Sunday, March 2, 2014

Better and Not Better

After a full day of a strict diet of oatmeal, scrambled eggs and a little yogurt to eat, this morning Todd with ears up and bright eyes again, charged right into the day. Todd can have a sensitive stomach and I am pretty sure that a suet cake for the birds was to blame for how he was feeling.  I thought Sunny and Sheba were the only ones that had eaten it on Friday morning, but I now think that Todd enjoyed his share of the suet cake too.  I'm just really glad he's feeling like himself again!  
Me, I felt better yesterday, but today I'm not.  The doctor I work for thought on Friday that I had the flu.  I disagreed with his diagnosis, but secretly I now think he may be right. We'll see.
I know warmer weather would make me and everyone else feel better. Like so many, despite being a snow-lover, I am ready for spring, as are the Robins that were in this tree the other day.
But my feeling better and spring is going to have to wait a little longer.  This evening another big winter storm has begun bearing down on us.  Carl's office is already closed for Monday, and I am just waiting for my call to tell me that mine will be too.  I hope I don't have to wait too long for both.
The very shaggy Todd and I thank-you all for the healthy vibes you've sent and we hope you've had a good weekend!


  1. Oh dear, I'm so glad Todd is on the mend and hope that you soon are too. Sending my very best healing vibes from California.

  2. glad todd is back to normal! sure hope your's doesn't drag on too long! hoping you can stay home and rest tomorrow!

  3. I hope you're feeling better soon. Happy Todd is back up and raring to go. :) Sorry the storm is going to hit you guys so hard. It's supposed to miss us and, fingers crossed, only give us an inch of snow.

  4. Glad Todd is feeling better ! Our Miggs went through a week of tummy trouble and so did my in laws dog found out it was doggy flu bug going around dogs can get sick like we do with a flu so we gave her some yogurt over here it is called Activia with probiotics good for people and dog tummies lol She has two table spoons of yogurt with her breakfast now and she loves it ! Hope you feel better soon to . Hey looks like our tree now full of Robins . Hope you don't get to much snow .Lovely photos ! Thanks for sharing , have a good week !

  5. I just got a call from Virginia and it sounds like they are getting hit with bad weather near Fredricksburg. Sorry you and your pup were not feeling well. Maybe you need to take tomorrow off period! This series of photos....TERRIFIC!

  6. Todd's tough he's a terrier and sounds like you have a little terrier in you too.

    Aroo to you,

  7. Under the weather, maybe you need a scheduled day off, road closures sound very welcome, and Todd, glad he's back to normal again. Cheers, Jean.

  8. I know how I would feel if I had a suet cake!!!!!

  9. So good to hear that Todd is all better. If the weather is bad I hope you get the day off too. I know the pups would love to spend the day with you.

  10. So sorry you are not feeling better. Flu like symptoms can really hang on.Glad Todd is feeling better. Little stinker, eating the suet cake!
    Thanks for the picture of sweet Annie. She looks like she is feeling well. She has such an elegance about her.
    Yesterday, it was 80 degrees and Gus and I took a walk to the park and people watched. Today, the temperature dropped to around 20 this afternoon with sleet and freezing rain. That is probably the storm you are getting soon. I hope you are going to feel like cold weather comfort food!
    Feel better soon.
    Gus' Mom

  11. Glad Todd is feeling well. Hope the snow misses you...

    XXXOOO Bella & Roxy

  12. I am really happy that Todd is feeling better! Now, I hope you get well soon too. Todd and the others are all looking cute. I put in for the day off when I heard the storm was coming. Have a happy day and enjoy your new week.

  13. I am really pleased Todd is better. They eat such disgusting things sometimes and then they act all fussy about their real food!! Luigi likes to drink that vile sludgy water that gathers on drain lids! Hope you feel better soon. xxx

  14. Hi there Kim
    I, too, am sorry for not keeping up to date with blogs. Especially yours - since I've always enjoyed reading about your household guests and stayers.
    I am really pleased though that both you and Todd are feeling better. In our neck of the woods, it's called 'garbage-guts' :)
    I loved reading about Sunny and Cissy's progress too. You do amazing work.
    sending lots of love

  15. Morning Kim, so happy sweet Todd is feeling better, such a cute little chap......Enjoy a snow day at home, though I am getting really tired of the white stuff, Blessings Francine.

  16. So glad Todd is doing well but sorry to hear you may have the flu. Ick! I sure hope those robins are a sure sign that Spring is on its way!
    Happy Monday,

  17. Don't get me wrong but I'm so glad to learn that other people have suet ball incidents ! I hope all your incidents were outside .

