Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Reality of a Christmas Myth

Christmas was a quiet day for us. Carl worked and I worked in the kitchen. I started the day by making cinnamon rolls in a cast-iron frying pan. The pan belonged to my Grandfather, and my Mom gave it to me more than 20 years ago. I'm starting to see more recipes using cast-iron, (the one for the rolls called for one) and I've even seen pans for sale at Macys. I'm wondering if like everything else, they are bringing back the old ideas and calling them new ones--They do that with everything else, so why not with cookware?   

I'm sure most of you have heard of the Christmas myth known as "The Night the Animals Talk". Supposedly, on Christmas Eve, for a time, the animals can speak. My Mom told me about this many years ago and about how her numerous attempts to sneak down to the barn to find out if this was true was foiled by her parents.

This time of the year always brings this back to mind.  I have thought that it would be interesting to hear what our dogs and the cat would say if they could speak to us.  Yesterday I think I was given this chance.  The mornings for Hamlet seem to be the time that he is the most playful.  Christmas morning was no exception. He seemed to have a bit more of a spark as he pranced around me for attention. As I was talking to him and giving him pats and scratches, Hamlet quickly turned around and with a wagging tail, he looked at me and barked.  It was just a single bark and because I've never heard him do this before, of course I was a little surprised.  But just as the myth had said, I understood what he said perfectly.


  1. I bet it was a big ole thank you Mom,I love you bark! I love cast iron! It is about all I use these days and I have some of those old passed down pieces and every time I use them I think about the people who gave them to me,some who are gone now.

  2. oh, so sweet...i think he was saying he loves you!

  3. I remind my family that although animals can speak at Midnight on Christmas, most of us are smart enough not to. Only the cats speak out at our house and all they do is complain.

    Mogley G. Retriever

  4. I'm sure it was something about a cinnamon roll please with LOTS of butter!

    We hope you've enjoyed some snow!

    Ours finally started around 3pm -

    Stay warm!

  5. Your cinnamon rolls look absolutely wonderful!!! It would be very interesting if our pets could talk to us. I say that often, trying to figure out what Gracie's thoughts are, really. I'm so glad Hamlet is doing well, and that he has spunk again. Every time I see his face I just want to give him a big hug. So maybe you could do that for me... XXX. And as I see Charlie standing with the rest of the kids, I wonder what he would have to say. ... like... 'why don't i look like the others?' LOL> He's a sweetie too... They all are!!

  6. Those cinnamon rolls look like they will jump right off the screen, do they look delicious.
    Hamlets bark was to no doubt tell you, "I love you and my forever home,thanks Mom"

  7. Dear Hamlet! Telling your Mommy how happy you are! That is just too sweet.

    Jill tries to talk, but somehow she sounds a bit more like Charlie Brown's teacher with a lower voice.

    Oh, those yummy rolls! MMMmmm!

  8. I agree, he was probably saying "thanks for not giving up on me!"

  9. Well our post disappeared so we will try again.
    Your Cinnamon rolls look delicious.
    Hamlet's bark was telling you, "I love you, thank you for the wonderful forever home"

    Sheila, Bob,
    Hamish & Sophie

  10. My four little girls have been playing tricks on their Dad this weekend. They each have their own private crate that they sleep in. Last night and again today when he opened the doors they got in each other's crate and just stood there. They wouldn't move. I came downstairs and told them to go their own houses and they did.

    I could almost hear them laughing as Rob walked up the stairs.

  11. Tootie talks all the her own way. Every time she wants to play, she has her birdie or her ball in her mouth, and makes gutteral sounds in her throat to get my attention. She's talking to me and telling me "Let's play!" Now, if she would just do that for, "I need to go potty outside NOW!" LOL One fine day...


  12. Oh, there are so many times I wish our animals could use words to speak to us! But they can't, which forces us to be better listeners - another of the gifts they bring us!

