Thursday, June 3, 2010

A Thursday of Three's & An Old Foe

I don't know what's happening to me. Maybe it's the thought of my birthday coming up and turning a whopping 49, that has made me reminiscent about my life and summertime. Last night I went out to the edge of the yard to look at the stars and try to video the lightning bugs (fire-flies) for those of you who've never seen them. For some reason it didn't work, but I'm not giving up. But as I stood there with 3 of our not-so-fearless dogs I also remembered that I'm afraid of being outside in the dark, so before it all turned into something from "The Blair Witch Project" I quickly got back inside.

Maybe one reason why I'm feeling this way is because this week I've also had the return of a summertime foe that has not been a part of my life for many years, and that's poison-ivy!! This week its very (!!)itchy-arrival has reminded me of all those summers when as a kid I was plagued with it. I don't know how I got it. The only thing that I can figure is that I must've come in contact with it while weeding my flowerbeds on Monday. That'll teach me to do yard work! But I have a "poison ivy rash" all over my face and near my eyes, which have been swollen from it for the last 2 days. I also have it on a few places on my hands. Thankfully medication is helping to ease the symptoms.

It's always good to "know your enemy" and I do think that I could have avoided all of this if I only knew what this "plant" called poison-ivy actually looked like. Everyone always says "it has 3 leaves." Okay, that's good to know, but do you have any idea how many things have 3 leaves or come in threes around here?
Do you see my point?? I know we need to get rid of it. Anything that has the word "poison" in it can't be good anyway. But since I have no idea what the enemy looks like, for now I won't be evicting something that wants to grow in my yard--I'll just sit on my porch or stay inside and scratch.


  1. Oh my friend...I can spot poison ivy easily. I'll bet your dogs brushed up against it and you got the oils from their fur.

    You can tell poinson ivy from berry bushes because there are no thorns. The shape of the leaf also tells but here's a pic of it on this post of sure to click on the photo to see it up close.

  2. Sorry, but that made me laugh! I have no idea what those bugs are or what poison ivy is & I'm very sorry you're swollen up, but it still made me laugh! xxx

  3. Posion Ivy!!!! Yuck! Love your pictures by the way :)

    Elizabeth & Luna

  4. OMG, the pic of the dogs looking thru the ballisters is just wonderful!!

    As for your poison ivy...wish I could help!

  5. Meowm just turned 45, and she has been having, well we will call them nervous thoughts. So you are not alone with strange things popping up with age.

  6. "Leaves of three, let it be" was what Dad always told me and I thought it was to distinguish it from Virginia Creeper. You might also be allergic to poison sumac which seems to come up in flower beds and gardens and I always think it resembles a young walnut tree. Maybe an internet search would show you some pictures of what to avoid.

    Hope the itchys leave soon.

  7. Ouch! Sounds painful! We don't have poison ivy here, as far as I know (although now I have written those words it will probably turn up tomorrow...) but we do have stinging nettle, lots and lots of it. Those stings pack a punch, but it's relatively short lived compared with what you're experiencing. I hope you're feeling better soon!

    And I loved the picture of the dogs on the porch, too.

  8. Glad you got something for the poison ivy. We also have poison oak here - gets the same reaction.

    The dogs on the porch is sweet. Love your bird feeder and you seem to get quite a variety of birds!

    I will be "celebrating" (HAH!) 65 this year, just think about it - how many people would kill to only be 49?

  9. Kim, I feel your pain w/ the poison ivy... I can just look at it and break out!!!
    One more joy of the living in the country huh?
    I hope you can capture the lightning bugs on video...
    Love the three pups photo!
    Hugs and bellyrubs to all,

  10. It has been my experience that 49-50 is a very contemplative time! Go with it, a time for reflection!
    I've never has poison ivy, but have seen it's affects, and it is nasty! You poor thing!
    The close up of the three golden oldies, with their heads through the porch is priceless!! I think it should be your new header! :)
    getting myself mentally prepared for my two long days at the Vet School.
    ( I turned 49 in december )

  11. Poor you,that sounds really horrible.Glad the medication is easing it.I LOVE your picture of those three sweet faces looking through the rails of the verandah!

    Bellaboo :0)

  12. I agree with Parsley - oil on dogs fur. Happens to me all the time but not real severe.

    Kim, I swear, life gets better after 50. I really mean it. My forties were great and so far, the fifties aren't too bad either! So, reflect away!

