Thursday, March 8, 2012

Lucas: Flying or Driving?

This morning Lucas is resting comfortably.  His surgery on Wednesday didn't take nearly as long as the first, but unfortunately it was not without its little glitches along the way.  When I dropped Lucas off in the morning, he was anxious and seemed nervous, and that continued while waiting for the surgery to begin.  For some dogs, this may not be too much of a problem.  However I've thought that Lucas has a bit of laryngeal paralysis because his breathing when he's excited becomes really loud and raspy.  When he had problems breathing before his surgery, the dentist took an x-ray to look at his heart and lungs, which were thankfully okay.  And since Lucas was under anesthetic, the doctor took a peek at his throat via a scope, which confirmed that the folds of his larynx are not opening and closing as they should.  Lucas's breathing problems continued after he woke up and an injection of Acepromazine which is a tranquilizer, was given to help keep him calm.  Needless to say, he was pretty loopy, wobbly and glassy-eyed when I picked him up.  He was of course that way the entire evening.  
On the way home I made a really quick stop with Lucas and when I came out of the store, he was sitting in the drivers seat of my van.  He's never gotten into one of the seats before and wish I'd had my camera because he was quite a sight sitting up in the seat but with his head on the window and his eyes all glassy and half opened.  I guess he was so 'drugged up' he thought he could drive?  I guess if he'd been a person he would have thought he could fly--Maybe Lucas thought that too, who knows?  
Its been a hurried and very tiring week with very little spare time.  This morning I'm taking Todd to check out a new day-care.  I don't know much about the place other than it's an indoor and outdoor facility and has a pool.  Afterwards, I get to do my favorite thing which is to be home.  I'm really sorry I've not been able to read your blogs this week and so I'm  really looking forward catching up on your news!  Enjoy your Thursday!!  


  1. Aww bless his heart! I hope he mends quickly. Todd looks so sweet. My favorite place to be is at home as well Kim. I think it's because that's where Gracie is..
    Hope you're having a good week!

  2. Enjoy your day at home. I'm so glad that Lucas is finished with that surgery. Now, let's hope Todd can find a daycare. Do you think he would not do well at home?

  3. Sweet Lucas. I wonder if deep in my subconscious I thought of that name when I rescued my new horse? hmmmm:-)
    Does Todd have a new squeaky toy?

  4. Dear, sweet Lucas. His eyes tell it all. I'm glad he's through all of his dental work now.

    Beautiful shot of the cardinal. As always, I smile when I see Todd.

  5. Good luck with the new facility.

    Poor Lucas probably thought you were home and wondered why you'd forgotten him, if he could think clearly at all!

    Have a wonderful day. ♥

  6. Sweet Lucas - glad that the worst is behind him.

    Nadine & golden Neeli

  7. Poor loopy Lucas, I always feel so sad for them when they aren't feeling well.

    Sampson also likes to climb behind the wheel and I love taking those photos because he is just adorable.

    Hugs to Lucas!!

  8. I always feel so badly for our pups when they have had to come out of anesthesia. Just takes time to sleep it off... Glad Lucas has gotten through the worst of things so far.

  9. I can totally picture dear Lucas in the driver seat.
    I hope the doggy daycare is what you are looking for. Believe me I know the value of a good and loving daycare.

  10. Poor Lucas. I hoep this is it for him. He looks like such a sweet boy. Thankfully he does not have any heart or lungs problems. That is a good thing.
    Hope everything goes well with Todd's new day care.
    Have a wonderful Thursday and enjoy your time off.

  11. Aaw,dear,sweet soul,so glad that ordeal is over for Lucas,and for you too Kim, as it's such a worrying and stressful thing to witness.
    Big hugs and cuddles...and woofs from Bella :0)

  12. Luc must have belonged to a loving family as one time. In his condition, he was reverting back to what he knows. We are sooooo happy he has a new loving family that's taking damn good care of him. Luc - hang in there buddy, there is some khat stalking to be done....BOL
    Easton sends Roooooooooooooooooos

  13. Poor Lucas. I hope he is feeling more alert today. I bet he was a sight sitting in the driver's seat. :)

  14. glad lucas made it through. i hope his gums can recover quickly this time, too.