    Oh, I'd do a lot for one of those cinnamon buns right now...

  13. Cinnamon rolls! Ohh, here it is 9 PM, and you're making me hungry. Bet they're long gone, though.

    I think our animals speak to us all the time. We just have to take a moment to slow down and listen.

  14. I agree with the previous comments - he was definitely saying thank you for all your care and doctor help and for a wonderful, loving home with lots of brothers and sisters too. :)

  15. That is great. It is so nice to hear, and quite funny, too. Hamlet is such a cutie. I just want to give the old guy a big hug. That is such a special moment.

    Simba's done something similar, once before. A bunch of family and friends was gathered at my house, and I had just been talking with a couple friends about an old cookie we all hated because we ate about 5 a day when we were kids. We are so tired of those cookies (my Mom baked them for us...) We just had an overload of those and my Mom had brought them to this gathering. In the midst of our conversation about these cookies, up comes Simba and he lets out one loud bark, then runs away. It was so funny, I think everyone was laughing as soon as they realized what had happened. It was as if he knew exactly what we were saying and he felt he had to put in his 2 cents. I love those moments.


  16. I think we can smell those beautiful cinamon rolls clear over here... Oh one would be so bad..
    We have some cast iron pans too,,, and every time I touch one,, I wonder about the storys it could tell,,, if it could talk.

    I have never heard the animals talk... but I just bet that Hamlet was telling you how happy you have made his life,, and he was saying Merry Christmas to you. He was speaking for Carl and for all the other furries at Golen Pines.
    And he was also saying,,, the myth is true

  17. That was the best Xmas story I've ever heard. I reckon he was asking if he could have one of those rolls! xxx

  18. Hamlet doesn't even have to speak! Those eyes say it all. He looks so healthy and YOUNG! Truly an amazing transformation.

    I hope you and Carl enjoyed your quiet day.

    I'm going to go find something to snack on mouth is watering!


  19. Hey there Kim...
    I so enjoyed this little blogpost of yours...intimate and endearing and inviting us in...thank you!
    How about the recipe for those cinnamon buns...they've got me salivating?!
    Hamlet is such a honey...what a special Christmas treat.
    Sending our warmest wishes to you all.

  20. Those cinnamon buns certainly look and smell inviting; how about a little taste?
    You know that portion of your blog reminded me of teaching and the methods we used when I first started 29 years ago are now recycling themselves and they are once again, titled 'new and innovative' Seriously? you have to laugh...
    REgarding Hamlet...I love that dog; his warm and gentle eyes just begging for compassion and understanding and his voice; it speaks to me! You know, the one who speaks the less most often has the most vaulable things to say!

  21. I think animals know more than they let on.

    We too had cinnamon buns for Christmas morning, Mr. Pillsbury made ours though...LOL

    Gill in Canada

  22. Hi Kim
    Could we have some cinnamon buns too please? We're so glad that Hamlet spoke too! He has such a sweet looking face.

    Nadine & Neeli
    Angel doggie Apples (1994-2010)

  23. Those cinnamon buns looks so yummy! Glad Hamlet is getting a little bit of his spark back.

    xo Catherine

  24. It sounds to me like there was an abundance of love at your house this year! With those sweet angels it must have been so bright and merry all day.
    I think Hamlet was telling you how much he loves you and how happy he is to have another wonderful Christmas with his forever family!
    Much love to you and yours from my house to yours this holiday season Kim!
    Tina xo

  25. Sweet Hamlet. I imagine it was his way of saying "Merry Christmas."

    The rolls look awesome. I must try that. Maybe you might post the recipe some time? :)

  26. Hello Kim,
    Good to read your post,your cinnamon rolls look gorgeous.Lovely to see Hamlet looking good too
    Big Hugs to you and yours
    Sue(in England)

  27. There's nothing like the approval of our pets. That certain look or sound, and we instinctively know they approve.
    Hamlet is such a sweet boy ;)

