Saturday, December 26, 2009

A Little Glove Story

I hate it when I lose things, it really drives me crazy! Even though I've gotten really good at misplacing things, it doesn't mean I like it any more, it just means I've found something I've got a real talent for. Our collection of gloves is a prime example of things that have gotten lost. This really became apparent last week when we needed warm gloves to shovel and our basket that they're kept in had mostly mismatched ones, and ones that have been used as chew toys by the dogs. I did however manage to put together a warm pair. After feeding the birds and taking some pictures I noticed Rudi was jumping and playing in the snow, and I thought to myself how fun it was to watch her enjoying herself and I even took a few pictures of her. When we were going back inside I realized what she was having such a good time with--my mittens, or at least one of them...Despite a pretty good search I couldn't find the other one. ~Rats!!~ Determined to not let this mitten fall into the black-hole with all the others, each time we've gone out in the yard I've looked and I've made Carl look too--I even told Rudi to go and find the mitten, but she had better things to do like roll in or eat something. Well, today with the warm temps and the snow quickly melting, we found it!! I love it when I find something I've lost, but because I excel at misplacing things, I know it's just going to keep happening--But I wonder if I can keep blaming the dogs when I do?


  1. Great post! Lol!

    I have this same problem except it's with socks....and Cooper just loves socks.

    I'm very curious to discover how many socks turn up in the yard after the spring thaw...

    Have a good one!


  2. That is so cute :) Rudi - did Momma give you two new toys?

  3. I am the sock losing fairy in our house


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