Saturday, June 26, 2010

A Forever Home for Patch

When I tell people that I foster Golden Retrievers for the rescue, it is not uncommon to hear the response that they couldn't foster because they would keep them all. While I know I've gotten good that, those of you who have fostered dogs know that there are some that come to you that are not a fit for your home. This was true of our foster dog Patch. (You may recall that he came to us in late April. He was given up by his owner because the neighbors complained about his being left outside alone for 14 hours a day).

Patch has many good and endearing qualities, but he did not particularly get along with our dogs. He never started any fights with our crew but he was always growling at them if they got too close to him while he had a tennis ball or another toy that he considered his. He would also growl at them when they had something that he wanted--I really think he had all the tennis balls in the house named. He seemed to know exactly how many we had and where they were and if another dog picked one up. Thankfully the reaction from our dogs was the equivalent to rolling their eyes. They would drop whatever they had so he could have it. I guess they figured it was easier.

I know I could have kept Patch and just put up with his growling at the other dogs, but that would not have been fair to him or our dogs. What Patch needed was a home where he was the star and could have a family and toys all to himself. This is exactly what I found for Patch. The family we met with last week really fell in love with him and Patch and I fell in love with them too. They are perfect for him!

So, this morning, it was another 2 hour road trip down the crowded Capital Beltway, through the toll booths to take Patch to "the family." Patch was happy to see them. He played with their 6 year old son, ignored the birds, and followed the Mom around the house. He hardly knew I was there; what was I saying about their being perfect? When I left they walked me outside to my van and at first Patch wanted to go with me. But the son called to him and Patch looked at him and then looked at me, and then back to Jack...I quickly said my good-byes, and Patch and the Mom walked back into the house--Patch was wagging his tail and unlike me, he never looked back. It was a sad moment for me, but it's how it should be.

I now enter what I call "Foster Home Rehab" for Patch. To help me recover and let go of Patch, I get to make allotted phone calls to the family to find out how it's going. And to help with my emotional needs, I again stopped at Krispy Kreme and had 2 very fresh-hot-doughnuts and a Diet Coke.

When I got home the dogs were already celebrating Patch's being gone. Josh was carrying a tennis ball in his mouth, Charlie was laying in Patch's spot and Sheba (who had the hardest time with Patch) started singing my praises that I didn't have him with me--I guess I'm the only one that needs rehab.


  1. Sad and happy all at once. Someday I would like to try Krispy Kreme therapy for myself.

  2. Kim - I'll say it again - you're a special person. And you deserved those hot doughnuts!

    My hubby is about an hour from where you live right now visiting his brother on his way to a conference. I started to stow along and just visit bloggers along the way! That would have really been fun, but I needed to stay back and take care of the clan.

    Have a great evening,

  3. Oh Kim what a wonderful resolution and I am so happy for Patch. Poor guy seemed to never have been socialized and that is so sad for a dog, but now he has a family all to himself.
    I know it is sad for you, but you gave him something he needed so badly and temporarily filled that spot in his heart till his forever mom came along. I know a little piece of his heart will always be yours. Your a wonderful puppy mom!
    Tina xo

  4. Patch needed to ba an only dog, and your pack had been patient long enough...sounds like a win-win to me...
    add in KK and you've got win-win-WIN!!!
    You're a good person Kim!

  5. beautiful Kim! we do what is best for the dogs, despite the pain it causes really are a special soul for these goldens...a wonderful story about what it means to foster an animal...bittersweet, but worth all the pain...brought tears of happiness to my eyes as Patch walked with his new family and never looked back....
    and crispy cremes...the perfect comfort treat!

    how are the two boys?


  6. It's wonderful that this all worked out, the world needs more of people like you Kim.
    Sheila & Bob,

    Mom & Dad to Hamish & Sophie

  7. Glad Patch got his forever home, sorry you had that long trip! Could it be that the rest of the crew may have been glad to see him go? I know you'll miss him, but you know he's in a good place, 'cause you both picked it.
    Have a good evening now and get over that long trip!


