Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Positive Thinking Through Hamlet

To start, THANK YOU for the kind thoughts on my post yesterday!  They really did help!  However, for some reason I have to admit to still feeling a bit of discouragement and to being a little self conscious over this latest bout of poison ivy.  I did switch my day off to today and have to work tomorrow, so hopefully it will be better. 
I do consider myself a positive thinking person, and have tried to not complain.  I decided this morning to help me through this, I needed a positive example of 'someone' who doesn't complain--I didn't have to look far, I found it in Hamlet. 

Those of you who have been following my blog for sometime know Hamlet's story.  Those of you who don't, I will give you a shortened version of how he came to live with us.  He was found nearly a year ago in the garage of a house that had been foreclosed on.  Estimated to be about 13 years old, Hamlet was so ill the first time I saw him, he couldn't even stand up.  Not even my determination to not bring another dog into our home could keep me from wanting to help him.  Hamlet came to us as a foster dog, and became a permanent member of our household shortly after that.  He had surgery this past spring to remove a large tumor on his shoulder.  Sadly it has returned and surgery is not an option because of the amount of tissue that was removed the first time.  Chinese herbs were ineffective, and the tumor continues to grow. I don't like to take pictures of Hamlet that show the tumor, but in this first picture, you can see it on the right.  Most of the time Hamlet sports a tee-shirt to keep the tumor clean and from getting scratched and becoming sore.  He now walks with a slight limp and I can tell it bothers him when he walks. 

Through all of this, Hamlet remains in good spirits and never seems bothered by any of this.  When he first came to us, he didn't seem to have much zest or enthusiasm about life.  That's all changed.  He 'prances' around when we come home, nudges us for attention, a bite of whatever we're eating, and to hurry up so he can go for a walk.  He is my constant companion.  We've never heard him bark, but this quiet, gentle soul has a tail that is always quietly wagging, speaking volumes.  I really think that I should follow his example which is to "bark less and wag more."


  1. I think we should all follow his example to "bark less and wag more"
    I'm going to start tomorrow.
    Poor Hamlet, I wish there was a treatment which would benefit him, what about cryosurgery ?
    He is happy to live in your household, it shows.
    Hope the itch goes away !

  2. Woof! Woof! Just finished reading your previous posts. Absolutely ... when times your losing hope n need to have a positive mind ... you just can't resist the Golden Face Attitude. It works for me this past 2 days ... it felt that my Golden Sugar spoke to me that it will be alright n it sure did. Good to see Hamlet's photo. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  3. I think that Hamlet is an inspiration for all of us. What a wonderful story. I'm so happy for both you and Hamlet that you have given him a forever home.

    He sounds like such a loving and forgiving soul.

  4. How are you feeling today, Kim?
    Your words about Hamlet were beautiful. You spoke from your heart.
    But, your not complaining.
    You are just sharing real life stuff.
    "You", who has the wings of an angel, and "You", who always takes care of all the fur babies,,,,, before herself,,,
    Well you must have time to talk also.
    You must have time to feel and to share with all of us, who care about you.
    We wish there was something we could do for you.
    Precious Hamlet,,, he is so happy to be loved, and have his little head patted. His world revolves around the love that you give to him. I am sure when he looks at you, he wishes he could help you right this very moment.
    But through Hamlets eyes, everything is good and he is loved.
    He has no reason to complain. He has you, and he knows that you will give him all he needs and be there for him. He wants to be there for you. So do we.
    In Hamletts eyes,,, all is well.
    Bless his soul. Yes, we keep him in our thoughts forever,,,
    and we hope you are better.

  5. Oh, we have so many lessons to learn from the animals we love! Thanks for sharing Hamlet's teachings with us.

  6. The tender rhythmn of todays post is quite lovely. As you say, while humans worry and fret quiet, gentle souls like Hamlet are sent to remind us of what is important in life.

  7. We should all bark less and wag more - well done, Hamlet!

    However, we are only human and so we are allowed to say if something bothers us - hope you feel better soon.


  8. There is so much we can learn from our pets. It's amazing how humble they are and how graceful about whatever pesters them. Oh yeah, they are good teachers. I am really sorry thought Hamlet has to go through this. Keep up the good spirits Hamlet!

  9. What a kind old soul. They are the best things when your days go bad, aren't they?


  10. We learn so much from our doggies, huh?
    Hugs to you and Hamlet today,

  11. A very good philosophy to live by!
    Everyone gets in the doldrums from time to time. Just live in the moment and enjoy the simple pleasure in Life. A sunset or sunrise. The bird dinging by the porch. Or the nudge of a cold, wet nose.

