Monday, December 26, 2011

All is Calm, All is Bright

A very quiet Christmas and day after.  Exactly one year ago today was what became known as the Boxing Day blizzard, or known locally as Nomageddon, as snow clobbered our area.  This year, it’s not even a close call for any snow, with high pressure and bright sunny skies. It makes for perfect weather for taking the dogs for long walks.

Bubba is becoming increasingly immobile.  More and more he is having problems walking and we are helping him to his feet most of the time.  Unaware of his limitations, he wanted to come on a walk with us today, so despite my best judgement, we took him along.  Once Bubba gets some momentum going, he does pretty well.  But on this walk Carl ended up with the job getting him home after he had difficulty walking through the tall grass. I know it wears him out, so I covered him up with a blanket as he napped afterwards.

The dogs and I really do enjoy the walk up the hill in back of us.  The two 10 acre parcels that adjoin our property was put back on the market to sell in late October.  With 2 significant price reductions, I wonder how much longer we will be able to have it all to ourselves without feeling like we're trespassing.
I just can't get enough of the view with the pond.
I always look for little treasures on these walks.  Hanging on a branch today was this little birds nest that I noticed had dog hair loosely woven into its construction.  I love thinking that the dogs hair was keeping baby birds warm this summer.  
The only one not worn out from the walk and all the fresh air is Todd.  In typical terrier fashion, he just needs a recharge of his batteries and ...
he's already looking for his next adventure.  I wish I had his energy. 


  1. i am sorry for bubba. i know with your crew, you will almost always have one or more senior dogs with their aging and mobility and health issues. just wish you'd have an easier time for yourself, too. :)

  2. Poor Bubba. Glad he got out a little. I bet Todd does have energy to burn!

  3. oh Bubba, the heart is always stronger than the joints and legs. I'm glad you did get out for a bit. Rest well friend. Maybe little Todd can lend you some of his energy.

  4. In true Golden fashion, Bubba wants to always be with his family. His desire is strong, but sometimes the body just doesn't cooperate. Hang in there my pal, you have more blessed days ahead to be with your pack.

  5. Poor Bubba. Kendra would do the same thing, come out all puppy-like and want to go for a walk. We finally had to just take her alone to nose around. Then she was happy to come back inside the gate.

    We're having cool weather...probably still warmer than Va, but the dogs love it.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & roxy

  6. Bubba still has spirit. Sweet boy!

  7. aww, I am so sorry that Bubba is not doing well. My heart goes out for him.
    I love to see the pictures of all the dogs having a great time on their walks.
    Hope you had a fabulous Christmas.

  8. Hi Kim, What spirit Bubba has and such a desire to still go. Our Reggie gets puppy-like when we go for a drive. I'm thankful you have sunshine today too; it's cool here but sunny. I love Todd's energy and wish I had some too. I wanted to ask what photo-shop/editing program you use-your photos are always soooo wonderful.
    Hugs today. Noreen & Reggie

  9. We will keep Bubba in our thoughts - Sam is slowly becoming a senior dog before our eyes and we find ourselves helping him up more and more, although he is still keeping up on our walks.


  10. I must confess... I am just smitten with Todd. What a character!!

  11. Love days like that. Glad bubba could join in for a little of the walk..poor guy.
    do you ever get visitors up there, sally and I would love to hug all of those golden's, and Todd too.
    have a fantastic week.

  12. our neighbors have a very old (18 yrs!) dachshaund and they let her start walking, but they pull a little yellow wagon with them and when she can't go anymore they lift her onto a cozy blanket in the wagon and she rides like a queen! it's cute.
    i don't know if that would work with bubba, but it would be easier on carl!
    hugs to all of you, furry and non-furry. you are all just wonderful!
    tammy j

  13. Oh poor Bubba, I know you will take such good care of him Kim, and give him the best that you can.

  14. Sweet Bubba, still thinking positively. Here's hoping the land will remain unsold so you can continue to enjoy it.

  15. Poor, sweet Bubba and you..for covering him with a blanket and helping him so.

    I love the view of the pond too.

  16. Very sweet. Poor Bubba. I loved the discovery of the hair used for nesting. Too precious. We too are snow-less.....seems odd. Have a great week!!

