Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Snow is Here!

Snow finally came to Virginia! It snowed all day and I loved it!! It will be short-lived though because it's supposed to warm up and melt today, and we'll be back to the muddy mess--But we will all enjoy it while it's here.

I did get a couple of the bird feeders set up during the snowfall and I thought it would take several days before the birds would find them--I was wrong...This morning as I'm writing this there are Chickadees, Juncos, a Wren, Tufted-Titmouse, and a red-headed-woodpecker enjoying breakfast. I do need to get the platform feeder set up for the Cardinals which are also stopping by too. I really enjoy watching the birds from my desk.

The dogs loved (LOVED!!!) the snow yesterday and this morning!! Since we have some newcomers that were not here last year, it's hard to know how they will react to it. Maguire loves to eat it, Cowboy loves to roll in it, and Hamlet, as you can see by the picture just tried to keep his eyes open during it.

It was a good day for all of us--I made chili in the crock-pot, had a nap, and we watched the movie "Twilight" All is well on Mountain road...

I took these this morning--Even Tanner (bottom photo) was feeling up to enjoying the snow!


  1. OH!! I love snow...I am so jealous!! xx

  2. Bless them - mine love it too and we get a day of snow if we are lucky !

  3. we're in for a snow storm by Wednesday, not looking forward to it!!

    Gill in Canada

  4. Hi Kim! How lovely to see that you have found my blog recently and left me such a wonderful comment on our dear lost Peaches!! Ah, snow in Virginia, how pretty! My husband and I were there many years ago and he fell in love with your state, and once commented to me that if/when we ever did move to the USA, Virginia would be the place for him! He should not tempt me like that with promises of moving back home to the good ol' US of A, I will take him up on it faster then he can blink at me. Your golden retrievers are lovely, and what lucky dogs to have been rescued by kind hearted loving people! My oldest daughter is much the same, coming home over the years with all manner of hurt and injured wildlife, much the same as me when I was her age. That apple did not fall far from this tree! :-) Send some snow over our way, cold but rainy here and not pleasant outside. fond greetings from Germany, Debby

  5. I found you through Amy (Bubble's Blog). I am so jealous of the snow. I live just below you in NC. But I live near the coast. We might get a dusting each year, but rarely the 8 or so inches we got last year! Fingers crossed!!

  6. what a lovely house you have! and some lovely dogs!


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