Sunday, February 19, 2012

Gypped Again!


Say it with me....PFFT!  I have once again fallen victim to the weathermen's promise of snow.  So strong is my desire for the white stuff that I was willing to believe their original forecast.  Even when the hype for this latest storm started on Friday, the system that was going to bring 'significant accumulation' hadn't formed and was still over the state of Texas, I just knew this time they were right.  Their reports were that convincing.  

Just to make sure, even though the sun was shining and there wasn't a cloud in the sky, the dogs did a little snow dance. 
~Toby doing a snow-dance~
And Todd dug a couple of holes.  Okay, maybe that's not part of the snow-dance ritual, but I guess he figured, 'why not?'  
In the end, we were gypped again. Maybe next time the dogs, and especially Mother Nature and the weathermen, will get it right.  But when 3 things intersect, isn't that like the Bermuda Triangle?  
Speaking of the Bermuda Triangle, the blue squeaky ball from yesterday's post that brought Todd hours and hours of fun and enjoyment, disappeared under mysterious circumstances.  If you see it, don't worry about returning it.  Please keep it, I know you'll give it a good home.   


  1. Hi Kim! I'm sorry the snow dances didn't work for you. Todd was probably digging a hole so he could bury the snow (saving it for more fun later). I'm not a big fan of winter or snow... so I was not disappointed at all. But I do believe those of you who love it deserve at least one big snowfall a year.

    Okay... now I need to speak to Todd.

    "Todd... I think I know where your squeaky ball is..."

  2. Oh, so glad the squeeky ball has found a new home ... which would NEVER be here! LOL!
    Hope your Sunday has been relaxing!

  3. Your secret is safe with me!

    Sorry about no snow.

  4. I was wondering who won the stamina contest!

    I love Toby's expressive face!

  5. I never pay attention the our weather man they always say one thing and Mother Nature does the other ! I go by good old farmer instinicts my dad taught me , Papa calles me his weather Mama lol ! Your clan is looking well nice to see all having a good time ! Have a good day !

  6. I can send you some, no charge to you honest!!

    I know where the ball is!!!

    Gill in Canada

  7. Hmmm, well, we were gypped again in NC as well...oh well, I guess there really won't be snow this year!

  8. I have given up on the weather man too. I mean seriously. Where is the snow......

    Who got the snow, not me, not you....whoo

  9. Mysterious eh? Yeah right!! lol
    Poor neglected Todd!

  10. No wonder Todd is digging holes! He is looking for his toy.

  11. pfffffffffft!!! I am with you. It's not bad enough that the snow never came.. but the sun came out. WTH weather men?!? At this point I have given up on any snow this season. Bring on spring!

  12. I live in Southern California and not in the mountains. I could do a snow dance all day long and it wouldn't do me a bit of good..but your pooches are going to be rolling in it before I think. Lucky ducks, er'..I mean doggies! :)

  13. I can see all those tiny teeth marks - that ball rolled away and ... HID!

  14. Looks like Toby is making (Snow) Angels in the Grass lol
    Hopefully your wish will be granted soon. I've got plenty of blues skies and sunshine if you want it but I'm not trading it for white stuff:))

    Take care

  15. Too bad those snow dances aren't working! ....a squeaky ball bit the dust? lol

  16. OK, that ball, I found one just like that outside when we moved in the other week, could it be?

    And as for snow, I will gladly send it all your way. We had another 4 inches the other day, and if I hear another person exclaim "oh this has been such a easy winter!" I'll...I'll...throw a snowball at them, LOL.

    Where are the crocus that I used to have down on the coast, I ask...teh he. And it's cold, and snowy here, what are they talking about?

    Oh and Whoot whoot to another word verification free blog!!!!

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  17. Maybe when those three things collide it will be the Perfect Storm.

  18. Now we know who won yesterday. My money was on Todd, and I was right!

    I hope that you get the perfect storm. We are on opposite ends of this spectrum. I'd dance with joy if I saw bare ground!

