Wednesday, March 13, 2013

One Down One to Go!!

THANK YOU ALL for your good thoughts for Lucas yesterday!  It was a really long and stressful day for him.  The vet-tech told me that Lucas became overly anxious while waiting for the surgery to begin, but as hoped, the extractions of his four remaining teeth went well.  Today his mouth is a little swollen and I can tell it's sore.  But he has plenty of pain medication and because he's up and around and back to eating, I've no doubt he's going to be just fine!
With Lucas's surgery behind us, we still have one more to get through this week. Unfortunately Carl needs to have yet another surgery on his foot and will be going into the hospital on Friday and staying for a few days. So he and Lucas can recover together!  


  1. Never a dull moment at Golden Pines! Paws are crossed for Carl...glad to hear Lucas is doing so well!

  2. I'm so glad Lucas's extractions went well and he is able to eat so soon.

    I'm sure he will be a good friend to your husband while he recuperates.

    I'm guessing Lucas will be able to give your husband quite a few tips on the art of cat 'friending'.

    Kitties tend to be loners and don't have a lot of playtime friends. You casually stay near or very close to the kitty at all times. Then whenever they need a friend to have some fun, you're right there and ready to have some fun!

  3. I send best wishes for Lucas' and Carl's procedures and healing.

  4. I tried sending good wishes to Lucas but couldn't seem to hook up to your blog. So here is a promise, I think of you all often and will keep good thoughts for you and if you don't get them via the wire, get them through the air!

    This goes double for Carl and his upcoming surgery and you, too, Kim!


  5. I'm glad Lucas is doing well and now he doesn't have to worry about those toothaches anymore.

    I guess I thought Carl was all healed. Sorry to hear that you both have to go thru still more. We're thinking of you both.

  6. You heal faster with a buddy by your side, right?

    I'm glad Lucas is okay and fingers crossed for Carl!

  7. Very glad to hear that Lucas' surgery went well. My very best prayers are being lifted up for Carl. I am sure he and Lucas will help one another as they heal. And special prayers for you as well as you, I know, will be trying to make everyone comfortable.

  8. Good news about Lucas, and I hope all goes well for Carl.

  9. I'm glad that Lucas is on the mend and I hope that the surgery goes smoothly for Carl and finally fixes his injuries.

    Rough week in your house...

  10. Lucas looks remarkable for the day after surgery. His eyes are so bright and loving. Sweet hugs to both of you.
    I will be thinking of you and Carl. I too thought he was doing well. So sorry his recuperation is being extended. I know all of the dogs will give him extra attention!
    Gus' Mom

  11. Guess Carl won't be doing dog walking for awhile.

    Hope both your boys have speedy recoveries.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  12. I'm so glad Lucas is recovering well! Hugs for Lucas.

  13. So pleased all went well for Lucas :)
    Wishing your husband all the best for Friday.

  14. Great news about Lucas . Not so great news about a weekend in hospital for Carl ! Speedy recovery to both .

  15. Glad Lucas got through it... Hope Carl does too!

  16. So glad he's okay and fingers crossed for the next op! Great expression on his slightly puffy face!

  17. You surely do have your hands full with the 2 boys. Glad to hear that Lucas is recovering well. Hope everything goes well with Carl's surgery.

  18. I'm so glad everything went well for Lucas and that he is on his way to a speedy recovery! Sending good wishes for Carl too on his surgery tomorrow. I know all the dogs will help take good care of him once he gets home! Wishing him a speedy recovery too!

  19. oh my god kim.
    that beautiful little face.
    he has known great suffering for so long and now he can eat with pleasure. and he has a good safe home. no foraging on the streets.
    you're an angel to take him in and get him all healed. he has a family now that's real. not the other one that was name only.
    and I wish carl didn't have to go through any more suffering either.
    how one little step can alter life for months! take care of you too dear heart. try to rest between taking care of your boys! xo

  20. Hi Kim
    We're glad to hear that Lucas did well with his surgery. Prayers going Carl's way as he awaits surgery. You take care.

    Nadine & goldens Neeli & Elle

  21. You're such a good nurse! Glad Lucas is home and on the mend, and sorry that Carl has another surgery ahead.

    Hugs to you all.

  22. Morning Kim, so happy all went well for Lucas and ha can rest now and recover.....Sending a prayer for all goes well for Carl on Friday,Hug them both for me, :) Blessings Francine.

  23. terribly sorry to hear about carl! but so glad lucas made it through!!!

  24. Good for Lucas, not heal up buddy, and milk it for are you are worth. How Carls goes well also, we are sure when he comes home he will have a bunch of poochies to love on him!

    Your Pals
    Susie & Bites

  25. Oh Kim,
    Your household is certainly in the wars nowadays. I hope things perk up soon. I am happy to hear that Lucas's surgery went well - poor pup! Lots of hugs to him. Please send our best healing wishes to Carl too...we'll be thinking of him tomorrow.

  26. WooHoo for Lucas! Best wishes for Carl. (Who's taking care of you, Dear Lisa)?

  27. That's great news about Lucas! We will be keeping all of you in our thoughts and prayers tomorrow.

  28. We are so happy Lucas is doing ok- and is on the mend.
    We will be sending Carl lots of positive thoughts and healing too.

  29. Lucas must meet my Dad to be reassured that life goes on without teeth!
    And give our best to Carl....good luck and positive energy heading your way!!

  30. Glad Lucas did well. And so sorry Carl has still not healed. Positive thoughts for all.

  31. Hi Kim, So very thankful that Lucas' surgery went well. I'll be praying for Carl tomorrow and over the weekend-fast, painless and easier than expected. I know you're probably swamped but wondered if you know any resources for toxic plants/berries to keep dogs away from. I just put a fence up around our crabapple and trimming it back so Hunter can't get to the fruit. Also wondering about pet friendly fertilizers-I used to have handouts but not anymore. Need to keep resources on hand so I ere on the safe side.
    Hugs and much love.
    Noreen & Hunter

  32. Very good news about Lucas and best of luck to Carl for a successful surgery!

  33. Ah Lucas, so glad you are doing ok. Does this mean you get to live on Ice Cream......

    Carl, we will be keeping you in our prayers.

    Bert adn My Vickie

  34. Sending good thoughts and prayers for both, Kim. *hugs* ♥

  35. Kirra and 'I' are praying for a speedy recovery and looking forward to seeing even more delightful photo's of such loving companions.

  36. We are sending lots of Golden Healing Vibes your way!


  37. One surgery over and one to go! I love the way your dogs look directly into the camera because I know they are looking at someone they love very much - the person behind the camera! Sending wishes that all goes well.

  38. Hi Y'all!

    Stopped to see how Carl is doing tonight.

    Y'all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog


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