I had a feeling that might happen? Of course, I didn't and hoped it wouldn't. But I kept the door and communication with Paul open just in case because I wanted to make sure that Abe and George were safe.
We'll see what happens.

Friday, April 10, 2020

Two Birthdays and a New Boy

I don't have to say what a busy week it has been. I'm not sure how I ever managed to work 5 days a week. Even though it's not 40 hours (and it's less pay) being gone from home every day means that nothing is really getting done.
~Virginia Bluebells are in bloom right now~
Thankfully, Carl is temporarily home while his agency tries to cut back on the teams that are working at his location. So, he's been a big help. Despite the busy week and no real free time and all that has come with it, it has been a pretty good week for our crew.

On Saturday, we marked a 10th birthday, for Max. I post his pictures often enough, but I don't say much about him.  Max has been with us for nearly 4 years now. He is a picky eater, sensitive to my emotions and has been a great comfort in sad times and happy ones too. He is an affectionate, fun and comical companion, who loves to chase and pounce on the cats. He's also a good friend and an attentive canine brother to the other dogs, including Todd.
And speaking of Todd.... He also had a birthday this week.  Can you believe that Todd is now 9 years old?  I know I can't!  So, as is my tradition, I take this (silly) picture every year, using the same hat, same setting, the same, (but different) cookie -- Next year, at 10, I'll make a collage of all the photos.
But at 9 years old, Todd is fearless, smart, and so much more. It goes without saying that I love his spirit for fun and tireless energy for whatever comes next. Like most Scotties, Todd can be independent, but he is a devoted companion and friend. An example of that is when I go to bed at night, he follows me, and stays on the bed until I get up the next morning. Even if I sleep late.

Finally, just because things aren't hopping enough at our house, we have welcomed a handsome new arrival. A very nervous Leo arrived on Wednesday evening. At eleven years old, he was given up by his owner who has stage 4 breast cancer. Leo spent the last 2 semesters at college with the youngest daughter. But because of life and its circumstances, none of the 3 children are able to provide a longtime home for Leo. He's a really nice dog, and you can't help but like him.
Leo is a bit of a "nervous nellie" and is not a fan of thunder storms, new men, and change. But today, with better weather, feeling comfortable and confident, there have been lots of tailwags, and smiles --The best way to start a weekend!
~Cat, what cat??~

Friday, April 3, 2020

Settling Into Change

Friends, thank you for sharing the loss of Rhett with me. I have been comforted by the messages and kind words you sent, and have left here on my blog. Thank you for thinking of me.

It is now just over a week later, and I am doing okay. But I will admit to still getting a bit choked up at times. I really miss Rhett and the change in the daily routine because he's no longer here.
~Rhett and Alf~
But I know I'm not the only one dealing with change and the uncertainty that it all brings. With all "elective dental work" now being postponed throughout the US, many dental offices are now closed. And with all that, the doctor that I've worked for, for nearly 15 years, has furloughed all of us that work in the office until at least June. However, the office needs to remain open to reschedule appointments, answer the phone and see any emergencies. So, Dr S worked out a schedule so that all of us in the office could work at least one day a week.
~Dr. S trying out his new mask.... He hated it....~
But when you work in an office full of germaphobes (me included) the fear of catching the virus from a patient has all of the clinical staff passing on that offer. So, for the moment that leaves *ME,* yours truly, to work until another co-worker decides they are comfortable coming into the office. Which may or may not happen. I don't know. Of course I'm trying to be understanding and supportive of my co-workers. But I will confess that I'm not happy about it; because of course, I would like to be home too. But the doctor needs someone to work with him when there's an emergency patient. And I want to do what I can to help keep the practice open, so that when all this is over, there's hopefully a job to come back to.

So, with all of that, unfortunately, I'm gone from home more than I want to be. With everything that's happening, I was looking forward to some extra time at home to get a few things done, and of course to spend time with the dogs. Because I need the comic relief  that only Charlie the ice man can give....
and all the others like Todd....
And a beautiful and delicious homemade pie can bring!