Friday, November 13, 2009

A New Addition!!

I've been saying for months that I was "done" being a foster home for the Golden Retriever Rescue. I've given the rescue 10 years which included four of them spent as the president. But because of the issues I was having with a board member over Tanner, it made me pretty determined to find another rescue to support. But I guess that fate had another plan this week...I was called on Tuesday and asked about picking up a dog that was at my vet. I had to go and get dog food anyway, and the vets office is right next to the shop where I buy the food--Added to that, the dog needed to be taken to another vets office for overnight care that was on my way home. I was hardly going to be going out of my way. The dog, Hamlet, has a bit of a sad story. He's about 13 years old, and was left and abandoned by his family when their house was foreclosed on. The story from the neighbors is that they had turned him out and he was wandering the neighborhood. The neighbor knew that the house had been foreclosed on, and thought that the family probably no longer wanted Hamlet, so he called Animal Control to come and pick him up. However, Hamlet still had his original collar on with an ID, and Animal Control contacted them. The owner came and picked him up from the shelter. I've found out that in our county that whenever a dog is picked up and the owner is identified, the county bills the owner for keeping them there and any expense incurred--I think they got him back because they didn't want to pay any of these "extra" fees. So when they got him back, instead of letting him outside, or finding someone to take him, they put him in the garage and left the house for good. It was several days before someone found Hamlet. He was left in the dark garage with no water or food...He was pretty ill with pancreatitis because he'd eaten trash left in the garage and was of course dehydrated--He'd thrown up the garbage and even part of a plastic fork! When I met him on Tuesday evening, he was so out of it and couldn't even stand or hold his head up. Needless to say, Hamlet's story got to me, and I agreed to foster him. Prayers were answered and by Wednesday evening Hamlet was ready to come to our house! The intros to our crew have gone well, and he's fitting in nicely. Hamlet is feeling much better! He's a typical senior Golden Retriever, easy going and always on the look out for a tidbit of something to eat--All good signs!! I've told several people about Hamlet this week and we all are a bit angry at this family for what they did to him. I just cannot imagine being so callous and uncaring--How could they just leave Hamlet in the garage with no food or water? Did they think that someone may not find him? I will never understand why or how someone would be able to do this--But I've decided it's best that I'm not able to, because that would put me on their level.


  1. that is just awful for poor Hamlet. The cruelty of some people. At least he has found a temporary/permanent home with you and will be well looked after.

    By the way, how do you cope with all the dog hair, as Molly is even shedding and it is driving me crazy?

    Gill in Canada

  2. Kim,
    Thank God you are there for these beautiful dogs. I can't believe people could do this to their family pet.
    Hamlet looks cute and healthy in these pictures and I'm sure he feels he is loved again.

  3. Hello Kim
    I came to you via Gill's blog and have really enjoyed reading your writings.
    Not a dog person - by that I mean we don't have them - suppose I'm a cat person 'cose we've always had them lol
    Anyway I must say you are doing a wonderful job in supplying help for these fabulous dogs. Apart from Labs, which are great big sooks who like to eat a lot (they are the dog version of my Burmese cats) I tend to think if we did have a dog it would be a Golden Retriever. I imagine they are soft and comfortable and also very loyal.
    Take care

  4. Good Sunday Morning!

    Many thanks for your comments! I agree with your thoughts; it was cruel, and I'll never understand how someone could do that...Hamlet is really doing well and settling in with our routine and crew nicely.

    Gill, you asked about the hair--You do get used to it, but we go through at least 2 vacuums cleaners a year!!

    Thanks again for stopping by my neck of the woods!!


  5. Thanks for your comment and for joining my blog! I will be joining yours also but I can't view anyones followers link today for some reason?! I will keep refreshing!

    I think it is great what you are doing for these lovely dogs! I know it isnt the same thing in some peoples eyes but I would like to start helping the little battery farm hens. (I know I have alot of chickens!) I have helped 2 but lost 1 as she was an unwell little thing. Tell your husband that keeping chickens is great fun and you dont need alot of room lol!!



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