Thursday, February 16, 2012

Winter Dampness

Another typical hurried week of work and traffic and things like...  
Getting Todd to day-camp, and ...
~Todd at day-camp~
Of course taking care of the other dogs...Lucas continues to do really well.  He's now able to eat his entire meal of 'porridge' without our helping him.  There is still some swelling around his nose, but it doesn't appear to be sensitive to the touch, so I don't think it's anything to be concerned about. I've been able to look inside his mouth a little and from what I can see, the tissue is healing nicely.      
As is always the case at this point in the week, I feel pretty drained. It's not helping that today we have clouds and rain.  I'm trying to avoid the dampness and cold that seems to set into your bones this time of year.  This morning I crossed the Potomac into Maryland and I thought that the river really had a winter stillness about it.  
It's days like this, it's good to be home!  


  1. I totally understand about this damp weather. Home in front of a fire is the best solution.

    Sounds like Lucas is doing very well...good news.

  2. Good for Lucus..what an ordeal! It's dreary here too, we have full sun at 7,000 ft. but it's cold! ;D

  3. Glad to hear Lucas is doing better!

    I hear what you say about the weather, a nice cuddle with a dog on either side in front of a nice fire is what I like on those kind of days. :-)

  4. Glad to hear the update on Lucas. Dreary days can drag you down can't they?

    Gill in Canada

  5. hurray for lucas!!! he's so stinking cute! so glad you've got him, now!

  6. Yup, Thursday often can be a drag of a day. I was at home today as I woke up with a horrible migraine, so I got to avoid the 'almost the end of the week but not quite' doldrums at the office. There's a positive side to everything, I guess!

    I'm glad that Lucas is healing well and that is an adorable picture of Todd, as always!

  7. That Lucus is a cutie. I am so glad he is doing well. Hoping you have a bright weekend.

  8. hate that bone-chilling damp weather. Curl up next to the dogs and fire.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

    Will try to decipher your word verification now.

  9. Same weather here. I'm sooo happy to be home and indoors where it's warm. Hoping for better weather tomorrow! YAY, Lucas!! Glad to hear he's doing so well. :-)

  10. I love the way Lucas sleeps with his paws over his head. Fudge does that sometimes.

  11. We had a couple of chilly days but today is bright sunshine and minimal wind. I can't believe the change in Lucas. He looks so relaxed and happy. That makes me smile.

  12. I love that picture of Lucas. What a sweetie! It's rainy and foggy here in Ontario too. The best place to be is home cuddled up with a fire and a hound at your feet!

  13. Couldn't agree more...nothing like a warm house filled with love on a cold, damp day!...:)JP

  14. I think cold damp is worse than below zero. Glad to hear Lucas is doing good!

  15. Definitely a gray day.

    Glad to hear and see Lucas is doing well. :)

  16. So glad for Lucas he's half way there, right?

    I still don't have my time scheduled.

    I hate the dreary days too, makes more me stiff and sore.

    Well, I hate the word verification...

  17. So good that Lucas is dong so well. That really was a lot for an older poochie.

    I am not fond of winter gloom....we have (thankfully!) glorious blue skies and very mild temps.

  18. Oh I am so happy to see and hear Lucas is doing so well ! I hear ya about the cold and damp I have it where it affects my muscles and makes me feel like I have been hit by a truck ! I never used to but ya know how fun getting older is WOOPPEE !!!! Hope you dont ache in the cold damp weather ! Great photos ! Have a good day !

  19. oh I hate damp too
    but you have enough fur around there to keep you snuggy
    make soup

  20. So glad Lucas is doing well. Wishing you a sun filled day!!

  21. OOh,that does look blustery! Hope you can wrap up your week with some sunshine yet! Hugs to all!

  22. We've had the same kind of weather but today the sun finally came out. Lovin it.

  23. I love being retired everyday, but especially on those cold and dreary days!
    Happy to hear all is well at Golden Pines!

  24. I find the cool, damp, dreariness depressing. Although that photo of Lucas sure brings a smile! ;-)

    You should get better weather soon ~ it was sunny and in the forties here today...


  25. It was foggy & damp all day here too. NO fun!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  26. Glad Luc is healing and eating.
    Sorry the weather sucks.
    Oh well, wait an hour and it will change.

  27. Lucas looks handsome and cute on his pawsome post! Good to hear it from your that your at home and still doing great stuff! ;)

    It's all About Pet Fences

  28. Ugh ... I hear you! I had to do a sunshiny post today just to ease these February blues!
    Every time I see that Todd, he makes me smile!

  29. Love hearing the good news about Lucas! Great pictures.

  30. little lucas still holds his head with his paws. how adorable is he!
    either you were there early or there's only one other puppy for todd to play with in day care? they're so cute sitting there together having their picture taken!
    take care dear heart. i think in your heart you're a sunshine girl. i hope they appreciate you at work. i know we appreciate you!
    tammy j

  31. raw...that's what I call it....raw...and it has been here too..cold wind off the ocean....two wood stoves going...
    but that Lucas....oh...I am in love with Lucas......

  32. Glad everyone is doing well. LOVE your new header picture!

  33. Add me to the list of Lucas's fans!! Hope you get some sunshine this weekend!

  34. Today we have the gray skys and rain too, and it feels cold.
    Lucas is looking so good! And how wonderful that he can eat his whole meal now!
    Its so nice when things go smooth!
    Little Todd is the luckiest pup in the work to be going to day camp!
    Look at how adorable he is!

  35. Lucas looks much better and Todd is just so cute. We could use a nice sunny day around here!

  36. Love the picture of Lucas and glad to read he's doing better!

    Nadine & golden Neeli

  37. Home is where the furry hearts are!

    I'm glad Lucas is doing better!


  38. I really enjoy reading your blog as well as viewing the wonderful photo's.

    I do agree of winter, it creates a sense of remaining indoors and the warmth, and yet still retains a mystique.


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