  19. We don't believe the blue ball disappeared under mysterious circumstances. Our house has a ball monster too!
    Sweet William The Scot

  20. I am hoping for some snow too! So, lets dance together!
    I am even disappointed for you!

    Were glad the ball got a new home too, and we know its very happy!
    tee hee hee

  21. Oh dear, I am sorry you didn't get the snow you hoped for..and here I was ALL excited today because our snow is MELTING! I am OVER it! wish I could have share...and I'll be HAPPY to send the *missing* ball back to you...I know you've been looking all over for it!
    Happy new week to all..

  22. Must have been the aliens who took Todds squeaky ball. Happens around here too.

  23. Unfortunately our weather people have been correct---rain and humidity. Yuck.

    Now, we wonder where that ball went.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  24. Sorry you didn't get the promised snow Kim.This week we're getting temps of 16F,positively Spring-like!
    Has Todd buried that ball in a secret place I wonder?
    Have a happy week. ;0)

  25. Alas the misfortune of the weather forecast, and its inevitable failings. We expected snow here over the weekend and Kirra was so excited, instead rain, gale force winds.

    Love the snow dance and the mystique of the ball will forever remain its status.

  26. These weather people can't predict anything right. We were supposed to have a cold front this weekend, then rain but at the last minute we just had 80 degrees. I was ok because it did give us a chance to yard work and bathe Roscoe. At around 6pm sunday, it seemed like a hurricane would be coming down. Super windy and feeling like rain. Well this morning, no rain but 60 degree weather. Go figure.
    Nice to know that atleast the dogs had a good day rolling in the grass and Todd was able to open a couple of more holes.
    TFS. Have a great week.

  27. I just watched the squeaky ball video. Too cute! I am sure someone will sniff it out eventually and then it will be just like a new toy all over again!!

    Have a happy week Kim and pups!
    xo Catherine

  28. Even with all this technology, they're still right only 10 %. Sorry. ;)
    I don't know. The blue ball is well loved. :)

    Have a wonderful day!

  29. Oh my gosh - "Henri" was glued to your video. He wants one! Where did you get it. "Ball" is Henri's favorite game. He plays hockey under my big armchair with my son; that's his favorite. Oh, and sweet Lucas. I want to hug him so bad. You are an angel, Kim.

  30. How funny is the missing ball??? My dear, sweet Lili passed away over 2 years ago and recently I found her stash of tennis balls way over on the edge of the lawn where it meets the field! They were almost covered over with old grasses and dirt and it is amazing I spotted them at all but there they were, 16 of them hidden there, so that solves the mystery of the missing tennis balls!
    Maybe someday your blue ball will suddenly appear in the least likely spot and shock and amaze you!
    Have a great day Kim!
    Tina xo

  31. We were surprised when we got to training this week and there was a new layer of wet snow. Kind of made for messy training. You just never know when you are going to run into the stuff this winter.

  32. Kim,

    I know I shouldn't do it, but I just have to tell you it's beautiful in my part of VA this morning. We got about 2 to 3 inches of snow. Of course, it's melting fast and will be gone shortly with the temperatures rising.

    Wish you and Todd could join us for coffee this morning.

  33. It's under the couch...those things always end up under the dang couch. Looking for a dog toy? Just get a yardstick, crouch down into a knee and back wrenching position, and then give that yardstick a swipe under there. You'll see.

  34. Keep up the snow dance Toby! It worked for Fred! lol

  35. I wonder if Todd knows it was a tactical disappearance!

  36. i love the joyous look on toby's face. and that he's happy grass or snow!
    and look at that patch of mud on top of todd's nose and the dirt in his chin whiskers... not hard to tell what he was doing!!!
    i just love this blog.
    tammy j

  37. Hi Kim,
    I can't catch you!!!! I'll keep trying!!!
    You can have our snow we don't want any --- you can have our share OK???

  38. It's sunny here today. We're supposed to have both 60s and 30s this week. How do you plan with this freaky weather?

    Now where could that ball have gone?
    Morgan, Tsar and the Porties

  39. Sounds like the ball AND the SNOW disappeared under mysterious circumstances!
    Great pix of Toby's snow dance!

    Big hugs,
    Sierra Rose

  40. We just got three inches of the white shroud in Minnesota with 3 more on the way. Hope it heads your way as well.

  41. Keep dancing and doing that hole digging - at least if it doesn't snow, it might produce the ball?
    Hugs xoxoox
    Sammie and Avalon

  42. Have you checked Todd's holes for that ball?