  15. I had fingers crossed for Lucas and glad to hear he got through okay, if a little wobbly! least this dental work is done with.

  16. I bet he slept good last night. Hope the new daycare works out.

  17. Oooooh! I love that picture of Loopy Lucas! He'll be so glad to be home with his Momma! Hope the new daycare checks out. It sounds nice! :)

  18. LOVE the 'Loopy Lucas' picture! I'd love to see a photo of you, down on the floor, taking these close up shots! ;-)

    So glad that Lucas' surgery is behind him. May he recover and blossom into a joyful young lad again!

    Wishing you and your pack a fantastic weekend...

  19. Thank you so much for the update! Poor little man..glad it is finished. Hate when they are so anxious. Onward to his wonderful healthy life.
    Hoping the daycare works out for Todd. What a guy...
    The weekend is near..and..there's NO place like home!

  20. Lucas would have felt better, just being home.

    Hope the new day care works out for the little guy.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  21. Hi Kim, So glad that Lucas is back home now-he did look pretty out of it. Of course I love the Cardinal and a new day care? I thought you had found one that you liked-what happened, hopefully nothing to tramatize Todd or you. Sending lots of love your way.
    Noreen & Reggie

  22. Hope Lucas is feeling a little more with it now and is on the mend,


  23. I hope Lucas is feeling better today! One of our two family dogs was always waiting for us in the front and sometimes drivers' seat of the car when we came back after having her wait for us, we always got a kick out of it!

  24. i couldn't stop thinking of lucas yesterday. thank heaven it's finally over. now just think what a difference he'll feel! he's probably been in terrible pain for years. i know few humans who could tolerate it! touch that sweet face for me.
    never EVER apologize to anyone for not doing enough blogwise or otherwise!! i'd say you have plenty on your plate! you're amazing.
    to even be concerned about todd's daycare says so much about you.
    tammy j

  25. Oh Lucas, you beautiful sweetheart. i hope all the bad things are over now and he can just relax and be a golden. xox

  26. Oh sweet Lucas. Did you think that you were cardinal, ready to leap and fly?

    I am so happy that Lucas is with you, Kim. He's a very lucky dog. I'm sure that the laryngeal paralysis scares you... but I hope that it stays very benign like it has been in our elderly labs.

    Enjoy your Thursday too!

  27. Lol !
    I couldn't help but smile, seeing his expression...loopy indeed !
    Glad to hear all went well, he's a brave boy, and will feel so much better after all the work has been done.

  28. I was going to say poor Lucas, but he looks as if he's felling no pain and will probably have a good night's sleep. I hope he heals quickly and can start getting on with life.

    A day care with a pool sounds like heaven to my pack.

  29. Awwww, even Lucas should know that druggin' and drivin' don't mix.

    Poor fella, I hope he feels better soon although his eyes do look a bit stoned!

    Tod bless and have an incredible day sweetie!!! :o)

  30. Don't worry about us out here! You are doing great deeds! Your puppies need your time and attention. We'll be here!

  31. Oh Kim
    You are the best momma ever for all your babies at Golden Pines!
    You love them so much. Lucas will feel so much better now.
    He knows how much you love him and he can concentrate on that love, especially since his bad teeth are gone. Look at his sweet face!
    I hope you find a special day care for Todd,,, sweet little baby boy!
    The cardinal is go gorgeous! Thank you for sharing that special moment.
    ps- i know your feeling sad about the trees- I am sitting beside you.

  32. ps
    Takecare of yourself Kim- that is what we want. Find some rest for you.
    Don't feel that you need to visit bloggys.
    We will always be here for you, just as you have been for us,

  33. I'm glad that Lucas is doing well, he looks so funny in your picture!

    I hope Todd likes his new daycare.

    Nubbin wiggles,

  34. So glad Lucas is doing better.

  35. Positive thoughts for Lucas and a good recovery. And good luck on finding another day care for Todd. Have a great weekend!

  36. I am so pleased Lucas is on the road to recovery and his distress was quickly medicated.

    The photo of Lucas does express how much we Love our loving companions and wish to ease their anxiety at every moment.

  37. Oh poor loopy Lucas! I'm glad he is better now.


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