  18. WE here in Florida are so ready for spring too and here so are the birds and plants!!!
    So glad Todd is better!!

  19. I am glad cute Todd is back to his old self. Doesn't he know he is not a bird? Silly boy. I hope you are fully well soon.

  20. I am glad cute Todd is back to his old self. Doesn't he know he is not a bird? Silly boy. I hope you are fully well soon.

  21. I have to watch our suet feeders and the dogs all the time! Hope you feel better and don't get too much missed us, so I am doing a HAPPY DANCE!!!...:)JP

  22. such handsome dudes in these pictures!
    and so happy that the puppy todd is back to his normal self.
    be careful dear heart...
    we've had 51 flu deaths in our state so far this season.
    not something to take lightly apparently!
    i hope you feel better soon.
    rest as best you can. ♥

  23. We hope you got to stay home today and are feeling better!

    Monty and Harlow

  24. I sure hope you are feeling better now! Todd - suet cake, eh? I wonder if he can feel my frown? The robins are everywhere lately, pulling the worms out of my yard. I am getting tired of the winter's chills.

  25. I hope you are better soon.

    Lucy also has a sensitive stomach and an uncanny ability to pick up rabbit poop or other things she shouldn't have. You probably already know this, but for us canned pumpkin made a dramatic change. At first we substituted pumpkin for half her food. Then gradually tapered off. Now she gets two tablespoons twice a day with her meals and has not had any upset stomach for almost a year. Todd is much smaller, of course, but I would definitely try a teaspoonful twice a day for him. Can't hurt and might help.

  26. Suet cake will do that to a dog! But will Todd learn? :) I'm so happy he's feeling better.

    I hope your flu improves. There's been lots of nasty stuff going around this winter. I hope you're up and at them again!

  27. BTW: That is canned pumpkin, not pumpkin pie mix. We get it from our local pet store.

  28. Oh Kim
    Were sorry your not all better,, but we are keeping our paws crossed that soon you will be.
    And that Todd remains well too.
    We love looking at the beautiful photos of all the furrys- they are all so happy!
    And the tree with the robins in it- we have never seen that many robins in a tree together- the photo is beautiful.
    Mother Earth is not legging go of her tantrums yet- so be safe in the storms.
    tweedles and moms

  29. Oh gosh - it's no fun everyone being sick!!! Hopefully everyone will get and stay on the mend.

    It was -50c with the windchill this weekend in Southwest Saskatchewan and we are getting a fresh dump of snow here this morning. I do not believe spring is coming... :(

    xo Catherine

  30. Hope you are feeling better by now...seems like the crud is going around! Glad that Todd is feeling back to himself again now!

    We live in Hampton, VA, and got snow yesterday. It's starting to melt now, and I'm sure y'all got much more than we did. The roads were terrible last night and this morning because it came down as sleet first, froze, and then the snow came. The roads are much better this afternoon though!

    Elyse and Riley

  31. I'm so glad Todd is feeling better. Your tummy must have been in pain with all that birdie food. I love the pictures of the robins.

  32. Good to hear Todd is feeling better. I think the whole country is sick of this winter...I know I am. It looks like break-up season again here. My spring allergies are kicking in. I would not mind an early spring and summer :)

  33. Oh, hope you don't have the flu! And that you feel better soon. Did you get into the bird food too?
    I just got over Strep. throat thanks to the kids at school.

  34. Yeah Todd!! Happy to see him better Kim.
    And I hope you are on the road to feeling better too!

    Look at all those Robins!! A sure sign of you know what! SPRING! Please send a few this way!!

  35. Hope you and Todd both feel better soon!

  36. Hi Kim...I just discovered your blog from a comment you made on a post of mine back in January but one that I had missed seeing; my apologies.
    Like you I love golden retrievers and also labradors, having owned both, and I hope you will be happy for me t follow your blog.
    I too would love to live in the country and be able to do what you are doing but Phil and I are now in our 80s and unfortunately need to be closer to medical help than we would be in a country town.
    We were both born in the country; me in the far south of Western Australia and he in the Midlands of England. I guess if we'd not both ended up living in the city we wouldn't have met so there is some merit in it after all.
    I do hope you will soon be feeling better. Perhaps I could send you some of our warmth? 36ºC in Perth today and 38º tomorrow...and so our summer lingers on and on and on. :)

  37. Sending lots & lots of healing love your way, Kim & all. Yes, I think our illnesses will melt right away... with the snow, if it ever leaves!!!

    Take good care~ Andrea


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