Wednesday, June 27, 2012

New Tricks and a Road Trip

Sandy is settling in really nicely and learning his way around our house and yard. It's a slow process.  For his sake, it'll be a big help when he knows the routine and where things are.  After not eating anything last weekend, and trying everything to get him to, I added parmesan cheese to the top of his meal and he FINALLY ate on Monday morning!  It makes sense that a dog that is blind and unfamiliar with his surroundings would be tempted by a strong cheese.  As I mentioned in my previous post, we've never had a blind dog before.  So I really appreciated your advice on helping this very sweet boy learn his way around on my last post.  If there are any other tips that you would like to pass on, please feel free to leave them.

The rest of the week is going to be a busy one.  Today I am off to Kentucky. All of my brothers are going to be home and I've not seen two of them in about 4 years and so I am looking forward to spending time with them. I'll look forward to catching up on your news when I return early next week!
Enjoy the rest of your week!


  1. I am glad Sandy is settling in well. He looks super happy in the photos.

    You are a wonderful human, taking in dawgs in need.

  2. I am so happy that Sandy is adjusting. Baby steps.
    Have fun on your mini vacation. You so well deserve it.

  3. 120 lbs!! and blind? Kim, you are an amazing woman!! Glad that Sandy is keeping you busy.

  4. have a wonderful trip!
    couple other things i've thought of for blind there one dog that he's bonded with, or that shows more interest in him...if so, a bell on the neck of this dog will help Sandy...maybe...

    also, place a rug in a spot in the house where he will go to every time he comes in.....then, same routine...rug to outside, to rug.....leash on will and water to him....then by his rug....feeling the different material under his feet will help him know he has arrived!

    sounds like you are doing everything right!!


  5. Sandy is a real cutie and another one that is lucky to have found love and a home with you.

    Enjoy your time with your brothers. Sounds delightful!

  6. Happy to hear Sandy is settling in. And that picture of Todd would be perfect for the Olympic event I am hosting, STICKS.

  7. I'm so glad to hear that Sandy is settling in. How great that you get to go and visit your family and see all of your brothers! Have a great time, you deserve it! :)

  8. Have a great time with you family. I am happy Sandy is settling in so well.

  9. Enjoy your break Kim, it is well deserved.

    Good news about Sandy, glad he is adjusting.

  10. We're glad to hear that Sandy is settling. Enjoy your time with your brothers.

    Nadine & goldens Neeli & Elle

  11. loving that Sandy is settling in.. and was bummed to hear that you are not coming to Texas for our photo shoot. :)

    Have fun with Family!!!!

  12. enjoy your family time, dear kim!

  13. Sandy is gonna be great, thanks to you, Kim. Have fun with your brothers!


  14. I'm glad that Sandy is settling in nicely! I hope you have a wonderful time with your family :o)

  15. Ahh... the power of cheese! It's worked for us many times. I'll bet that someone in your pack becomes Sandy's seeing eye companion soon.

  16. Kim, I know you are probably on the road but I'm glad that Sandy is finally settling in. I've never had a blind dog either and think it would be a challenge and a blessing. Love seeing Todd with the stick-he's ready for the Olympics.
    Hugs, Noreen & Hunter

  17. Hope this finds Sandy even more settled in. The only advice I can give, and I expect it has been said, is to keep the furniture in the same position as Sandy will get to know where he is that way.

  18. If something does not work out with Sandy, using the tips you have already received, there's a place I have supported for a long time. A couple take in disabled animals, mostly blind dogs. They have been doing this for years and have a lot of expertise by now. You can reach Steve at:
    A good address to have I think.

  19. Safe travels. Glad to hear Sandy is eating.

  20. Sandy will be running around in no time.

    Have a great visit with your family.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  21. Hi Kim
    Were happy to know that Sandy is getting settled at Golden Pines.
    We just knew it would happen!
    We hope you have a good time on your road trip to see your brothers!

  22. I am so glad that Sandy is fitting right in. Have fun with your family.


  23. Looks like sweet pup is starting to feel at home. Wonderful!
    Have a super week Kim ~ enjoy your visit with your family!
    xo Catherine

  24. Parmesan My heart swells when I visit your blog. I know just how much you love these sweet animals ~ Sandy will be at home in no time! Give her kisses from Baltimore

  25. Have a wonderful trip. I love the parmesean idea for a blind dog - I have ZERO experience with a blind dog. I am sure with time Sandy will settle down.

  26. It has been over a week since we stopped, so we went back and read you older post looking for news about Sam. He did fight the good fight. We are glad he is at restful peace now and has no more pain. Sandy is lucky in that the other dogs can show him around. I have a deep belief they know each others limitations and help each other. Have a good time in KY.
    Sweet William The Scot

  27. I'm betting Sandy is going to be a wonderful addition to your household. I just read an amazing story about an adopted blind cat and how it has kept the family safe by alerting them to safety hazards several times like candles left burning at night, etc.
    Yeah for Cheese!
    And yes, if we get a few more hot days the lakes should be warm enough for me to swim. In my younger days I would already be in the water but as I get older my tolerance to cold is decreasing.

  28. Hi Guys,
    We awarded you guys with the sunshine Award.

    Cessna, Aspen, Canyon & Rogue

  29. Hi, Sandy will know what a loving caring home he has now.This week there was an animal recsue programme,on our TV, one of the dogs was blind, and it followed the family's other dog by listening, it ran,played, trotted after the other one, and fitted in so well. They had a secure fenced back yard.Sandy will become a special part of your family, and memories of Sam will always be in your heart.Cheers from Jean in NZ

  30. I've got a soft spot for blind dogs after our sweet Cisco - give Sandy a hug from us, please?


  31. Traved safely, Kim. And have a wonderful time!

  32. We had a blind dog. It isn't hard.

    Don't move stuff around. Push the chairs back under the table.

    Use small throw rugs to mark inside doors, bottom and top of stairs, food and water bowls, etc.

    We used some spare cement pavers to make a path out into the yard from the patio. There was also a patch of mint next to the path if he got disoriented.

    Hang a small wind-chime outside near the door that he will usually use to get in the house.

    Multiple water bowls..upstairs and downstairs.

    Noisy or scented toys...balls with bells inside, kong-type toys with cookies or peanut butter in them.

    Our boy...

  33. I hope you have a wonderful trip and enjoy seeing your family!!!


  34. Hi Y'all,

    Hope you have a wonderful trip to Kentucky!

    My Human has had blind and deaf dogs...they were elderly. She said to tell you that one thing was to be sure the family puts chairs back under the table. Something moved out of its place can be confusing, not to mention he'll will bump into it. Otherwise, just show him around, teach him where the fences and doors are located, etc. The other dogs will help.

    Now, I want to pass the Sunshine Award on to you. Stop by my blog for Monday to pick it up.

    Y'all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  35. Hi Kim!
    I am so sorry that it has been so long since I was on Blogger in any consistent way but this past few months have been very hard for me for various reasons and I am still trying to get a handle on my life, but I was worried about you guys with all the lousy weather news and you and the gang have been in my prayers constantly!
    I did notice your post about Sam and I send my deepest heartfelt prayers Kim. I haven't had time yet to go back through your posts that I have missed but I will be catching up this week on all your news.
    I do hope that you are all safe and will watch for a post that tells me that all is well with you right now!
    Love....your friend Tina xo

  36. Good morning Kim! We are passing the Very Inspiring Blogger award to you. Hop on over to our blog to grab it!

    Thumper and Lightning

  37. Enjoy your vacation and your family Kim.


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