Thursday, March 29, 2012

Hope and Luck

Today was again on the chilly side with the highs barely edging above 60 (16 °C).  Tack on the gusty winds, and it continues to feel like....well...March.  The tree pollen count has soared to a record high set in 1998. I have to admit to not minding the cool so much, but with the combination of pollen and the dogs shedding my allergies have really given me a good punch, leaving me with a migraine headache.

Adding to my headache is the thought of replacing our heating and cooling system in the house.  We knew last year it was on borrowed time and I have held onto some hope that it could once again be fixed.  Today a repairman came and gave us a fatal diagnosis.  When he told us he would like someone else to come and look at it to give us a final estimate on its replacement, it made my headache worse and left me seeing only dollar signs.  All I can do is hope to win the 'Mega Millions' lottery that is now up to over 540 million dollars.  I only have to pick all the numbers correctly and buy a ticket.  I think I should just save my dollar and put it towards the new heat pump--I'm just not that lucky.... 
But you know what?  I feel lucky enough!!  


  1. Yes, I have to remember to buy my ticket too. Knowing my luck, if I won, 543 million people would win with me.

    I'm sorry you had a migraine - I had one Tuesday and it just left this morning. I feel your pain, literally.

  2. The pollen is horrendous this year, I think we've all suffered a headache or two.

    Our heat and a/c unit is on borrowed time also, this is our second, things just are made as well as they used to be.
    Good luck on the lottery :)

  3. Hi Kim, I had one of those nasty headaches on Monday, just went to bed and slept it off. Hope yours is gone soon. Sorry to hear about the heating/air conditioning system~~it's always something isn't it? :(
    Toby looks so sweet in that last photo. Have a good weekend.

  4. sorry about the allergies AND about the heating/ac system! ugh! but those sweet pups are adorable...

  5. LOVE the header..wish I could figure out how to change mine out..think I could do it if I would just take the time TO do it! LOL...
    I'm so sorry about the heating/cooling system..the "joys" of home ownership!
    BUT>...on the up side look at those blessings...the ones who look back at you and give you a good lick to show their love!...

  6. On the plus side, the new HAC should be more efficient to run and you won't have to replace it again for 20 years :) Mama did our HAC a couple of years ago, but now it's time for a new roof. As someone observed, it's always something. Fortunately, all we have to worry about is trying to catch the squirrels and chipmunks who are getting pretty frisky.

    Jed & Abby

  7. So sorry for your head ache. Hope it goes away soon.
    Probably a good call on putting the dollar towards the heating/cooling thingy.

  8. I wish I were rich, I would buy you a new one. You are richer than many people for sure. God bless...:D

  9. High pollen here too, between all these blooming trees and DC, it's bad.

    Pics of Charlie and Toby - they look happy!

    Our central unit is 5 years old already, I hope it behaves. Not a real cheap item to replace. Good luck with that.

    Yep, you win the lottery and shower your friends w/moolah wink-wink.

  10. Charlie and Toby - how nice to see pictures of those two boys. Half the Chub Bros (RIP Bubba). Hope all is well at GP. We think of you often.

    KT and Roooooooooooos from Easton

  11. I keep being reminded that there is always a "next" problem, ready to crop up when I finish dealing with the current one! Those problems are a given - what is a treasure and a gift every day is the love of our family and friends, two-legged and four.

    I hope your migraine is easing, and the repair bill is not too big!

  12. At least the dogs can keep you warm....don't know what to do for the cooling though. Hope you are feeling better soon.

    XXXOOO Daisy,kBella & Roxy

  13. Hope you get that heating sorted out without too much cost. We were faced with similar last year - "Ooch"! I think I said (or I'm sure it was meant to have been that). I feel for you with the migraine, they leave you feeling terrible too even when they have calmed down....hope everything improves soon including Winning the Lottery...positive thinking always wins...hehe.

  14. With all that gold-en fur around you are already a millionaire.

    Have a wonderful weekend enjoying the things that make you smile.

