Thursday, September 23, 2010

Confession Time

Some of you have known me for some time, so I'll make a confession. One thing that I sometimes like to do, late at night when all is quiet is watch an infomercial or two. Late last evening when I was taking pictures of the beautiful Harvest moon, this is what I did afterwards. I know, it's crazy, and Carl doesn't quiet understand it. But I have found that it's not the products themselves that intrigue me. I’m drawn to what it does for the people who use them.

Think about it. Wouldn't it be great to make your life perfect with the use of one single product? To be able to improve your overall health by simply taking miracle pills, make a complete gourmet meal using only one pan and have a knife that will cut through a broom handle and thinly slice a tomato afterwards? I think this is what keeps me glued to the screen. There’s something compelling about the belief that a supplement, pan, utensil or a single piece of exercise equipment will somehow drastically change my life for the better.

So just why do people spend their hard earned money buying things like Colon Cleanse and the X-Press-Redi-Set-Go? After all, it's not as if these are must-have items which we need in order to survive. Mankind has endured for thousands of years before the invention of the Kangaroo Keeper and will most likely endure long after the last order for the Garden Groom has been placed. I realize that some of these products really do work and are quite handy. But at three o'clock in the morning and under the spell of a full moon while some of these might look like a good investment, in the light of day and when the credit card bills come, these maybe won't look so good after all.
Okay, I've confessed. Now it's your turn to admit if you've ever bought anything from a late-night infomercial--What was it, and did it work?


  1. Kim,
    Beautiful picture of the harvest moon. It was so bright and beautiful here also. Though I never have any luck taking moon shots.
    I have seen a few infomercials and usually get a big laugh out of them. I have never sent away for any of these products. Though I know lots of people do and some really swear by them.
    I think a lot of people who don't have ready access to stores find these items handy.
    Share with us what you have purchased and really like.

  2. You are a deep thinker just like me and so I (of course) admire that trait in you! I do wonder why people buy the most ridiculous products hoping for a dramatic change. I cannot stay awake past 10:30 pm which means that I miss out on those infomercials but I can say that I have fallen for radio commercials for certain supplements such as fish oil. Now, I know that fish oil is supposed to help me become healthier but only if I can remember to take it everyday and that means I've wasted my money on days I don't take them!
    Great post! Great thoughts!

  3. And now I have to confess to you - I'm a sound sleeper who goes to bed with 2 dogs at 9:00 pm. The other two stay up with my husband and watch TV - I don't know what they are watching, but so far no mysterious boxes have arrived at my doorstep.

    Wasn't that moon gorgeous - when I got up this morning I thought someone had left a light on in my kitchen and then I realized it was moonlight streaming in. And the fence post had shadows.


  4. I can honestly say that I have not ordered anything from an infomercial...but I hate to shop, even on TV!
    Hugs and belly rubs to all,

  5. Sadly Kim I have never bought anything off tv. I guess I have always feared being the lady who becomes the cautionary tale!!!
    Now my friend Julie recently got taken to the cleaners from an internet ad and ended up with her receiving a bottle of 30 acai berry pills that cost her $99 in the end!
    Yep, I have garlic hanging from all my windows and doors, I can tell ya!:)
    Have a good one...Tina xo

  6. No, never bought, but often sit & watch just to have a laugh! xxx

  7. Lovely picture of the moon.

    I can honestly say I`ve never bought anything from an infomercial. I have this shaking reaction to commercials in general and anything over 30 seconds makes me twitch in ire.

    Hubby though......

  8. For the "official record" I'll admit to buying:

    Kaboom Tub/shower cleaner - I bought this when we were selling our last house--It worked great, but I think I have damage to my lungs!

    Pedi Paws - Didn't work for our dogs. It was too slow for dogs with long nails. I think it would probably be better on dogs whose nails were trimmed to begin with. I gave it away...

    Topsy Turvey (upside down tomato planter) - The jury is still out on this...I got like 3 tomatoes from 2 planters. It's out in the barn. It's a good concept so I've thought of maybe trying it again to see if I could improve on that and maybe get 4 tomatoes from 2 plants! :-)

  9. Momma and I love watching infomercials late at night. We've never actually called and ordered anything off the TV but Momma bought Pedipaws at the store one day. Let's just say Pedipaws cannot hold up to Basset toenails!