  8. So nice to find you by way of you following my blog. My daughter has a Golden mix with a Golden lab. I will be going over to Kodiak Island to take care of her two dogs next week while she flies to Seattle on a medical appt. I sent my daughter this blog link. It's so great of you to do the rescue, you must be a special person.

  9. What a happy story for Patch...and the rest of the dogs that feel less tension.

  10. How fortunate to have found Patch his very own special home. I may need some advice from you on my little Jack Russell terrier I adopted back in March. It's been tough--my hubby isn't too happy - she's made wonderful progress - no longer charges at the cats--but just when I think she's turning the corner and beginning to like my hubby (he does like dogs) she growls again when he enters the room and tries to bite him! The housebreaking isn't going too well either. Truth is, I am exhausted! Anyway, I do love animals--always have, but I've questioned this adoption. My previous adoptions have all gone wonderfully! Wish I had a couple of Krispie Kreme's --maybe tomorrow! V.

  11. Such a lovely story. I love your therapy too! You deserve a medal for the stuff you

  12. Ahhhh! We are so happy for Patches!! What a funny one he is, but seems to be a wonderful catch for the new forever home! Yay!!!
    So funny about Patches ball 'management"!!!

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose

  13. We couldn't be happier that Patch has his own family and furever home. It was written - that you would foster him in the circumstances you did, learn his needs and when the right family came along, it all clicked. I know you are sad, but I'm sure the KK fat pills, happy pack members and available tennis balls are doing their job by smoothing your karma to where it belongs. Thank dog you got a diet Coke.....BOL

  14. You are the total pawesomest!!! And LOVE the Krispy Kremes with the diet coke - sounds so much like myself!!! Patch is sooooo lucky to have found himself in such a great place and he has you to thank! Bless you!
    Big Hugs xoxoxo
    Sammie and Mom

  15. I'm so glad that Patch has found his family. You have such a great heart, Kim. Patch and his new family are both the better for having known you.

  16. There is a perfect fit for both man and beast. Glad Patch found his!


  17. Thanks for helping Patch from being alone most of his day into a family who sound like they will love him for the Golden Retriever that he is. Your doughnuts and diet coke were well deservered for the great work you did.

  18. Oh Kim I really feel for you at this time. I admire you so much for what you do and how you are able to do it because I know I would never have been able to even drive home. I would have needed the windscreen wipers on all the way back just to wipe away the tears!! I guess the one little consolation is that you gave Patch a chance that he may never have had if it wasn't for you. All the best wishes, Shayla.

  19. I'm sure you made the right decision Kim & Patch has joined a lovely family.

    I never mentioned that a few years back my inlaws had a rescue retriever who was grossly overweight. Though he lost the weight the skin hung in rolls but being so heavy he developed arthartis early and after a few months of treatment - they decided it was kinder to have himput to sleep.

    How old is Patch - I was thinking it is a big decision to take in a rescue dog.

  20. That's good that Patch has found a forever home. You will get him going sooner than you think......

    Gill in Canada

  21. Hey Ms. Kim,
    GReat job finding Patch his very own stage to perform on. He'll be happier and everyone else will be too. We've kinda got a similar situation with Shelby Belle. She really needs a home where she can be the only star. She has problem with other dogs, especially smaller girls like herself. She only pushes the bully boys so far before they "ask" her to knock it off. Dad is reluctant to place her with a shelter; the responsibility issue. The problem is currently being handled by placing Shelby with the boys in the paddock while Sophie and her two princesses, Abby and Patti hold court in the house. Abby seems to be the target for most of Shelby's hostility.
    Now to deal with your pitiful, but momentous, display of guilt that you so aptly described in this post. Did we get this straight? To console yourself about finding patch his own happy home, you treated yourself to an infamous HYPOCRITICAL SNACK. Two fresh hot Krispy Kreme doughnuts and A DIET COKE. That's like when dad goes to Ronald's House of Beef and orders a Big Mac, Jumbo Biggy Fries, a Cherry Turnover and , yes, A DIET COKE. What's that all about? Did you two go to the same health school or something. We hold ourselves in amazement at the caloric absorption power of Diet Coke. Hey Luigi, I'll have a double serving of lasagna, s couple of slices of double cheese pepperoni pizza, a cannoli to top it off and, oh yes, A DIET COKE. There is an obvious solution to the dilema that you and dad place yourselves in. Next guilt trip, you guys should just order a super duper biggie CLASSIC COKE to go with whatever gluttonous "snack" you're contemplating ordering.
    - TBH&K