  15. Our warm Spring weather is due to end this weekend and temperatures will be back to the seasonal average again :0(
    Sorry to hear of your troubles.My car had a puncture yesterday and we need two new tyres.Wouldn't it be nice to win...even a small amount...!
    Have a lovely weekend Kim. :0)

  16. oh dear heart. wishing you the best. your indomitable spirit shows through this post.
    i'm glad to see toby smiling and that charlie with his one blue eye is looking handsomely shaggy!
    faces of love for sure.
    am on my second heat pump in 10 yrs. (yes... the one that's supposed to last a good 20yrs according to their commercials!)
    won't be naming any names. :)

  17. i know what you mean about being hit with something like this. I do tell myself, better to spend it on something like this than on medication. I will probably never win the lotto since I do not play it either.
    TFS. ANA

  18. Sorry about your heating and cooling system. That's a big one! I'm glad your pups are there for comfort and joy.

  19. So sorry about your heating/cooling system and your headache. You poor girl! I do hope you feel better today. *hugs*

  20. We could always send a French plumber over !

  21. All you need to pick is enough numbers to win a few hundred thousand. ;o)
    Wish you much luck!

    I'd get a second opinion on whether it needs to be replaced, too. I mean it probably does, but another opinion couldn't hurt.

    And then get 3 or 4 for replacement cost.

    *hugs* ♥

  22. Hope you feel better... Buy a second lotto ticket and you will feel better.. women spending money makes men have headaches LOL.. and women happy.. LOL (sorry) (head tilt)

  23. I hope your head feels better Kim. Good luck with the Mega millions. Gary just bought some tickets as well. Maybe you and he will have to split it. Now that would be something to blog about, wouldn't it?! Have a great weekend!

  24. Happy Spring Kim! I think I've gone through 20 boxes of tissue so far!! Sorry about your headache, that is severe allergy! Good Luck with the new heat/air system. I got my ticket and hoping for a piece of that prize too! Have a great day!

  25. Hope the weekend brings good the lottery or the unit fixes it's self.

  26. I feel your pain. Our heating/cooling system is on borrowed time as well.

    Have a nice weekend!

  27. Sorry about the migraine Kim, I know it's no fun dealing with that. I would wish you good luck on the lotto but I don't want to reduce my already 187,200,000 to 1 odds of me winning :) Have a great week-end.

  28. We went thru that a couple years ago. It was a major pain in the head at the time. Just tell yourself that there's a nice tax deduction next year.

    We have our ticket. My friend Sue and I were making plans yesterday for how we plan to spend the winnings.

  29. Oh, I know what you mean about allergies and headaches. Throw in some air pressure changes and you've got a doozy! I say, buy a ticket! After all someone has to win!

  30. oh wow that is a huge lottery ticket, Hope it gets shared around and not just one person wins it. Wishing you luck if you do buy a ticket. NZ has a big one this week 25 mill which is HUGE for us.
    Love Leanne

  31. Don't feel too bad, I'm not lucky at the lottery either...but I do also feel incredibly lucky in all other respects! I hope your allergies feel better soon :o)

  32. Hi Kim
    I hope your headache is better.
    We are sorry about your heating system! Things come like swarms of bee's, don't they?
    We just got the septic taken care of- we think.
    We hope your heating problem does not give you more headaches and worry.

  33. Boy, it's always something, isn't it? I hope it turns out not as bad as you think. And yes, being on garden clean-up duty yesterday, my sinuses are complaining today.

  34. Home and pet always seem to make the pockets empty fast. But, we are so lucky to have both. I love the cool sixty degree temperature.
    Sweet William The Scot

  35. As they say, Kim, 'A home is never finished.' I know that feeling: so much to do and not enough cash.
    Hope you are all well. Just love your writing - keep it up.

  36. So sorry to read about your headache; I'd probably have one too with the accumulated things you're dealing with... Toby certainly looks optimistic, however - grab a ticket for a dollar!
    Miche and the girls!

  37. We have been living in a cloud of pollen too....
    I didn't win the mega millions, otherwise, I would pay for your new AC/heat system! :)

  38. Cute pics of the "kids"...and wishes that we could ALL win that kind of lotto!!

  39. I never buy a ticket -- but I don't need one either to feel lucky! Sweet post, Kim. Hope you and your crew are doing well.


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