Sunday, April 7, 2013

Golden Enough

With all the errands done on Friday there was nothing planned for the weekend.  I was thrilled to be able to just stay home and finish catching up on things around the house. Outside the Eastern Phoebe for the third year in a row is busy building its "house" above our garage door.  This cheeky little bird is one of my favorites.  Its return a few weeks ago was a sure sign of that spring had to be on its way--The Phoebe was right, it has finally shown up.  Warming temperatures are forecast for the rest of our week.  Blossoms like the forsythia that is just starting to bloom will be in abundance by the end of the week.
Yesterday at her own choosing Cissy spent most of the day outside.  She really seems to enjoy the warmth of the sun.
Today she was quieter and she chose to stay inside most of the time.  Because of her very low thyroid level, her coat is thin, and she has no coat at all on her stomach side.  With a cool breeze, this evening I've warmed a towel and blanket for her and as I write this she's sleeping soundly.  I'm just hoping it's not an indication that she's not feeling well again.
I had a conversation with someone from the rescue about Cissy.  It's easy enough to see that she's not a 'full bred Golden Retriever' but a mix of something that I can't even begin to guess. But I was asked my thoughts about maybe transferring Cissy to an "all breed rescue" when she feels better. This would be because people coming to a breed specific rescue almost always are looking to adopt that particular breed and not a mixed breed. Placing Cissy into a new forever home via the Golden Retriever Rescue could be a challenge and added to that is her age and her health.  It was a good, frank discussion and one that had to take place. In the end we agreed that she is "golden enough" and will not be transferred to another rescue.  She is now an "honorary Golden Retriever."  

I wonder what Todd would think about being an "honorary Golden Retriever?"   


  1. She is Golden to me in more than just the breed way. Todd's laughter could light up a room.

  2. Although it is disconcerting to hear that she was quieter today I am wondering if she overdid it just a bit when maybe she was feeling just a bit better. I know us humans often do more than we should when we haven't felt well and then begin to feel just a bit better.
    Here's hoping that a good nights rest will be just the thing for her.
    I would also say that golden enough is a wonderful conclusion to come to!

  3. I agree that Cissy is golden enough!
    She has a golden temperament and sweetness despite the extreme difficulties she had to endure and is still in recovery.


  4. Todd's a scottie and can hold his own with Golden's. We agree Cissy should stay right where she is.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  5. It's great that Cissy can stay there where she is. She's golden enough, even more! Hugs from Mickey..

  6. We vote for Cissy's current home. That makes it Five votes from our household.Hope we win !! Golden or not outside, she sure is 'Golden' inside :)
    As for Todd, we are sure he can be honorary any breed and hold his own still !!

    Wags n love,
    Gin, Bud, Shadow n Mummy

  7. Maybe I am wrong, but at Cissy's age and health she has such a remote chance of being adopted,I can't imagine why she would be moved. Sometimes I wonder if people ever realize how hard it is on an old dog to move from one place they know to a place they don't know. I am so glad she has you to cheer for her, Kim.


  8. Sounds and looks like Cissy is doing just fine where she is :) It will be nice to see how she progresses through the warmer months, but I love that you warm a blanket for her, so sweet. As for Todd, I think he is already an honorary Golden, lol.

  9. I think Todd thinks its highly amusing to be considered a 'Golden'!! Hope Cissy gets stronger. She is certainly in the best place to have a chance at good health. xxx

  10. Cissy has a heart of gold - wishing her the best.

    Nadine & goldens Neeli & Elle

  11. Morning Kim, both Cissy and you are GOLDEN to me.....I hope she is ok, poor girl, to go through so much, breaks my heart.......but happy she is with you and your wonderful loving, caring household.......Great picture of Todd, Hugs Francine.

  12. Loved your post yesterday and Cissy's video. Maybe she's tired as she had so much fun then! She looks so much better with your tender care. And yes! She's a golden to me! hugs...

  13. i was holding my breath while you talked about transferring cissy to another rescue. i am so glad she will remain with you - unless she is adopted. big sigh...

  14. I love your Phoebe! Well, I love birds and I'm always thrilled when our migrants show up year after year. Our Bluebirds have been back for at least a month and our song sparrow turned up this week.

    Cissy is such a sweet girl. It could be that spending so much time outside one day wore her out a bit so she just needs a little rest.

