Sunday, October 27, 2013

True Cissy Fashion

Off to a early and frosty start Saturday  morning for the first vet appointment of the day which was for Shadow at 8 AM.  Shadow is a healthy dog and came to us fully vetted.  But different vets offices have different protocols and looking over his records, there were a couple of things that I wanted Shadow checked for that he hadn't been. One was for lyme disease.  The deer-ticks that carry it are really a problem in our part of Virginia, and all of our dogs, with the exception of Todd have tested positive and have been treated for it at one time or another.  Shadow is now part of the gang because he tested positive for lyme disease. He's now on an antibiotic and will be just fine.  I am also a big believer that you can never have too much identification on a dog, and so I also had him micro-chipped; so now if (and hopefully never) I lose 'my Shadow' this is another way he'll be able to find his way home.
The vet practice that I go to has two offices, so after Shadow's visit, we were off to see Cissy's vet at the other office.  Her appointment was only supposed to be for blood work and to talk about her skin problems.  Unfortunately it took a turn when I noticed her ear was looking a little 'wonky' and it was because of an aural hemotoma.  (For those of you who don't know, an aural hematoma is when blood collects under the skin of the ear flap).  Hopefully the drain that was put into her ear and the warm compresses that will need to be done twice daily will work and allow it to heal, and help us to avoid her having to have surgery. But Cissy shows her age at times like this and was really tired by the time we got home.  In the early evening, I found her shivering on the sofa, which was an odd place for her. A pain pill, and a warmed blanket from the dryer made a difference and Cissy slept for the rest of the evening.  This morning she whined when I began the compresses on her still very tender ear.  I found myself apologizing to her and I paused for a moment to explain to her why they have to be done.  When our eyes met, she stopped whining as if she fully understood.  In true Cissy fashion, I think she does.

Friday, October 25, 2013

The Local News

We end the week with everyone feeling pretty well and much cooler temperatures.  Tomorrow morning it'll be an early start with Cissy and Shadow who both have vet appointments for check ups.  
~Shadow (left) and Cissy~ 
Our week did have a bit of an unexpected twist when our dog-walker of 6 years was the subject of a story on the evening and morning news of all the local channels.  Authorities have charged "CC" and she has pled guilty  with taking prescription drugs from a home in July. According to the report, the home owners there became aware that prescription medicine was taken from their home while they were out of town and "CC" was providing pet sitting services for them.  I won't go into any detail, but I have to admit that this year there have been a few instances where 'things' didn't quite add up. But I overlooked them because "CC" was very reliable and dependable and I thought maybe I was wrong.  This was easy to do because I trusted her and like(d) her very much.  Now that everything has come out, and what I didn't want to think about our dog-walker has been confirmed, I find all of this extremely disappointing.  So I reluctantly begin the search for a new dog-walker.  However, I will have to first let "CC" go, which is something I've never done before and I'm really not looking forward to doing--But who would?  

Monday, October 21, 2013

A Close Eye

Thank-you all for the good thoughts for Annie.  By late Sunday afternoon she seemed more like herself and was more willing to take a walk, and was up and around more.  The shivering or tremors have almost stopped completely.  But because I am still seeing short bouts of them, I am keeping a close eye on her to make sure their frequency isn't increasing again.

With Annie feeling better, it was my turn to be a little under the weather. I am guessing that I must have picked up a bug on Saturday at the laundromat that probably hasn't been thoroughly cleaned since the 1980's.  But I stayed home from work today and keeping an eye on me was Todd, who, when I woke up from a nap, was staring at me. The house was totally quiet and there was something so peaceful and tranquil about that moment.
Todd must've felt it too, because he didn't move a single muscle. And after I took his picture, he and I both went back to sleep.  
I'm feeling much, much better, and will be back at work on Tuesday.  
I hope your week is off to a good start.  

Saturday, October 19, 2013

The Heat is On

I was off to a running start early this morning.  That fall chill is in the air and it had me turning on the heat in the house and blasting it while in the car.  The trees are really starting to turn and the fall pumpkins, winter pansies and mums are being sold every where.

One of my stops today was the laundromat to wash and dry all of the dog beds. I've decided that laundromats have changed very little over the years, and this one is no exception and seems a little stuck in a time warp. But it was pretty much deserted, and I decided that I must be the only one with nothing else to do on a Saturday morning.
The day has come to an end with our keeping a close eye on Annie. She's not been feeling well the last couple of days, and today she has begun episodes of trembling or shivering. You may recall that Annie has lost about 75% of her kidney function, so this may be an indication that her kidney disease is in its final stages-- But of course that's only a guess, and I may very well be totally wrong about what's causing her to shiver.  Annie didn't come into the kitchen for her dinner, but she did eat her meal, and seems content and comfortable, so I'm trying really hard to not be too worried right now.  Would you believe that in January she'll be 15 years old?  I told her she has to stay well so we can celebrate.
I so hope Annie does, and I hope you are having a good weekend!  

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Plodding Along

The week has again flown by much too quickly.  I have been in a rut of sorts for a while now, feeling like I'm just plodding along.  I've decided that it may have to do with my working 5 days a week.  You may recall that I added that 5th work day this past spring when extra help was needed at the front desk in the office where I work. It was only supposed to be for a couple of months, but it has lasted nearly 8 months now.  I spoke to the doctor I work for about how I was feeling and we decided that in November I'm going to go back to my four day work week.  

I think that it's going to be a welcome change.  I'm already looking forward to having a little more time at home, and a little more time with the dogs and getting a few more things done.
Who knows, maybe I'll even have time to take Charlie to the groomers...
Or maybe I won't, we'll see -- Stay tuned!  
I hope you're having a good week! 