  22. Woof! Woof! It's a sad n good moment. You sure do provide these Goldens Golden LOVE ... a donut from Krispy Kreme is a sure delightful treat for yourself. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  23. Wonderful to know that Patch has found a home.

  24. What a sad and uplifting tale! Kudos for being the kind person you are. =)

  25. I'll say it again....You are a gifted "Doggie Angel" prove it over and over again!
    Thank you for taking on the job that most of us would avoid! Be gentle on are one of a kind!
    Sending lotsaluv to you

  26. Those doughnuts were definately needed as comfort food!It must be so hard to give up your beloved foster dogs but it's great to know you will still have contact with Patch and that he is going to a lovely family.
    Thanks for dropping by!

    Bellaboo :0)

  27. We are glad you found a home for Patch. It must be very sad, but comforting to be able to leave knowing he was comfortable with his new people...

  28. Poor, poor can human something like this....I can't believe it.....I cross my fingers for him, he looks so gentle and sweet !

  29. You are such a wonderful person Kim ~ how lucky for Patch to have spent some time with you and now getting a chance with another loving family!

    It sounds like the Krispy Kremes are helping ease the sadness! :) My comfort food is Chocolate Covered Ju Jubes ~ ever had them? mmm.....

    Have a Happy Monday Kim!
    xo Catherine

  30. Good luck Patch in your new home. It has to be hard to let one leave "home", but may he bring much happiness & joy to his new humans!

    Nadine Apples & Neeli

  31. Bless your heart for helping so many needy dogs. You are a force for good on our troubled planet.

  32. I know exactly how you isn't so easy to let go when you have given a piece of your heart to anyone, let alone an adorable furball!
    But you are a really special person to be doing what you do and i am sure your Goldens know it.
    i am really very happy Patch found his furever home.
    Your Charlie looks adorable in his new summer hairstyle!

  33. Kim: The crew knew it was time and now they can all play together without Patch taking their ball.
    He will be loved individually and probably more spoiled as a only Dog!
    I'm sure you will miss him but you found him a good home and that's what counts.

  34. This is why you are such a great foster mom!
    He's found a good home and I'm sure he'll get spoiled rotten!

    You know, I don't think I've ever had a Krispy Kreme!

    Thanks for the kind words - we're hanging in there, just still a little hectic. And, on a gardening note, we got a rain shower yesterday for a whole 10 minutes! Better than nothing!

  35. I hope you and the golden dogs have a very happy and safe 4th of July. I enjoyed this posting very much.

  36. Saint's that! I believe it fits perfectly...if I was to ever go missing or something very undesirable...I would hope I would end up on your doorstep and that all would love me. I know I would win you over.

  37. what a great story!!!!
    Yup, your crew knew this was the right thing to do, no doubt. I find it so, so funny when dogs do things like that. And, you totally deserved the stop at KK.

  38. I love happy endings...
    Giving Patch a forever home was the right thing to do, as you stated, he's now the star in his own family.
    I work for a spay and neuter program with a non profit 'almost home' shelter, New Leash on Life, and I see many rescues and foster parents who do exactly what you are doing. I am in awe of your dedication to animals.

  39. What a special heart you have.
    Your heart hurts, but yet it is happy.
    You do not want to look back- but yet you do.
    You do not want to hurt, but yet you crave to find love for the homeless.
    And in the end- you do it over and over again, because that is you, and that is what makes you special.
    yes- you have wings


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