    That Todd can make anyone smile. I'm sure he thinks he is a golden...well at least in color.


  15. I'm glad you and the rescue agreed she is 'golden enough' I can't imagine how unsettling it is for her to be going from one place to the next, especially with all the other things she's dealing with.

  16. She is a wonderful old dog and certainly golden in her heart.

  17. I hope Cissy gets to stay with you forever. Todd is a delight.

  18. Todd is a character. Glad you didn't move Cissy. Sounds as though another move might be stressful.

  19. Yes I agree with all the others!!!
    She is trying hard for you b/c she feels you care and she hasn't had that before and it means so much to her!!! YOU CARE!!!!
    You are an Angel to her!!

  20. What a lovely bird....not one we have here. Lovely to see Cissy in the sun - I do hope she keeps improving.

  21. like all the rest . . .
    held my breath while reading.
    you do have a way of building suspense! i think to make her adjust to someplace new would just be cruel. she would never trust a home again.
    i look at it like little children who go from foster home to foster home. as adults they may not be openly adversely affected. but when they talk . . . they have NO sense of what home was. how sad.
    so glad she's "golden enough."
    what a concept. i know. i know.
    todd's laugh just makes the day!!!
    love dear heart,
    and healing good thoughts for carl and cissy both.
    and throwing in some REST for you!
    never could hurt. LOL.

  22. Oh I am so happy that Cissy gets to stay. The start of that made my heart stop for a moment. I think Todd already thinks he is a Golden.

  23. Cissy is a Golden and right where she needs to be, now about Todd being a honray Golden, well we thought he is the leader of the pack, being a terrier and all. Is he laughing about it!

    The Mad Scots

  24. Well, Todd is golden, sort of.

    I'm glad Cissy is staying put. I think it might be traumatic for her to have to undergo another change in her life.

    Is she taking thyroid meds? They seem to work pretty fast so she should be feeling the results soon. Is she eating for you?

    I do so hope that she can enjoy a bit of her life.

  25. AZGRC runs into that too. It's hard to turn them away, and oddly enough, they have tremendous luck adopting out the honorary Golden's. Give Cissy hugs from us!


  26. It's so lovely to see Cissy enjoying the sunshine. I hope she feels up to spending some more time outside soon - the warmed blankets you've been giving her sound like the kind of tlc that sweet girl deserves.

    Todd is a delight, his photos always make me laugh!


  27. When I first saw Cissy I was thinking she had some terrier in her? Who knows. I am happy that you are having some Spring. 15 degrees and snowing here. grrrrr.

  28. Many breed rescues also are know for placing mixed breeds. We got Ruby, our probably-Lab/Border Collie cross, from Blue Ridge Border Collie Rescue. They place BCs, BC mixes, other herding-type dogs, and sometimes non herders who are friendly and adoptable.

    Cissy should love the temps today and tomorrow. The crew here has been enjoying the warmth and sunshine.

  29. A warm blanket for Cissy. She is so LUCKY to have you! Bless your heart.

    Laughing at Todd! :)

  30. Awww... I am glad that she is an honorary retriever! !! : ) I hope that sweet feels better.
    Yes... Todd is a great retriever too!

    We just had sharky at the vet last week for a routine check up and treatment for his ears. At four he now weighs 112lbs and the Dr put him on a diet. We've got to get him down to 100. Sharky is mad!!! : )

  31. Glad that you and the rescue have decided to keep Cissy.
    Haha. Todd. ;-)
    Have a blessed week, and more healing to Carl. ♥

  32. Sweet Kim
    Everything you just said-- makes us very happy,,the birdie news,, Cissy news- just everything,,,
    thank you

  33. Todd is Scottie through and through!

  34. I am glad she's staying because I fear she wouldn't do as well somewhere else and moving her at this point could be a big setback. Of course Todd is Golden! Just look at his pretty coat.

  35. It brought tears to my eyes to visualize you warming blankets and towels for sweet Cissy. She is knowing love like she's never known before. I'm so glad that she's an honorary Golden - so that you can shepherd her to whatever comes next.

    My K had thyroid problems, and I'm sure that your vet already told you this but it takes quite a while to get their blood levels back to normal (6 wks is what I remember) and then even a bit longer to get their coat and other symptoms back to normal.

    Thank you for being such an incredible savior for so many dogs, and especially Cissy.


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