    Happy Thursday to you! :0)

  12. AS one who suffers the same allergy to poison ivy, I believe the lack of sleep and constant itching wears on our nerves. Good for you to step up and think positive...

    It never takes me long to get back on the positive thinking track. I'm back.

  13. What a wonderful slogan! Bark less, wag more. I love it.

    I love Hamlet. I love ALL of your dogs. I need to learn from them. When I look at their pictures and read their stories, I have to steel myself because I know the pain that lies ahead. But they don't worry about the future. They enjoy the love that they have right now. The past is past and they live in the present. They are happy. What wonderful teachers they are...

    Thank YOU for sharing all of their wisdom and all of your love!

  14. If the whole world acted and had the outlook our pets have, what a glorious world that would be.

    Sheila & Bob

  15. Oh sweet Hamlet!! What a kind and gentle face. It is truly amazing what we can learn from our animal friends. I love how you put it "Bark less and wag more" I hope today brings things your way to help you get your "wag on" :)

  16. Your post really spoke to me today, Kim. Thank you for your insight and kindness.

  17. What a great example in Hamlet.
    *Hugs* to you.

    Have a blessed day. ♥

  18. Dear, Sweet Hamlet, he is the best example of how we all should be, when things go wrong! He does look so cute in your pink T-shirt!


  19. Did you get all the adorable Goldens? That face!!

    I hope you feel better today!

  20. Dear Kim,
    Your Hamlet is such a sweet dog and he feels the tons of love that you give to him.
    I also think we can learn a lot from our dogs ^^
    Hugs from Alsace

  21. What a trooper you and Hamlet both are! I sometimes feel like I'm lazy and complain way too much as well, I thin we all have days when we feel like that!

  22. Hamlet is an inspiration! As are you for giving him such a loving home!! My mom has said "no more dogs right now" too but we know she doesn't really mean it! ;)


  23. Hamlet is in constant "thank mode", showing you how happy and lucky he is to have found Golden Pines - a place to spend the winter of his life. Truly a Golden guy to admire and celebrate.

  24. That picture of Hamlet melts my heart :)

  25. What a good mantra Kim! Think I'll give it a go. Imagine if the world followed Hamlet's lead!

  26. Hamlet is so precious. And I hope your poison ivy clears up soon!


  27. His eyes look so like bishop's, gentle, sweet, and all-knowing. You are good to give him his forever home. :) (have you ever read the book, getting lucky.?)

  28. They teach us so much, these critters that share our lives, don't they? Aren't we lucky that we have found that we have lessons to learn from them?

  29. I just started to work on my own happiness project and quit being upset about my injuries and make the best of all that has happened. So this post couldn't have come at a better time. We can learn so much from our animal companions. And I will think of Hamlet next time I forget my happiness. Thank you, Inger

  30. What a sweet boy. I'm glad you have him and that he has you.

  31. You are my hero Hamlet! And one lucky dog to be with Kim.

  32. Good Old Hamlet. Sam was like that - even with severe Glaucoma - the Vet said he must have had a lot of pain but didn't let on and as an old doddery gent he soldiered on even when he stumbled he was smiling !
    Dillon is far far more of a drama Queen !!!!
    Glad you liked my Barcelona photos - I took them for my blogging friends !
    All the dogs we saw there were healthy & no strays and absolutley no stray cats on street corners -not like when we lived in Mallorca - stray cats everywhere ( I adopted a few )

  33. What a trouper! We could all take a lesson from Hamlet! Sorry to hear of your poison ivy.My Hubby gets it terribly too. I found some herbal drops for him you take under your tongue and he says they help a lot,he took them with him when he left for China because he had it again but if your interested let me know and i will ask him to tell me the name of them when I talk to him next.

  34. We all should follow Hamlet's example. We can learn so much with the doggies!
    He is a sweet boy!

  35. Wow, what a beautiful dog Hamlet is! Kim, I can't say it enough... you are such a gem for taking these dogs in and caring for them. Thanks for the story on Hamlet... once again it brings tears.

  36. Hamlet reminds me of my Dixie. After all she has been through she really came back from the dead, and now is my constant companion, her tail never stops wagging, always ready to cheer me up and uietly teach me a life lesson...Hamlet stole my heart. So special, and I am so glad you have each other.

  37. It's so in those dark moments, our dogs teach us best!
    Each day - a new sunrise!


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