  13. Woof! Woof! First LOVE the pictures. My mom feels the same thing every time its June (her birthday is coming up too.) My family did yard work this weekend n as always my mom got bug bites on her face ... for sure your poison ivy rash is worst. Glad that the medication is working. A great reason to just take it easy for the next few days. Sending you my Golden Healing Thoughts. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  14. love the photo of the three old guys looking through the porch railings

  15. That photo of the dogs looking through the railing is beyond adorable!
    As for the poison ivy, things could be of my ex's stopped to *cough, cough* use the washroom by the side of the highway and you guess it! I could not have planned it any better myself...tee hee!

  16. Sorry you had a run in with poison ivy.
    We just love your photos, the one with the three looking between the railings is priceless.
    Who are the three?

    Sheila & Bob

  17. You poor thing! We dont have poison ivy here and for that I am trully greatful.
    take care

  18. Oh you poor girl! I hope you get feeling better soon.

    I guess as we turn older we have to remember the saying that 'many people are denied the privilege of getting older'.'s hard to watch the number increase isn't it?! But I am thinking you are probably very young at heart ~ so really ~ it's just a number. :)

    Have a lovely evening ~ hope your itch goes away!
    xo Catherine

  19. THANKS everyone for the positive and healing thoughts! I'm just glad that "the cure" works as well as it does!

    Shelia & Bob, asked which dogs were in the pictures.
    The first picture of the three is starting on the left, Sheba (whose 4) CarrieAnne (our swimmer) & of course Charlie the Wheaten.
    The 2nd picture is also Sheba on the left and Sammy in the middle with Hamlet on the right--I posted the picture on Facebook and someone said they looked like they were in jail! :-)

  20. Fear not the number 49 -

    Mom hit it two years ago this year - she seems to be fairly funkhtional!

    Furry nice rule of threes there!

    Khyra & Khousin Merdie

  21. Hi Kim
    The real question is how old do you feel? I think that you feel young. So, like they say its just a number- don't worry about numbers- just think about the moment.
    We have poison stuff here too- luckily we have never been in it.
    But I hope nauture never calls when your around those plants.
    You always take the most beautiful photos.
    I hope you got the lightning bugs,
    I think I saw some swimming

  22. I hope you feel better soon. That stuff is nasty!
    Love the picture ofthe dogs looking through the railing :)

  23. ooh itchy ! I got covered with stinging nettle stings while gardening - but mind over matter I carried on & ignored them !

  24. Oh!So sorry about the ivy thing.Hope our rashes are better. have you tried applying lacto-calamine lotion. you can keep it in the refrigerator door and apply the cool lotion.very soothing.

    Loved your picture very very much...:):):)
    'Things that come in three' could have been a post by itself!i just adore the dogs and birds pictures.

    read your earlier post the other day but forgot to leave a took me on a nostalgic journey to my childhood..i grew up in a small town in the midst of the Himalayas where my father was posted and i still miss the fresh air and the vast greenery all around, now that i live in a concrete jungle.
    love the way you paint a lovely picture with words.


  25. Your post made me laugh. As a kid I was sent every year to summer camp in the US. On the first day everyone was warned to watch out for poison ivy. All the kids from the States seemed to know what it was but this simple European had absolutely no idea of what the critter looked like. After six years of summer camp I never once came out in a rash. All the local kids would wander off the trails for a split second and seem to stumble into a forest of the stuff - emerging with painful skin eruptions. To this day I have no idea what the stuff looks like - guess it doesn't exist on this side of the pond.

  26. I've never seen it either! Whenever we get in the forest, which is rare for us desert dwellers, I get suspicious of every plant - I wish I knew how it looked too!


  27. Hey there Kim
    Reminiscing is simply one of the gifts we receive as we mature. It just means that we have made worthwhile memories....enjoy! I just love your poochie pictures!
    Sending lotsaluv for a happy weekend!

  28. Hope you're feeling better, Kim. Love your pictures!

  29. Hope you are feeling better and the rash is going away. It has been my experience that every time I get poison oak I get a worse reaction.

    You probably got the poison oak from your dogs. I can't pet Morgan (I do pet her with gloves) because she runs through the poison oak and when I touch her I get the poison oak oils on me that are stuck in her hair. It may sound terrible, but I get terrible cases of poison oak and have to go to the doctor, so I have to be very careful.

