Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Adventure Begins!

The day that I've been anticipating since April has finally arrived!!  I'm leaving shortly on a road trip to get our new addition and meet Lynn from the blog Rocky Creek Scottie Adventures.  I've never met a fellow blogger before, so it's going to be a first.  Another first will be having a Scottish Terrier--We are nervous but excited!!  I know that the timing may not be the best because of Rudi.  But I have been feeling for several weeks that this is the right time and so I know that it'll be okay.  Besides there's nothing like puppy antics to lift your spirits!!!  .....Or turn a household completely upside down!

Thank-you all again for your sending all your well wishes, good thoughts and prayers for Rudi! They have meant so much!!!  She is doing okay.  We have moments where she seems like herself, other times when she isn't.  Right now I am struggling with getting her to eat something--anything.  I thought I had fooled her when I got her to eat a meal out of the cat food bowl.  But she only fell for that twice.  Rudi has always been a real chow-hound--She's always been fed last, and finished first.  So this is really hard to see.  If any of you have any suggestions on how to get her to eat, that would really be appreciated.
I'm really sorry that I've not been able to visit your blogs very often this week.  It has really been a busy week with Reggie arriving and a few other things behind the scenes.  I will look forward to reading your news when I return on Friday.  With a new puppy, I'm sure I'll have time!!  Right??!!


  1. have you tried boiled hamburger and rice for little rudi? that's one thing we tried for our big boy Avis when he was ill with lymphoma. it helped for a few days at least...

  2. oh my...THE day has arrived...i LOVE adoption day !!!!! we re - live the day we woke up at 3 in the morning and drove for 17 hours to get our precious Teddy.... life has never been the same was NEVER EVER this good without TEDDY HERE


    he filled our home with JOY and HAPPINESS....puppies just do....

    looking forward to hearing all about it...and i have never met a fellow blogger either...what FUN that will be !!!

    continued love and prayers for Rudi

    sending love,
    kary and teddy

  3. Ohhhhh, there's nothing like a puppy, except, maybe, a kitten. I can't wait to see pictures. Still thinking of you and Rudi.

  4. Hi Kim,I'm so excited that you're getting your puppy today-I think this may well be the perfect timing to ease the sorrow of losing one and soon two beloved dogs. Like you said, the puppy is sure to be full of antics and bring smiles to you.
    As for not eating-I was told that often when a dog is near the end their appetite dwindles-but hey I would try giving her whatever is her favorite treat...even ice cream. I know it works for humans.
    Love you dear friend.

  5. Fasten your seat belts everyone! There's a puppy in the house. Life is going to pick up speed.

    We're looking forward to your adventures and misadventures.

    When my guys are sick and refusing to eat, I usually wind up sitting on the floor beside them and feeding then by hand anything they will eat, a piece of chicken followed by a piece of kibble, etc.

  6. Considered baby food for Rudi?

    Have a safe and uneventful trip, hoping Todd (or have you changed his name?) will not get car sick and all that other new puppy stuff and you can make friends on the way home.

    Welcome to Reggie!

    You have your own little chaos going on there, please take care of you!


  7. My vet suggests boiled hamburger and rice too (separately then mix). How about trying a little bacon grease on whatever she is eating. Just a little bit for flavor. Does she like cottage cheese, yogurt or green beans?
    Look forward to meeting your puppy. You are going to have a full plate when it arrives. If anyone can do it, you can.

  8. Oh Kim, I'm loving it already!! And there is no one who deserves a puppy more than you! This should make great blogging material and I can't wait...
    My heart aches for dear Ruddi. She looks so sad. She's probably thinking she'd really enjoy a swim right now if she'd just have the energy :( Give her a big hug for me when you get a chance.
    I'm so looking forward to seeing your new baby!!

  9. Good luck with your puppy adventures! As for getting Rudi to eat, you can try putting sardine juice on her food and slicing up the little bits of sardines to put in it, and you can also try cutting up bits of cooked meat to put in her food with their drippings. That worked quite well with my old cat Cinnamon when he was ill.

  10. OK, As we all know My vickie is NO COOK but when our Syra got to the point you are at, she had low red or white blood cells or something like that and My Vickie choked her way through cooking liver for Syra every day.