    Lots of slobber,

  10. Me, I'll buy anything you put in front of me. I've purchased from the shopping channel the following: Juicer, Step exercise machine, Space saver bags, jewellery, painting set, craft sets, a bullet (kitchen gadget)GT xpress 101 cooking thingy that I've never even used!!! I'm terrible - even when I go to pay for my fuel I end up coming away with a new coffee cup and a large bar or chocolate! PS Don't tell my hubby!! S x

  11. I love watching the infomercials - they are ofter more funny then TV itself S x

  12. Thanks fur sharing the harvest moon -
    Ours was covered by clouds and such -

    My friend in Iowa did send a pic of hers for me -

    As for buying stuff, NOPE!

  13. he he - it's these gadgets & things we get to sell in the charity shop !
    Wonderful moon pic - so beautiful. I adore the harvest moon.
    Loved your quote at John's !

  14. Oh yes, I nearly forgot - an Easiyo yogurt maker too....which I am still waiting to be delivered...humph!

  15. Oh Kim... that is so funny - what a great piece of writing, not to mention your gorgeous picture of that beautiful moon! Since we rarely watch TV (do terribly on Trivial Pursuit and other such games!), an infomercial would probably be last on the list, but no... sorries... have never bought products from these. However, bought two (requested) snuggies(?) for our oldest granddaughters for Christmas thru the internet last year, which they still love, so I guess technically, I've gotten something that had its roots on a TV infomercial!
    xo M.

  16. Oh Kim,
    my husband is always having a laugh at my expense!! I am a BIG sucker for ads, TV or paper!Hubby says 'Discount-sale' is my key word in life!!!
    Pedi-Paws!!! It rests comfortably in the depths of the bag I use to keep Ginger and Buddy's stuff!
    Buddy hates it. And like you said, after trying it on ginger i learned it is just good for fancy manicure on tiny lil cute dogs, not for hard labra-nails!
    Another off TV product we got is a tummy trimmer!it is collecting dust under one of the beds!
    So Kim, u are not alone on this one!!

  17. I absolutely love your shot of the moon! As for infomercials, I have never ever bought anything from them, but my aunt bought my grandma a Slap Chop for Christmas last year and it was utterly useless! Good thing that's not the only thing she got her!!!

  18. I've never bought anything from an infomercial, but I have certainly been sucked into the "my life will be better if I have this product" vortex. I think that's why I have so many cookbooks, for example - I somehow think the right cookbook will transform my life. So far it hasn't worked, but I do love my cookbooks!

  19. Kim,

    Not me...never once bought anything from an infomercial...I'm WAAYYYYYY too cheap for that! And, since I don;t watch TV, ever, I can honestly say, I am not the least bit drawn to the purchase of these gadgets...

  20. The moon photo is perfect! So beautiful!

  21. never have, but I ain't gonna lie-several "magic" shake-ups(the upper arm fitter-upper) and quick get in great shape kind of things tempt me.

  22. Nice to finally be here....have heard so much about you!
    I think the full moon is affecting us bloggers the last couple of days. I am sure that the sales of those infomercials goes way up during the full moon!
    Got the colon cleanse once....yes, it works!

  23. Hi Kim
    Your moon photo is so gorgeous!
    A masterpiece!
    We bought some of that BLUE EMU lotion that is suppose to take away aches and pains,,,, i don't think it did, since we still take ibprofin.!
    Your post is very entertaining!!!!

  24. Oh my goodness this post made me smile :) I too have been captivated by these infomercials. Sometimes I fall asleep just fine but when 3:00 rolls around I find myself wide awake. My family is of course asleep so what is there to do but to watch infomercials. I have been tempted by Sheer Perfection--promising with each use to look like Cindy Crawford. I even woke Alex at one point asking if he thought it would be alright to give it a try. I will not tell you his direct answer but lets just say I do not look anything like Cindy Crawford :) I have also been tempted by that all in one meal cooker. How wonderful it would be if that really did work. Stuff everything into this bullet looking contraption and in 20 min your complete dinner is ready. I am so glad that I am not the only one that has been tempted. Next time I am awake at 3:00 am wondering if I should run for my credit card I will think of you :)

  25. What a splendid picture of the Harvest moon Kim...just spectacular.
    I've been tempted to buy into the late night infomercials, I always end up falling asleep before I have time to order ;)
    Could be a good thing...
    I'm smiling at your post ;]

  26. Haha ~ television confessions ~ I love it! Nope, I haven't bought of any infomercials but I have always gotten 'suckered in' the latest and greatest new cosmetics that promise to get rid of my wrinkles!!! :)

    xo Catherine

  27. I've bought a snuggie from an infomercial. Best thing I ever bought. Usually every morning at 6 or so (in the winter) I take Simba out into the cool morning air and we cuddle as I have my morning devotion and read a bit in a book. I would wear a jacket, warm pj pants, and bring a blanket, but things got so crowded. The snuggie allowed me to be warm with my jacket and pjs on underheath, while being able to read, snuggle Simba, and drink some tea. I really think everyone should have one. The commercial does it no justice, it made me laugh out loud...thats why I bought it!