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Wendy's Reminder and 600 Posts

I have reached a blogging milestone, 600 posts.  An achievement so easily made by many of you; for me, it has not been, but my goal is to keep going and work to be better at blogging.  I looked through previous posts, and with the recent loss of Taylor, I was reminded of the additions and subtractions that we've had since I started this blog.

One of the dogs that has been here from the very beginning, as you know is Wendy.  After more than 14 years together, she knows me well.  Many times when I've been consumed with a loss, she comes into the room and starts barking at me. This time was no different.  I'm not sure when I noticed that there is something different in her eyes when she does that.  But I know what she's telling me; she is reminding me that she and the others are still here, and that everything is and will be okay.  Wendy has always been an independent dog, but during these times she stays close and follows me around.  At nearly 16 years old, it's much harder for her to do these days, but she did. This morning, for the first time since we lost Taylor, she's not by my side, and is sleeping in, I know she's tired and needs her rest.  
~Wendy after a tiring 4 days for her~  
Despite the gloomy and rainy weather, and even though I'm totally exhausted both physically and emotionally from everything last week, the mood in the house is different.  Todd has already seen fit to dig a muddy hole, Sheba is carrying around one of my brand new shoes, Cissy is barking for reasons only she knows, and the dogs are waiting for me to take them on our morning walk. It's time to let that old wound opened by the loss of Taylor to try and begin to heal as best it can.

I will end my 600th post with saying that no words can begin to express my heartfelt thanks for your kindness and your thoughtful, sympathetic comments on the loss of Taylor. You've shared in our loss and have helped to ease the pain I feel in my heart, and that along with your friendships means more than you know.
Enjoy your Sunday! 
~CarrieAnne and Sheba~ 

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Good-Bye to Taylor

Thank-you all for the good thoughts for Taylor, the blogging community truly is a place of kindness and compassion. 

However, this morning, Taylor still had no appetite, and was unable to stand or hold her head up for any length of time.  I felt that the kind thing to do would be to say our good-byes, and let her go.  I put Taylor into the car to take with me to work for a couple of hours until our appointment late morning.  Taylor seemed comfortable enough and we drove the nearly 1 hour commute in silence.  Several times I reached back to hold Taylor's paw and talk to her.  As I was nearing my office, I pulled out a CD of what a good friend of mine calls "angel music" and the hymn "How Great Thou Art" played.  Before it ended, Taylor had left this life for the next.

Even though we didn't have Taylor for very long, I am of course very saddened by the loss of this kind, gentle soul that loved ice and having her back and stomach scratched.  I will miss her enthusiasm at mealtime, her always offering me her paw to hold, and her quiet comforting nature.

I don't know much about Taylor's life before she came to us.  But from a family member who contacted me throughout the summer, I have no doubt that Taylor was a much loved companion of her former owner, 'Freda' who passed away in June. 

Taylor will not wait for us at the Rainbow Bridge. I am finding comfort in knowing that she will be met by 'Freda' and they will cross the Rainbow bridge together. 

God-speed Tator, until we meet again....thank-you for being a part of our lives these past four months, you will be missed and not forgotten....


Monday, October 7, 2013

Good Thoughts for Taylor

~Taylor in June~
The day started with wash down, cool down, gully washing rain that we've not had in nearly a month.  But for me, it began with a call to the vet about Taylor.  She wasn't feeling well yesterday and was unable to keep any food or water down.  This morning she refused food all together, which is very unusual for Taylor or for most Goldens for that matter.  Added to that she was pretty subdued, and I thought that was probably because she was a little dehydrated, caused by what I thought might be pancreatitis.

The tests were done and the very last one was an x-ray that showed that Taylor has a tumor right next to her stomach. Dr. D believes it is likely hemangiosarcoma.  Because of her age (about 13) doing an ultrasound to learn a little more about the tumor, will not change what we would do for Taylor.  I've been sent home with some medications to attempt to settle her stomach.  Hopefully I can get her to eat and keep food in her stomach.  This evening she's been really quiet and has hardly moved since I got her home.  I'm hoping by tomorrow Taylor will feel better and get past this rough patch and that she'll maintain a good quality of life for a while longer.

I've not written much about Taylor, because there hasn't been a lot to tell you.  She's a quiet unassuming girl that came to us this past summer when her owner passed away.  She has been content to quietly stay in the background and let the other dogs be the stars. But now she's front and center and in the spotlight, and I hope you'll send some good thoughts for this sweet girl.  

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Rant and Routine

As many of you know, Tuesday marked the beginning of furloughs for about 800,000 Government employees, including Carl. No one seems to understand why Congress is this concerned with the Affordable Care Act.  Shouldn't all of it have been addressed prior to it being approved in the Senate, the House, signed into law, and upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court? So many people, programs, etc., have been affected because of a last ditch effort by ultra-conservative congressional members to corral whatever leverage available. When did holding America hostage become a political tactic?  I just don't get it.

Okay, enough of my rant...
When I wasn't obsessed and totally consumed with the news broadcasts, listening to all the political commentators, and becoming more upset about it all, it was actually a good week.

Shadow has settled into his new life and routine. He's an easy going boy that gets along really well with the other dogs and follows the crowd which makes him a great fit.  We are working on curbing his prey drive when it comes to the cat.  I remain hopeful and confident that this gentle, easy going boy that I can do practically anything to, will learn just as so many have before him, that CC is part of the pack, and not part of a meal.
Until that time comes, to keep CC safe, I've set up a little crate for her to stay in. So far, she's been quite content to spend time curled up on the warm blanket inside, or to spend time outside which she really enjoys too.
Finally, I will end this post thanking you all for your comments of support for Sunny; you have reinforced that we've made the right decision.  There are no regrets, except for scaring him with the camera.
Enjoy your Saturday!  
~Shadow and Charlie sharing a smelling-moment~ 

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