    The oils don't wash out of clothes or dog hair, etc., without several washings. And I can't wash her every day. We have 3 acres of poison oak so we decided to just let Morgan run around and have fun.

    You can keep getting poison oak from where ever the oils are. I have got it from jackets, gloves, shoes, etc. Don't burn poison oak. The smoke will have the oils and cause poison oak in the lungs.

    Go to this site, Google Images, and type in Poison Oak Plant, and you will see all kinds of photos.

  30. Love Hamlet's little "old man do"!!! I don't think I know much about Sammy. What is his story?
    The pictures are great. I love Charlie's paws hanging out on the porch!!!
    I do think every time we turn a new decade, we feel a whole decade older, because we are in another time bracket. But, very soon it all blends in together.
    The poison ivy just seemed to add insult to injury. Just like your precious dogs, all of your readers know your inner beauty through your text and pictures. That is what matters.
    Sophie's Mom

  31. Sorry to hear about your poison ivy :( My husband got is so bad last year we didn't think it would ever go away.

    I can't tell you how happy the photo of the three fur babies peering between the rails made me!

  32. What a delightful blog!

    I desperately love porches but don't have one myself. Perhaps I'll have to stop back and enjoy yours?

    Your dogs are lovely ~ bless you for giving them a loving home!

    FWIW: I'm 57 and have found my 5th decade to be one of the best times of my life! I am truly enjoying being in my fifties. MUCH better than my forties. Now, I am old enough to 'take a nap' or go to bed early, if I want. I have a legitimate excuse for all my aches and pains, I nolonger worry about my weight or putting on makeup before I go out in public and I've narrowed my circle of friends down to those who are truly important in my life.

    You have a lot to look forward to!

  33. Oh, poor you re the poison ivy! I haven't a clue what it would look like. Hope you manage to get pictures of the fire-flies, I would love to see them. That photograph of your dogs is gorgeous. Hope you have stopped scratching now.

  34. I was giggling at the sorrowful looks on those poor doggies, they look as though they are in jail and have a life of hard work with little food!!

    I don't think we have posion ivy on our property, I haven't seen any.

    Gill in Canada

  35. Oh my good gravy! I love the pictures of the dogs! Like the Three Stooges! precious!!!


  36. So sorry. I had it on my face so bad once that I looked like Quasimodo! Had to do the steriod thing which cleared it right up.

    Love the lightning bug/firefly idea. I've been enjoying ours. C

  37. I LOVE FIRE FLIES!....there, I said is the most intriguing thing to watch on a dark night...little lights darting around all over the don't be afraid of the dark really nothing is going to hurt...maybe my warmth will keep you 4 legged ones just love he night!!!!

  38. Oh no... poison ivy is the pits! I hope it doesn't spread elsewhere on your body. I LOVE the picture of the pooches on the porch. Adorable! I too have an old golden retriever... she's our third. I think they are the best dogs out there!!

  39. Hi Golden Pines Crew!

    It's nice to meet you! Thank you so much for the nice comments on our blog! Your prayers and healing thoughts mean the world to us!

    Lots of slobber,
    Droopy and Callie

  40. oh, those pooches are so cute! I have a weakness for rescued dogs and cats and turtles and birds and ..other myself.
    My hubby got into some poison ivy two days ago and is covered in it. I will try to take a picture and maybe post it in the next week. I am pretty sure he can recognize it and point it out for me.
    Oh, and thanks for stopping by!

  41. Jewelweed is a miracle against poison ivy. It's a weed, in the impatiens family. I get p.i. from time to time, and one time got it bad. For me, although my doc told me it was not a severe case--he said, "severe is when it covers 95% of your body;" it covered about 3% of mine. But it was weepy and wicked itchy. I have had ezcema and can stand a bit of itch, but this was like ezcema on steroids. :0(

    Anyhow, i got some jewelweed, mashed it up in a bit of water and boiled it. Let cool. Used the limp leaves and stalks like a poultice and the itch stopped IMMEDIATELY! Amazing stuff. I saved the liquid, poured it into ice cube trays and labelled them so no one would use them for a drink. If i got a spot of p.i., just popped a cube and put it on the spot. Magic.

    Bert's Bees make a p.i. soap from jewelweed. Not quite as good as just the plant, but may be easier for you to obtain.

    Jewelweed likes wet areas, and often can be found right next to poison ivy. I think that's one of the Creator's jokes--a problem right next to the solution--how many times is it there for us to see if only we know how to look?



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