  28. Oh Kim what a wonderful story. I hadn’t heard of this until you mentioned it in your comment to me today. My step daughter is here and I was reading this and she said “Yes-Annabelle’s Wish”--evidently this was part of that story. I just love this post and know he was talking to you :)

  29. He was saying thank you for believing in him and helping him feel better :o)

    Thank you for your comment on my blog yesterday, it helped me feel better. It's true, we do feel guilty when we don't feel happy at Christmas, don't we? Everything, all the publicity and decorations, makes us believe that we should be nothing but happy at Christmas, but I think that the holidays are hard for more people than we can imagine.

  30. Ah Hamlet! Speak on my friend :)
    What a delicious looking set of rolls!!!
    Enjoy the season friends!

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose

  31. Your Mom's story opened a normally closed door that Hamlet rushed through to tell you.....'here I am, Hamlet, your boy, there is so much to say". Can we listen? Do we understand? I hope so, they have so much to to tell us about feelings un-said, commitments un-explained, love assumed, but maybe never cemented as solid as any of us wish it was. What wonderful creatures they are. I couldn't - would not live my life without them.

  32. Kim,
    Those cinnamon rolls look delicious. I'll bring the coffee.
    We also have a cast iron frying pan not as big as yours though (yours looks to be a nice big size) and I use it a lot. It cleans up like a dream and then I season it with a little bit of oil before putting it away.
    Can't wait to see what chief tries to market these as the next greatest invention.
    I think Hamlet said "Mom"
    Have a wonderful day.

  33. Hamlet doesn't say much, but when he does speak, it is definitely something remarkable!

  34. Kim, first I must say the cinnamon rolls look amazing! What a sweet post of beautiful Hamlet.
    Have a great week and a Happy New Year!

  35. Billy my mad kit cat speaks to us !
    Those rolls look fabulous

  36. We're catching up after our Christmas hiatus. It's wonderful to see Hamlet looking so good! Sounds like you enjoyed a cosy Christmas.

    The cast iron pans seem to be regaining popularity after people finally figured out teflon may clean up easier, but it's not good for your health. Cast iron pans cook well and actually help leach a little iron into our iron-deprived modern diets. Mama's grandmother cooked with them, her dad still does, and mama has had hers for over 40 years.

    Mama always wanted to be able to talk to the animals. We communicate with her, but not perfectly. We do our best and we dogs have spent hundreds of thousands of years evolving to read and try to communicate with people. Sometimes we have fleeting moments of nearly perfect communication, and it's such a wonderful feeling for us as well as mama. Thanks for sharing your experience.

    Jed & Abby

  37. I just realized looking at his face, Hamlet's face, that he is sure he is in heaven right now. I think he said Thank You!--Inger

  38. Hi,

    Thanks for sharing this link - but unfortunately it seems to be down? Does anybody here at have a mirror or another source?


  39. Hi Kim, I left a comment earlier, but I think I checked out before I was done...getting old and forgetting stuff. What I said was something like this: Hamlet thinks he has found heaven on earth and this is what he said: Thank You, Kim and Carl.

  40. Hi Kim,
    I am so happy to see Hamlet's face, so happy he is doing good !!
    I think he said thank you too! I think the animals talk all the time. I know mine do. Bambi doesn't make a sound but says a book full everyday.
    Happy cat makes lots of noise and talks up a storm too. Even the coons talk to me. All the animals I have known have talked to me lots!!
    Thanks for your visit to my blog!!
    Yes my G-daughter is a very pretty girl. I will be blogging more about her in 2011.
    Happy New Year Kim and thanks for all you do for the dogs!!
    xx, Bambi & Fern

  41. Could I please order some of those rolls! Lookin' good Hamlet. Glad you had a lot to say.

    Happy New Year to every one of you!

  42. Yes, I know what he was saying too. What a very lucky dog he is to have you loving him.


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