    I mean, I know some of you like liver, heaven knows I think I would, but My Vickie would stand over the stove trying to hold back her gagging reflexes long enough to cook the liver for Syra.

    it helped in Syra's condition, not sure if it will help rudi.


  11. How exciting!

    With the fostering/adoption thing you do there will never be a 'good' time for introducing a puppy so now is as good a time as any. And I really think you deserve some joy and excitement, don't you?!

    Have fun,


  12. How exciting ! a puppy and a real blogger. I've met a few now and all lovely !

  13. Puppy! I can't wait to follow the stories about this little guy and his antics! You guys are going to have so much fun!

    Have a safe trip!

  14. Good luck and have fun on the road trip. I've sent you an email with a 'dog food' recipe for those that don't want to eat. It might end up in your spam so you might check there if it doesn't show up.

    Take care,

  15. When we have a tummy ache, mom fixes us rice with cream of chicken. It usually does the trick!

    We can't wait to see all the pics of the new baby!! Scottie's are suppose to be a stubborn breed - not at all like us golden retrievers! BOL!!

    Hope Rudi is feeling good again soon.

    Prayers and love and a great big AROOOOF,
    Boondocks, Kudzu, and gang

  16. Enjoy your trip......hugs for

  17. You just need a little more excitement in your life, don't you!!!!
    I really like the picture of Rudi, such a sweet little face.
    I hope Reggie is doing ok. I am sure she is feeling better and adjusting to all of the good love at your house.
    Looking forward to meeting your new addition..

  18. Kim,
    What we do with Hurricane when we want him to eat is put it in his bowl and then sprinkle dry cat food on top so he eats the cat food and his's worth a try!

  19. a scottie...well well
    that should be a riot
    you should write a book
    did I miss...have you read THe art of racing in the rain?
    ..I just think you're sitting on a book

  20. How exciting!
    Glad Rudi is doing well....some of the things that we use in critical care to get patients to eat: canned chicken, beef or chicken flavored baby food, any kind of different canned foods...
    At home I boil chicken breast....sometimes hamburger, cottage cheese, pasta.....
    Hope this can be trying, but R needs nutrition....also try several small meals throughout the day.
    Do you think she's nauseous? If so, you could get her something for that...

  21. Looking forward to your new family member.
    Our prayers continue for Rudi.

    Sheila & Bob

  22. I tried to comment yesterday but my internet kept cutting out. I just wanted to say that you are truly an inspiration to me - the way that you reached out and took Reggie into your family brought tears to my eyes. You make such a big difference to animals in need, and I admire you immensely.

    I am happy to hear that Rudi is holding her own. Somehow, I think that you already know all the tricks for getting a dog to eat. But, a couple that I'm using now (K is sick) are adding nonfat chicken broth to her food or mixing chicken or beef baby food in with her regular food. Both of those things work for her.

    I am so happy that the incredible miracle of a puppy is about to join your family. My heart is melting just thinking about it. You deserve this happiness!

  23. I didn't realize you were getting the last puppy from Rocky Creek Scotties! He's a cute little guy, that's for sure!

    We've had good luck making Satin Balls for our dogs when we needed them to eat. If you can't find a recipe online for them, I have one, but it's pretty simple and I think if you Google it, it should pop right up!

  24. being a scottie owner be prepared for some noise

    are disinctive!

  25. When Cisco was really sick, I fed her canned stew (low salt) and the occasional Wendy's chicken strips. We also gave her baby food. It kept her going for a while - and the vet said even saved her life. Not the best, but desperate times call for desperate measures.

    Have fun with your new puppy!


  26. We always fed boiled chicken and rice to sick dogs. Sending healing thoughts to Rudi. Can't wait to meet the new addition!

  27. I can't wait to see the Scotty puppy amidst Charlie & the goldens. Exciting times!

    Poor Rudi. I think we were always successful using wet cat food to stimulate appetite. Most of our dogs have had favorite foods that we could usually draw on, too - with Lindsey it was chicken, with Husker bread, with Charlie it's butter. Does Rudi have a favorite that you could use to spice up her meals?

    - A

  28. Kim, you have proven over and over that your instincts are sound. Yeah for a new puppy!

  29. There are a number of things to do to get a dog to eat. Our humans sometimes set a bowl down, point to it and say "no". Then they walk away. It works most of the time. Putting a bowl up on the counter and leaving the room works for Molley. Other than that we can only wish you the best and hope you can help ease the journey.

