Saturday, October 9, 2010

My Hopes for Saturday

I have just reread all your comments from the last
couple of days.  I cannot begin to tell you all how touched and humbled I am to once again be the recipient of such kind thoughts, prayers and support.  It means so much and helps more than you know!!  I'm starting out the day emotionally drained, but as ready as I can be for the events which lay ahead of us.  My biggest hope is that the timeline comes together as I've planned it.  

I spoke to Patti, (Doris's daughter) and she said that Doris couldn't stop crying when she was told she'd be seeing her beloved Sam today.  Patti had not yet told her that this would be the last time she'd see him, and I don't think she is going to.  We are planning the visit for 11 o'clock this morning.  I am to be at the vets office by no later than 12:30 because they close at 1 PM.  I know it doesn't give them much time together, (only about an hour) but I'm hoping that it will be enough. 

Sam continues to rally.  He managed to bark at the cat, which I thought was a good sign.  However he refuses food of any  kind--I've tried to give him everything and anything, including cat food, (the canned kind, not the actual cat) but he wants nothing to do with it.  He will drink a little bit of water, which I'm glad about.  My hope for Sam is that he has enough strength for the visit and Doris won't notice how worn out he is.  We've tried to leave him alone and let him get his rest in preperation for the day. 

I will try to post later and let you know how it goes.  Thank-you again for your prayers, kindness and your friendship--It is truly making a difference.


  1. It takes so much courage and selflessness for what you do and what you'll have to do today. Sending some positive vibes your way. Sam... you are in my thoughts. May peace be with you.

  2. OMG what a day! Hope it all goes as well as it can do for you. Lots of

  3. I feel so sad about all of this, Kim. I hope everything works out as planned.

  4. Oh Kim, this really is a sad day. At least he will get to see Doris to say bye bye. Be strong, I really admire your strengh. S x x

  5. Dear, dear Kim, you have a hard day ahead of you. I pray all goes as planned and that it's not too hard on you. It sounds like Sam is rallying for his last "moments of clarity". God bless you all - Sam, Patti, Doris but most of all you.


  6. I will be thinking of you today, Kim. Thank you for having the strength to do what has to be done. And, thank you for giving Sam a safe haven for his last days here on Earth.

  7. Oh tears! Can only imagine the emotions. It will surely be a tender reunion with Sam and Doris. Sam's demeanor in these past few days quite reflects our Golden Honey...her physical was so warn out with no fight left, but her spirit was there in little spurts.
    Sending warm thoughts.

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose

  8. I know this is not good, but in the day dream world of make believe, you know that place where you wish you could win the lottery, or have somebody come and really re-do your bathroom, I go there and think maybe he had an abscess or a kidney stone and the vet will make him better again, so he will be able to be happy to be with his beloved Doris again. One can always wish... I'm closing with so many tears that I can hardly see. I know it's a day dream, but I hope he makes it and responds to Doris for both their sakes!

  9. I hope everything goes as well as it can for Doris, Sam and you. You are such a thoughtful friend to them both.

    With much love,


  10. Kim I had already thought of you and Sam this morning and included you and Sam in my morning prayer, and thank you for taking the time out of what must be a draining day to let us have an update.
    I will think of you, Sam and Doris all this day and send you wishes for calm and peace to be in your hearts this day!
    Hugs to all...
    Tina xo

  11. When I woke this morning my first thoughts were of you and Sam. I look at my own little pooch and am grateful that I have him, but know some day I might have to do what you are having to do today. I've done it before and it's not easy. God bless you today.

  12. Ooh, Kim I'm sad to read your posts about Sam, it's one of the hardest decisions to make in being a pet owner.
    I will be thinking of you, Doris and of course Sam, I wish I lived closer to give you all a hug....

  13. What an emotional journey. We are sending you lots of hugs this weekend!

    Elizabeth & Luna

  14. All of you are in our thoughts today -

    I would imagine your weather is the same as what we are enjoying AND that has to make it even more special -

    Paws crossed for safe journeys -

    Khyra and Phyll

  15. Please remember, you are not alone.
    SO many thoughts and prayers are with you, Doris and Sam.
    Thank you for all you do to make so many lives better.

