Saturday, September 27, 2014

The Hedge

With the exception of one day of rain, our weather this past week could not have been any more beautiful.
One morning Beau had a follow up appointment with the ophthalmologist, and rather than go into work afterwards, I took an unplanned afternoon off. In my opinion, his 'eye-lift' with the surgical staples hasn't been totally successful.  Some of the staples have come out, and others seem to move, causing sores along the edge of his eyes and even some swelling.  However, the ophthalmologist was happy with the results and removed a few of the staples that were bothering him. As long as Beau is no longer in pain from his eyes, I suppose that's all that counts.  
~Beau waiting for the ophthalmologist~ 
It really was a beautiful day. Todd didn't want to come back inside, and napped his afternoon away outside in the cool grass. 
For the last week or so the utility company has been removing all the growth around the power lines on our road, including at the foot of our property. 
They do this every 3 years or so, and while I can appreciate why it's done, it doesn't mean that I have to like it.  I'd hoped they'd not cut down the area at the edge of our property that is close to the driveway of our neighbors.  Longtime readers may recall how disappointed I was when the power-lines were put up for our neighbors that all the trees and growth that kept the dogs on our property was cleared.  For two years, the area has grown undisturbed.
~Sheba finding her way through the hedge in August~
I was on the other side of the yard with the dogs when I saw the tractor starting to mow it all down again. Of course I was upset by it, and went to ask the driver to not mow the whole hedge down.  Just as the driver was going to start a second pass, he saw me coming, and before I could throw myself in front of the tractor, he stopped mowing and opened his window to listen to me.  Listen was all he could do, because he was a Hispanic gentleman and I don't think he understood a word I said.  But he did slowly drive back down the hill, leaving about 2 feet of the new hedge untouched.
I guess a wind-blown gray haired lady wearing an old bulky sweater, carrying a camera with two dogs on a leash, 3 others trailing behind and two other dogs barking inside the fence makes a clear point in any language. Either that or I (we?) scared him.  Probably both.  But I'm happy about it...
And Cissy?  Well, she's just happy.  
I hope you're enjoying your weekend!
~Gus and Todd~


  1. well, glad you saved some of your natural hedge. :) and i hope beau will be okay.

  2. I hate to see green things cut down - most likely because we don't have too many here. Can you put markers so that they stop at a certain spot?

    Monty and Harlow

  3. Glad you were able to get the message across to the mower. We have a creek that the town clears out ever few years around and most of the time they just whack everything down and don't care how it looks when they are done. Luckily it is in the front portion of the yard and camouflaged by trees to the house.

  4. I have a picture in my mind of you coming at the tractor driver. Yep. I know just how you felt too. (I do remember last time) I did the same thing years ago with the tree trimmers and the two shade trees in my front yard. I think it does those fellas a service, scaring them a little and making sure their hearts are pumping well.

  5. Beau is looking so patient as he lies there waiting for the eye doctor to come in. And I think he knows that all this fuss about his eyes- is to make him feel better. And we hope it does. I wonder if when he got home- he made his way out to join Todd who was relaxing in the shaded sunpuddle.
    Yes Kim, we remember all that you have gone through since the people bought that land, built their home,. And because of all that, part of your paradise was robbed from you. We felt for you then as changes were being made- telephone poles added where they were not before..changes to the land you loved..
    It was your world,, and you were hoping at least something would grow and kind of make a barrier...
    We are feeling for you right now-- with this latest episode of the hedge being cut down. Oh yes,, we would have been doing the same thing as you. Were glad he seemed to get the idea of what you were saying.
    You wrote this beautifully Kim- just as you always do. Yes many years we have been with you - many years.
    Beautiful photos of all the Goldens,, - beautiful photos you always share.

  6. I'm glad you've had such nice fall weather. I must say that I'm surprised about the permanent staples Beau has. When our dog had that surgery (as a 2 year old), it was with removable sutures. I'm sure age has something to do with the best approach.

    I know how it feels when "others" start moving in on your space (yucky, inmo)... I'm glad you stopped the tractor without having to throw yourself down in front of it!

  7. The electric company started spray painting arrows on not only the public street but our property. Such should not be permitted and we barked our disapproval.

  8. Happy the eye problem is healing! We've been having wonderful weather, too. We've been staying outside as much as possible, too.

  9. Glad you have a bit of the hedge left.

  10. I remember when you said about the hedge cutting before. Like others here, I'm glad you got part of it saved.

  11. I wonder what he would have done if you really DID throw yourself down on the grass in front of him! bwahahahaha!!! :) Seriously, your pictures are just beautiful. I do hope that Beau is feeling better soon. Cissy just looks so HAPPY! We have had awesome weather and the girls have really been enjoying being outside too. xo Jeanne, Chloe and LadyBug

  12. I hope beau will be ok now.. And I am glad you saved some of your natural hedge.. Love the cute doggie photos. Have a happy Sunday!

  13. Morning Sweet Friend, love the hedge, looks great. Hope Beau is all right, love all those furry faces. Enjoy your Sunday, Hugs Francine.

  14. omg.
    staples on eyelids. it just sounds painful!
    but anything to help him. i can't even imagine what he's put up with for so long. this must feel like heaven to him to not be in constant pain.
    i hope it just gets better and better. what a dear soul he is.
    love the picture of wee todd sleeping in the shade and sunlight.
    you remind me of me when my neighbor was cutting down all his "own" trees. it just nearly killed me! i had no right to . . . but gave him a piece of my mind anyway. i'm not as nice as you are!!!

  15. Beau looks good; I sure hope all heals quickly...

  16. Hi Kim, So glad your hedge was left alone. We've had beautiful weather too, but rain is in the forecast and fall is moving in. I love fall, wish it would last longer and winter would stay away for quite awhile yet.
    Hope you have a great day!
    Hugs, Noreen

  17. Oh you got there just in time, Kim! I have a much better story though...coming soon....coming soon!...:)JP

  18. Beautiful weather and scenery. And happy happy dogs. :-)
    Have a wonderful week!

  19. Last week was so beautiful. That one rainy day watered my new iris garden, and kept me inside doing things I should have been doing while I was planting the iris earlier in the week. I hope Beau's eye lift makes him more comfortable once he heals. Sorry about the clearing ... it's hard to lose one's screening from the neighbors that way.

  20. Glad some of the hedge was left. I do hate the overkill with cutting.

  21. Glad they didn't cut the hedge. I love it when you take lots of pictures of the fur kids.

    Aroo to you,

  22. We love looking at pictures of your property! I'm glad they didn't cut the hedge. I love the last picture!!!

  23. They all look so relaxed lying in the grass. It's gotten hot again here and my pack can't wait for cooler temps later this week so they can enjoy their yard.

  24. I love to see your dogs so relaxed. I'm sorry about the hedge and I do remember how you felt back then.


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