    Mogley G. Retriever

  30. Yay! We can't wait to see pictures and hear all about the new adventure!!

    Wags and hugs to all of you, especially Rudi!

  31. I love all of your photos and can't wait to "meet" your new puppy. I'm still sending prayers and good thoughts for Rudi. I was going to suggest the hamburger and rice too.

  32. I've read of some warming the food since her sense of smell might be supressed -

    Enjoy the road trip -

    Khyra and I know another blogger that had tried to meet you ;-)

  33. You may not want to hear this, but past experience has taught me that when a sick one is refusing to eat food, it's the body's way of conserving energy. Digestion takes energy, and the body is conserving energy for the organs. Rudi's lack of appetite is for a reason. Don't worry if she isn't eating, but offer and let her decide. Prayers for you and her.

  34. If you drink enough scotch whisky, they will give you a scotty. You are getting one the hard way.

    Mogley G. Retriever

  35. Might want to try chicken and rice, which is less greasy than boiled hamburger. Or baby food. Hard boiled eggs. Mama feeds terminal dogs whatever they want: strawberries in January, doughnut holes [those two were the same Dane], ice cream, pizza, lightly buttered bread, waffles, scrambled eggs, chicken soup - whatever they want. Much love to Rudi, and to sweet Reggie. We hope Reggie can stay, but we know you'll do what's best for her.

    You may find the new puppy will perk up both Rudi & Reggie. Mama has seen that happen, where an older dog that's slowly letting go gets a new lease on life when a baby comes in to her life.

    Paws crossed!

    Jed & Abby

  36. Hi Kim
    We are so excited for you as you get ready to go get your baby boy!
    Your heart is going to be feeling brand new real soon. We just know it.
    And we are still sending postive good wishes for Rudi..
    have you tried peanut butter?
    Your photos are sooo gorgous.. thank you for taking the time to share.

  37. We're happy and excited to hear your adventures with the puppy.
    How about scrambled eggs and chicken? Those are my absolute fave.

  38. We use Stage 1 pureed chicken or turkey flavored baby food to encourage our pets to eat when ill. One brand has now added onions, so you will need to check the labels and get the kind without onions. When very ill even chewing seems to tire them out. We warm it and prepare it just like you would when feeding a baby. When they need fluids but won't drink water we even mix a little of this with water and they lap it right up. Might seem expensive but we also mix it with rice and sometimes low fat cottage cheese depending on if the pet can tolerate that. When our little dog actually wanted to eat we would give him shredded boiled boneless skinless chicken breast and rice.

    Love and prayers for you and Rudi!!!

  39. I was so touched by your Days of Grace post about Rudi, these sad times come to all of us who keep pets, my best wishes to you all. Kathy

  40. Sending much love and tenderness to Rudi. A terrier, huh, boy, they sure are a lot of energy - WOWZA! This will be fun for you and fun for me to watch☺

  41. when my zeke was in the shape rudi's in now, he would enjoy the chicken nuggets like you get at fast food places. i got them at walmart from their deli. i would cut them even smaller for him. i know they're not all that healthy, but at that point, it was at least something and something that he enjoyed.
    hope those little sharp puppy teeth don't find their way into rudi's or reggie's arms!!! :)
    that puppy will bring a new light and happiness to your whole clan.
    blessings to you and carl, kim.
    tammy j

  42. You of all people should never feel sorry for not reading blogs. We used to have luck with putting a big glob of Gerber's baby "beef" on their food.

  43. I hope everything goes well with your trip and you have a great time meeting your fellow blogger.
    I hope the adoption day goes great. I'm looking forward to hearing more about the new adventure.
    Reggie sure is a beautiful dog.

  44. I CAN NOT stand the excitement and waiting!!!

  45. Puppy comes an active weekend....hey an active week/month/life! Congrats!

  46. Can't wait for the puppy photos! Good luck Kim!

  47. Beef baby food or freshly cooked chicken livers chopped up and mixed in with some dry kibble has always worked for us with a reluctant eater. Sweet Rudi is in our hearts.

    Congratulations on your Todd - he'll keep you jumping for a while! Adorable!

    Buzzy, Pippa & da Mum


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