  16. Oh, I will be thinking of you and Sam and Doris today - with fervent best wishes that the visit goes well, and that Sam and Doris have a special time together to remember. Good luck - be strong. We're all with you today.

  17. Dear Kim, This has got me crying again, it is just so sad but it is life unfortunately. I was up with our old Reggie about 5 times during the night and kept thinking of you and of Sam. My heart is just breaking for you all. But our lives wouldn't nearly be as full and rich if we didn't love our dogs this deeply. Big hugs to you today.
    Love, Noreen

  18. What a wonderful gift you are giving to both Doris and Sam! It really does seem as if he knows. I think he's holding on to say one last goodbye to Doris. I suspect he knows he'll see her again ~ at the rainbow bridge ~ but wants to comfort her until that time comes.

    Be strong, dear Kim. I am so proud to call you my friend. The joy and comfort that you have brought ~ and will continue to bring ~ into so many lives, will surely be rewarded a hundred fold!

    God bless you and Sam.

    p.s. If you think she'd like it, I could needle felt a little golden out of some of Sam's shed coat for Doris...

  19. What a sad day you have in front of you. IT's hard to face these times, but we owe these wonderful animals nothing less. We're thinking of you today.

  20. What a sad day you have ahead. These are hard issues to deal with but these wonderful animals deserve nothing less.

    We'll be thinking about you today and saying goodbye to am.

  21. KIm;
    Their are no words to describe what emotions you must be going through and will go through today.
    You have all the prayers we can send that today goes as you have planned and that Doris gets to Hug her Sam.
    We do not understand why situations like this arise and how we get to various points in our lives but we pray that as Paul said in his letter to the Philippians 4:7
    "And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus."
    Please extend our love to Doris and her daughter and let them know that they are not alone, that they are in the prayers of many.
    God Bless You and Sam as you make this very difficult journey.

    Sheila & Bob
    Mom & Dad to
    Hamish & Rescue Sophie

  22. You all are so- on my heart today and top priority in my prayers. I choose to believe that when our pets leave this life that they are waiting for us at the Rainbow Bridge and it's a wonderful place... Sam will be free and healthy once again. May your day go well... and may Sam's suffering be little....

  23. I'm so glad Doris will get to see Sam one last time. Poor Sam, a sad day indeed for all of us. My thoughts and prayers are with you all.

  24. Please know that although we can't be with you in person, your blog friends are very much with you in spirit. Sending extra strength and love your way for this difficult day. Hugs.

  25. Although we can't be there in person, I'm sure your blog friends and readers are with you in spirit as you go through this difficult day. Strength and peace to you and Sam.

  26. Thoughts and prayers with you today...

  27. if your life was a would be played by meryl streep and there wouldnt be a dry eye in the house!!!

  28. Hugs to you and Sam. Glad Doris will get to pat and cuddle Sam once more.

    When we lost Lacy to cancer, I called her "Mum for 8 yrs" soon after and she was ever so gratefull I did that. We now our her daughter too. "Mum" is in her 70's and would rather rehome her showdogs now while she has a choose.
    Hugs to you be thinking of you today.

  29. Ditto what Nancy (above) said.

  30. Dear Kim, I am so glad that Doris will be able to see Sam and I pray that everything worked out as planned. I tried to post a comment yesterday, but couldn't access this box. All I wanted to say then and now is that you will be in my thoughts and prayers today. I admire your strength and the pure goodness about all that you do for the dogs. I fell in love with Sam and had hoped for many reunions with Doris. I'm so sad that's not to be, but what is best and kindest for Sam now is what has to be done. At least he will be a happy doggie.--Inger

  31. Dear Kim....
    the only thing I can think of to say..
    "is even angels cry"
    and yes we have always thought you to be a doggy angel.

    we are with you,,, please know
    we send love

  32. Hi Kim,
    I just stopped by to see if you had posted...
    I've spent the day staining the deck (ugh) and thinking of you.

  33. Dear Kim,
    Just checking in to see if there is any new news from you.
    Hope you are holding on well...
    Love n prayers,

  34. Tonight when the stars come out, we'll have a group howl in honor of Sam.

  35. Tonight when the stars come out, we'll have a group howl in honor of Sam.

  36. Love, Licks & Prayers, Tucker & Mom & Dad


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