Thursday, February 26, 2015

Ending on a Good Note

A quite week for us, that for me, was a welcomed respite.
We had a light snowfall this morning. It was just enough to cover the icy snow from last weekend and cause numerous cancellations.  The local weathermen have been bragging on the news all day that they got this latest storm correct.  Considering how many times they get it wrong, I can see why they are perhaps feeling good about their forecast this time.
After working this morning, I think I've gotten something right too, a non eventful afternoon spent at home with the dogs.
~Todd and Josh, "if we come in, will we get a treat?"~
I was somewhat concerned when I got back from Kentucky and Gus was having a bit more trouble getting around and needed more help getting to his feet. The snow hasn't made it any easier for him. Even though I had labeled and organized all the pills for the dogs before I left, because I left in a bit of a rush, I didn't get the chance to refill a couple of them before I left town. With all that was happening while there, I forgot all about them.    
~Sleepy Gus~
I'd also forgotten to include Gus's daily supplements, so he was not given those while I was out of town. Now nearly a week later, Gus is back on all his medications and the supplements.  Thankfully today he is getting up and around much easier and is even following us around the house.  
~Gus wrapped in a warmed towel after being outside in the cold~
 That has our day ending on a good note. 


  1. Gus says, "DRUUUUUUGS-YESSSSSS!!!!!". Todd is hanging his head in disagreement.

  2. sweetheart gus. :) glad you have had some quieter days.

  3. Yay for Gus. His eyes tell the story of a very warm and sweet heart. I'm glad you had a relaxed afternoon with the pups, and I love that bird photo with the snow falling around it.

  4. Glad to hear Gus is doing better and you had a good week.

  5. Gus is so special, and I'm glad he is doing better, I cannot imagine living with all that snow round about, we would need to move way down South for that.

  6. Great way to end the week. We're happy all the medication has been straightened out and Gus is feeling better. Hope you're all set to continue with a quiet weekend.

  7. I am happy to hear you are having calmer and quiet days.. I hope sweet Gus feels better soon! Love your beautiful dogs. Have a happy weekend!

  8. Glad your week has been a good one. Take care :-)

  9. Even though I am tired of this white stuff, your pictures of the dogs in the snow warmed my heart.

  10. An uneventful, quiet week is a good thing for most of us. So glad Gus is doing better. I can see he loves the warm blanket :-)

  11. Glad to read that Gus is feeling better - hope your weekend is quiet.

  12. Sometimes a deep breath, and knowing it is Friday is like magic. We sure hope you have a super good weekend....stella rose and momma

  13. Glad to hear Gus is doing better! Hope your weekend is nice and quiet with your pups! :)

  14. oh dear I just read about your drive home...Good God what a trip!
    glad your where in the company of angels
    ......and yes...this could be a novel

  15. Bet they are soooo glad you're home as well!
    Roll on Spring and warmer weather for Gus, well, for all of us!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  16. Hi Kim, always enjoy your beautiful pictures of the fur babies, make me happy. Love the picture also of the female Cardinal, very pretty. hugs Francine.

  17. A heavy snowfall always makes things feel so peaceful. I am glad to hear that Gus is back on track. Enjoy your quiet time together.

  18. Were happy your day ended on a good note Kim! Now onto the weekend..
    The little bird is so beautiful..You capture the most serene peaceful photos!
    Were keeping good thoughts flowinfg for Gus to get back on the mend, and that your snowy weekend remains peaceful.. and maybe you can enjoy it, maybe you can see the moon,, and maybe hear the owls,
    We will be looking at the same sky too

  19. Glad your having a good day...we always say, you got a happy pup by your side, it's always a great day, even if it's raing or snowing or hot!

    The Mad Scots

  20. this blog is a supplement for me dear heart.
    yes. even when the posts bring sad news. because it just fills my heart with gladness to know there is a home like golden pines for these beautiful souls.
    and the pictures on this post are particularly beautiful.
    we've had snow too. FINALLY! i'm loving it! but then i don't have to go to work in it like you do!
    the fact that you warm gus's towel... oh ... well ...
    it's just exactly what i'm talking about.that's all.
    this is a special place.
    you are a special person.
    now don't frown and shake your head! LOLOL.

  21. There's no place like home!


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