Sunday, December 1, 2013

Snippets of a Four-Day Weekend

Four days off from work have passed much, much too quickly.  It was a good weekend, and our inner-batteries are fully recharged. We end this holiday weekend with more worry about our girl Wendy.  I've not mentioned her in the past couple of weeks, and I will only say now that I know that our more than 14 years together will end very soon. I know it goes without saying that the loss of our precious, precious Wendy will be a very sad and difficult day for us.  We are taking each day as it comes, and savoring the moments and time we have left with her.  
~Wendy this evening~ 
On the flip-side, here are a few just random photos of some of other moments from this past weekend. The first is a handsome pheasant that we've seen a couple of times near our house.  It's unusual for us to see one, and I'm wondering if someone's Thanksgiving dinner got away?
A sleepy photo of Shadow recharging his inner batteries...
 No doubt so he can stay up late and watch "CC-TV!"
Josh, snoozing on the forbidden chair, which is why it's kept covered, because the dogs don't know that.  He's feeling much, much better and is able to move his neck with no problem.  
A quickly taken photo of a very camera shy Sunny, who after I took this picture quickly exited the room. He's also doing well, and neither us, or the dog-walker have had a moment of trouble with him.  There is a real calmness and confidence about Sunny now and he has truly found his place within the pack 
 I hope you've had a good weekend! 


  1. good news on several of your sweeties, and then not good news for wendy. bless her. and you.

  2. Blessings on Wendy, 14 years is a pretty good span of time for a pup.

    For Todd in the last picture, is he re-charging his batteries also?


  3. Sweet Kim
    We know how your heart is feeling about Wendy. She has been a part of your family for a long time.
    Its sad to see them hurt. You have given her so much love- and she knows how you feel-- yes she does.

  4. You and Wendy are in my thoughts during this so, so difficult time. Glad you had a good weekend and a chance to recharge!

  5. I feel sad about Wendy, and send hugs to you and to her. I'm glad Sunny and your others are doing so well. Lovely, adorable pics!

  6. it! Sad to hear about Wendy. We think you should just enjoy what time you have.

    Happy to hear that you've had a relaxing holiday and are ready to face whatever awaits you.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  7. Kim, my heartfelt caring thoughts to you, and for Wendy, maybe peace is near. Your TLC and so much more, for all those years, she has been truly blessed. Decisions as this one is ,are so hard, as so many of us have found. Fond greetings to all, Jean.

  8. Really, really great news about Sunny and Josh. Wendy has had a long and wonderful life. Yes, savor each minute with your precious girl.
    Easton has gimped up his leg somehow and is on very light duty as it heals. Driving him crazy. He's still happy and goofy so its hard to keep him quiet.

  9. Sorry to hear about Wendy. *hugs* ♥

  10. Enjoy every second you have with sweet Wendy prayers for you all ! Todd your a hoot ! Wonderful photos ! Thanks for sharing , Hope you have a good week !

  11. Evening Kim, my heart is heavy for you and Wendy.......but on another note happy Sunny found a loving forever home and Josh feels better.....Big Hugs My Friend, Francine.

  12. I agree, the four days passed way too quickly! It feels like we spend so much of our lives working, and not enough time just enjoying ourselves!

  13. I'm so sorry to hear about your sweet Wendy. On the other hand I'm so glad to hear Sunny has been such a good boy lately. You just knew the right thing to do for him was to keep him with you. Love that silly shot of Todd at the end.


  14. Thoughts are with Wendy, the dear sweet girl.

  15. Love those long weekends full of snoozing! Please give Wendy some love and smooches from us...

  16. Good to hear Josh is feeling better and I had to smile about the forbidden chair that they do not know about...:)JP

  17. Glad Sunny is doing so well - I know all they need to hear is the click of the camera button and they know what happened! Love and thoughts to Wendy. Good boy, Josh! And that pix of Todd is a winner! Love it!

  18. Sounds like all is great with your pack except for sweet Wendy! I feel SO SORRY for her! I love all the cute snaps of Sunny, Shadow, Josh, Todd and Wendy! Have a happy week ahead!

  19. Sending extra hugs to you & Wendy.

    Nadine & goldens Neeli & Elle

  20. We are thinking of you and Wendy. I had a few bad moments this weekend - Sam loved the holidays. Right now I'm feeling his loss more than ever. Give Wendy hugs from us.

    Monty and Harlow

  21. Sweet Wendy is such a special girl who has been with you through many ups and downs. Sending her and you love and hugs.


  22. Poor Wendy!! It is HELL to have to get old!!!
    I wish I could have talked to you over the lond week-end!!

  23. Good days and bad days ... and, sometimes, both at once. Hugs to you and to sweet Wendy. Love hearing that Sunny has settled in so well!

  24. Huge hugs to Wendy! All your goldens look so delightful agaaaiin and Todd looks curious but cute. ♥:)

  25. So very sad to hear about Wendy. Days of grace.
    My faith is restored concerning Sunny. Because you gave him a huge chance and the time he needed, he as well, as the whole family is reaping the benefits.
    Again, I have to think of the one lost sheep of the hundred that are doing well. He is not to be forgotten but nourished as he is important. And look, at what you and Carl have accomplished!
    Thank you and I will keep your family in my heart.
    Gus' Mom

  26. From one family of a 14 year old to another, just shower them with love while we have them with us.

  27. i am learning. little by little. tiny step by tiny step. to endure the heartache that you live with on a regular basis . . . losing these beloved fur children of yours. they are friends of the best sort.
    and yet you have managed to even make this post light and humorous and give us pictures that make us feel we are part of your wonderful world.
    thank you dear heart.
    my aching but understanding heart
    to yours.
    much love. xoxo


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