Friday, March 29, 2024

Monty Arrives at Golden Pines

Another busy couple of weeks, made a bit busier this past Friday, when we had an unexpected and unplanned arrival of a new boy at our house. 

Meet 10 year old Monty.

~Meeting Monty - His new chapter begins~

He comes to us after his owner went into hospice care and Monty was left in the home with no one to care for him, or his feline companion. 

And so, after a few twists and turns, Monty was turned over to the rescue to begin a new life -- As was the cat he lived with. 

We knew absolutely nothing about Monty, barely even his name or age. But, despite all of that we of course agreed to take him to keep him safe, and give him a place to call home. 

First intros didn't go all that well, but that was totally my fault. Monty's life had been totally turned upside down, and he just didn't understand what had happened to him and so he was really nervous and so unsure. 

But after a week, he's settled in, and second intros have gone well. He's an active, bouncy and engaging boy that I'll confess may be too much for our household, so I've asked that another foster home be found for him. I think it's for the best. 

However, now that we know that Monty gets along with other dogs and cats, that he listens really well, that he knows all the basics, has good house manners and that he loves to play ball, is a good start. And with the rescue totally committed to him and his care, it gives Monty a bright future. ❤

***I have to add that this is also a reminder for all of us to have a plan for our 

dogs and cats in case we're unable to care for them.***

Saturday, March 16, 2024

Letting Go of Iva

Thank you all for the good vibes that you sent for Iva as we traveled last weekend to meet "R&R," near Lynchburg Virginia. The 4+ hour drive was a bit dicey because it was raining the entire way. 

But R&R and their son, daughter in law and granddaughter were all there when we arrived, and they could not have been more welcoming-- Even having lunch prepared and waiting for us. I felt like I was sitting with friends as we ate lunch and talked about Iva and any other topic that came up. They are the real deal; a kind, caring and a perfect family for Iva. They loved her right away, and Iva responded so well to them, and was relaxed and comfortable in their home. 

~Last time at the vet with Iva~

She was also a good match for their girl Lady, who had been missing having a canine friend. So, we signed her adoption contract. 

~Post adoption photo of Iva and Lady~

It was of course a bittersweet moment to let Iva go. I love this big girl with her big personality. We'd had quite a journey together, helping her to regain her health and lose over 30 pounds. And, despite some of the lows, and the hard times, there were many more good moments with this fun girl, and I would do (most of) them all over again. ❤️

Afterwards I drove to the home of friends for dinner and to spend the night. It was a really good visit, and a nice and a recharging ending to a trip filled with a lot of emotion. 

~The view my friends enjoy every day!~

The two post adoption texting reports have all been good and positive. I had to grin at the first photo that was sent of Iva on a sofa - I'd told them Iva never ever got onto our furniture ... and there she was ... never-evering, like she'd never, ever had before. Ya just gotta smile at that! 🙂

I miss her.  

Friday, March 8, 2024

Better Days

Thank you to those of you who have stopped by to let us know you were thinking of us. It lifted my spirits and gave me that needed nudge to update my blog - that I'm not kidding, I have thought about doing nearly every day. 

As you know, for several reasons, it has been a difficult few months for me. The winter coming to an end and the warmer days and more sun has boosted my mood and energy levels. I'm feeling more like myself, and it's translating into better days.

The dogs, including Todd are all in good spirits. 

They really have done a great job chasing away my winter blues like they did on a snowy day in mid February. The video below is Ree and Milo playing with Marley trying to get in on the fun too. 

This weekend is a big weekend for us. In early February, the rescue's Adoption Coordinator told me about a couple on the outer edge of the area that the rescue covers that expressed an interest in Iva. The rescue requires a home visit prior to approving anyone adopting from the rescue, and finding a volunteer to do it could have been a challenge. However, longtime friends (we served on the board of the rescue together) live about an hour away and so I called my friend -- The Adoption Coordinator and I were glad when "Jill" agreed to do their home visit.

*R&R* live on a small, fenced farm near Lynchburg, Virginia. SHE is a semi-retired Veterinarian and HE is retired. They have an 11 year old Golden that is missing having a companion. In our conversations and e-mails, I feel like they could be the long awaited match for Iva. I do have just one concern, that I won't mention, but I'm hoping that when we meet them TOMORROW it won't be a stumbling block. 

So, Iva and I will be leaving early in the morning to make a 4 hour drive to meet *R&R* and their girl Lady. The hope is that they'll all fall in love with each other, be totally perfect and adopt Iva all in the same day. I'm then going to overnight at my friends home and I'll be back on Sunday afternoon. And if Iva isn't a match for *R&R*, she'll be home on Sunday too. 

Wish us luck!