Sunday, March 27, 2011

All is Calm on the Home-Front

An uneventful week led to a quiet weekend.  If there is something exciting happening, it's not happening here.  It was sunny and cool on Saturday and this morning the day started with clouds and a little bit of snow.   
The most excitement we had were the dogs playing frisbee.
Hamlet could hardly contain himself...
 It got to be so much for CarrieAnne that she
took a break in the neighboring field...
Last night after dinner, Carl was cleaning up the kitchen (how nice was that??) And I asked him if he would bring me a glass of water and of course he said that he would.  After a few minutes into the office he came with a FLY-SWATTER...He really thought that was what I said I wanted.  Clearly we have a communication problem or someone has a hearing problem, I'm not sure of which.  (Below Rudi)
I know I should relish these quiet times.  As the weather warms up, peace and quiet will give way to work outside.  One of our projects will be to plant the 10 bare-rooted Scottish-Pine trees that we got from Virginia Department of Forestry a few weeks ago.  I know they are pretty small now, which may be the reason why they are so inexpensive ($2.00 each).  But I'm optimistic and hopeful I'll be here to see them grow into beautiful trees, providing a natural screen for the far side of our yard where the new driveway has been put in.  
I hope you've had a good weekend!!   


  1. Sometimes we need quiet, uneventful weekends to recharge those batteries. Looks like that was what you did. The dogs got theirs recharged on the run, of course.

    Looks like things are greening up nicely. Looks wonderful.

  2. Kim, so glad you had a quiet weekend...sometimes those are the best and much needed!
    I love what your husband 'heard'...that is really funny :)
    I love the photos of the heart melts!

  3. So nice to see the dogs outside and playing Frisbee!
    Those will be great trees in a few years and when they start to grow, they will make a good barrier.
    Great photos Kim!

  4. I love quiet weekends. There is something to be said for uneventfulness. It was a bit uneventful here this weekend too. I did however have my mom's BIG black lab for a little vacation at my house. My mom went away for the weekend and Molly came to stay with us. Mabel and Sassy loved their guest. Molly has gone home now and I am off to clean the kitchen floor from giant dirty paw prints. :) I hope you have a wonderful week ahead.

  5. I love slow, uneventful weeks and weekends. Yours was delightful. We had a great weekend, and I'll post pictures tomorrow.


  6. Quiet is good. It's nice to be home in Seattle.

    Who is chasing the frisbee?

    Hamlet looks very relaxed and happy.

  7. Sounds like you had a well-deserved break with your hubby and puppies. Love the picture of Hamlet. He looks so content. :)

  8. I see some happy campers. And grass!!!!

  9. KIm, Seeing your guys running around outside is a very peaceful setting, we love it.
    Thanks for the laugh about the water vs. fly swatter. Sheila and I seem to be having more discussions like that recently.

    Sheila & Bob

  10. I enjoy quiet times... LOVE those happy dogs of yours...

  11. I like Hamlet's brand of excitement ;o)

    Pretty quiet on my end too, which was good because I was pretty tired out!

  12. Looks like a really good weekend! The dogs got exercise, you got some fresh air and relaxed.

  13. Haha ~ that's funny about the fly-swatter!!!

    Looks like you had a nice quiet weekend Kim ~ good for you!

    xo Catherine

  14. The dogs look great! Especially Hamlet!

    Woke up to about an inch of snow but it disappeared by early afternoon. It's snowing again as I type...big fluffy flakes. I'll send it your way! :)

  15. beautiful photos Kim, I'm now off to get a glass of fly swatter!!! xxx

  16. Hamlet could hardly contain himself ? My, that is a good start to a week .

  17. Hamlet's looking great!

    Hope your batteries are re-charged, ready for the busy week ahead.

    Those trees ARE kinda small......!


  18. LOL> I loved the comment about Hamlet and the picture of him. What great fields for them to play in!!
    It's nice to be able to just relax and regroup. I love this time of year. Have a nice Monday Kim.

  19. Serenity - moments that make memories - how I love those times.


  20. Catching up with you with my cup of coffee this am.I sure hope that the rescue allows you to keep both dogs with that bargin.My 2 shelities are on meds & that takes a big chunk of our money.They have to have the meds...glad to see you had a fresh air weekend with your beautiful dogs,phyllis

  21. The tone of your blogpost sends your 'restfulness' my way...thank you!
    BTW...I LOVE your cows!

  22. I love the photo of Hamlet. He shows excitement like Tsar does.

    Quiet weekends are good. There will come busy times when you think back and wish for a quiet time.

    We did that with trees from the state many years ago and wound up with a mini forest. It was wonderful.

  23. I like quiet. Quiet is good. When I got home from a week away....Dillon was far from quiet !

  24. Kim,
    I love quite weekends also. Looks as if the dogs had a great day.
    Those little Pine trees can grow real fast and will make a nice wind break.
    Sounds as if a hearing check may be in Carl's future.
    Take Care.

  25. Yay for quiet weekends! Those are some happy pics! Love the flying frisbee dog :)

    The Road Dogs

  26. Your comment reminded me of Lyle Lovett's song, "Flyswatter/Icewater Blues"...
    "Honey put down that flyswatter
    And pour me some ice water
    And though I'll soon be going
    Well I haven't gone yet
    So come stand here beside me
    And hold my hand gently
    And tell me do you remember
    The first time we met"
    Great song. Thanks for the reminder... and the chuckle!

  27. Wouldn't it be just great if spring started softly and gently entering our world,, so that when summer gets here- we would be all prepared for it? But spring is an emotional season, kinda of like the ocean,, it has temperment and moods,, and then all of a sudden,, it luls,,,, into summer.
    Yes, those little trees will grow up and be beautiful.

  28. Such beautiful photos! We always love your photos of all the furries and all that you share!
    and the action shots,, wow!

  29. A fly-swatter? BOL! That was too funny. Looked like it was a beautiful day!

  30. the fly swatter made me laff. . .love the dogs. . .so happy to have found your blog!

  31. the fly swatter made me laff. . .love the dogs. . .so happy to have found your blog!

  32. kim that is hilarious...your hubby is deaf like to see your pups faces...reminds me of my nuggie.

  33. I love quiet weekends. The picture of the sun shining through the tree is lovely.

  34. Sometimes I forget to enjoy the quiet. Your post was a wonderful reminder. Thank you.

  35. As we say here on the Ponderosa, life is good when all is quiet!!! 'Cept when your dealin' with youngens!!! Heeheheh!!!

    Your pictures are just wonderful sweetie!

    God bless ya'll from the happy hills and hollers of the Missouri Ozarks!!! :o)

  36. Sweetie, I just wanted to thank you for your visit and hoppin' on my blog. I sure hope ya'll enjoy the ride!!!

    God bless and in the words of that silly old Granny Clampett, "Ya'll come back now, ya hear!!! " :o)

  37. Love the frisbee play pix! I might be like Carrie Anne...I tend to find a spot (usually shady) and after playing for a while, just sit and watch!

    Sweet hugs,
    Sierra Rose


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