  17. Hi Kim
    We felt like we were on the walk with you! Yes,, we see the doggy hairs too!
    Sweet Bubba just forgets he can't go far. He must still dream about being a puppy- and then all of a sudden reality sets in.
    I hope he sleeps good tonight. I am sure he has a nice soft bed- like all the rest of the furries do.
    I would love looking at that pond and all the wild life that lives near. I hope the property never sells.

  18. I'm glad to know that Bubba has a good home, and someone who will take care of him!

  19. Sorry to hear about Bubba...sadly it comes to us all, but what a brilliant place for his 'if slow' walkies.

  20. We didn't have any snow either! Very odd for Saskatchewan Canada ~ but I like it!

    Quiet cozy Christmas' are my favourite. Have a wonderful week Kim!

    xo Catherine

  21. Life is a circle, isn't it? As Bubba's life winds down, Todd's is just coming into it's own.

    Maybe the price of the adjoining land will come down enough for you to purchase it? :)

  22. Oh beloved sweet Bubba I am right there with you buddy, I have trouble getting through the tall grass too!
    As for the land for sale, if the market is anything like it is here it will be for sale for years to come!
    Kim I also wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you for the card, it meant more to me than you know and I am still smiling from the picture of Todd!
    Love to all!
    Tina xo

  23. trekking your lovely blog!!! thanks for sharing and keep posting! Happy New Year!


  24. My heart goes out to Bubba as he slows down!
    How sweet, he just wanted to be with all his peeps and not miss the fresh outdoors!
    What a lucky family of canines to have such a wonderful place to roam!
    Isn't that cute, the birds found warmth in golden fur?!
    Hugs to all,

  25. Yay - hair in bird nests :-). Big hug to Bubba.

  26. Poor Bubba - thatdoes make me sad that he is having a rough time but I guess thats part of life when they get older - I havent had to deal with an elder dog as an adult yet. Your positive view and love gives me hope that I can be strong for my dogs when they do start to age.

    Your walks are beauitful and I love that the hair in the nest kept the babies nice and warm.

  27. Gotta love Todd's youthful vigor...bless Bubba's heart. Thanks for sharing Kim, always love your beautiful way of expressing your adventures.

  28. Sounds like you had a lovely Christmas. We also took our doggies for a long walk (in the forest) on Christmas.

    Sorry to hear that Bubba wasn't able to finish the walk. I am sure he was happy just to join you all for a bit.

  29. Merry Christmas, Kim. I hope you had the best ever. Todd looks wonderful! What a character.

    I'm covering all bases here. A friend just put this girl up on her facebook page.

    I tried to tag you there with it, but I don't know if I got it right. Also sent you an email. Didn't know if you could help her or not.

    Thanks for looking.

  30. I hope dear Bubba is all rested up now and that you get to enjoy your long walks up the hill for quite a while yet.

  31. Poor Bubba, and you too. Can't be easy following his health. Really like the views of your hiking path. And Todd is my fave :)

  32. My best friends just had their oldest GSP put down the day after Christmas. Life was too much for her anymore. They are such a big part of our lives, Kim even when they are as small as your little one!...:)JP

  33. Poor Bubba. Bless his heart...

    I love the pictures, Kim... and I was just thinking of how Todd is such a breath of fresh air. It is so painful to see the older ones suffering and having health problems; turn around - there's Todd looking for something to get into. lol. Something tells me you do a lot of crying... and laughing.

  34. How is My Wendy doing?

    We don't have any snow either and I WANT Some. I need some.

    I love how Todd is obsessed with what ever is on the other side of that fence.


  35. Bubba has always been one of my favorites - I hate to hear of his decline.

    On the other paw, our boy Todd looks fantastic!! What a precious young Scotsman he is!! I just want to snuggle him.


  36. I just spent some time getting caught up with you and the crew!
    We had a very quiet Christmas too...just the way I like it!
    Sending hugs to Bubba!

  37. Oh you precious Bubba. I know how you feel. Our granddog, Luke, who is 14 now, still loves to go on all the outings with the other dogs, but he has such a hard time with his hind legs. He won't give up though and I think that's just wonderful. Such beautiful spirits you both have.


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