    I hope you are doing well. Simba and I have had a rough week, but we have found a highly recommended dermatologist (for dogs) in our area. We are going to go to them to get ideas on how to approach these allergies. The only current culprit seems to be grass.. at the moment. So, things are a little tough. We'll make it through. Just one day, and one step at a time.

  28. Lovely picture! My human goes to the "As Seen On TV" Store and takes a look before she buys. Too bad about Pedi Paws...

  29. I have bought a couple of things from QVC,but that's all.I don't usually watch late TV though,I'm ready for bed by 10.30pm (must be getting old!)
    What an amazing pic of the harvest moon:o)

  30. You're talking my language.Some cynical folk I could mention think those folk in the infomercials are actors. Seems that you and I both know every word they say is gospel truth. I'm mulling over a grass blower come mulcher come car vacuum. It can even clean the tail gate on my pick-up. How cool is that ? Now, if only I had a pick-up.

  31. I love your secret (or now not-so-secret) vice! I've never bought anything off one of those chanels, but in my experience late night Ebay surfing after a couple of glasses of wine are not a good idea.................!


  32. haven't bought something from the tv, but did buy from the store that sells the stuff from the tv. Bought those bags, that you store out of season clothing or bedding in, and you hook them up to the hoover and suck all the air out of.

    Yes they do work!!


  33. I've never bought anything from an infomercial, but, I did break down and purchase the pedi-paws when I saw it discounted in a local CVS store. Didn't work for me either..

    I LOVE that shot of the moon!

    Have a great weekend!

  34. nope sorry...I couldn't bare listening to the pressure comments. I worked in high pressure environment and don't want that kind of 'in your face' stuff anymore....aah retirement!

  35. If it has anything to do with improving my golf game, I've probably bought it after watching the infomercial. I have a garage full of stuff.

    Love the moon. Last night while in Leavenworth, WA a bunch of us toasted the full moon many times in the german bier garden.

  36. Hi Kim,

    Many of your pix have impressed me, but that moon picture is great! What are you shooting with?

    Once I bought an "As Seen on TV" item. It's some sort of broom: squeegee on one side, rubber "nubbies" on the other.

    I guess it's a good squeegee, and that's why I bought it (buy one, get one free!!). That's the closest I've gotten to an info-mercial purchase! :)

  37. I have! I bought the complete Lassie Dog Training System - it looked so great on Television! Lassie performed tricks and just looked stunning! What you really get is a very simple basic dog training instruction video - Sit, Stay, etc. It was still fun to watch.


  38. we all have our little vices!!!!
    mine is wine! and cream cakes!

  39. Great shot of the harvest moon! Gary bought one of those topsy turvy tomato thingys and was happy with it until a critter gnawed off his giant tomatoes. It was high off the ground too. I came close to buying a diet program late one night until they kept passing me on to more and more extensions to add on to my purchase. I thought, the infomercial stated that this would work... why are they talking like I need to add all this other stuff?? Click.

  40. Great shot of the harvest moon! Gary bought one of those topsy turvy tomato thingys and was happy with it until a critter gnawed off his giant tomatoes. It was high off the ground too. I came close to buying a diet program late one night until they kept passing me on to more and more extensions to add on to my purchase. I thought, the infomercial stated that this would work... why are they talking like I need to add all this other stuff?? Click.

  41. no i never buy from them, you can get as seen on tv stuff at target so i will at times try it the moon pic. mine sucked!

  42. Wow! Awesome moon pic! When Dad was traveling a lot, Mom would sometimes have trouble sleeping and we would keep her company while she watched those infomercials. Her favorites were the wrinkle-be-gone stuff and the Magic Bullet blender thingy. She hates to cook and it seemed you could put anything in that little blender and something amazing would come out of it. She never ordered anything (that we know about:) but she did get a little Bullet at Target - used it about once! It's not as magical as on TV apparently.
    The Road Dogs