Sunday, June 28, 2015

A Full Plate

~My hydrangeas are in bloom~~
Its been  a very busy and very full weekend that began with Cissy and Josh both running after a deer on our morning walk. Usually this isn't a problem, but it became one when Cissy came back limping, and holding up her left leg.  Oh no...  Fortunately Cissy just happened to have a vet appointment where unfortunately the vet confirmed that her knee has a torn cruciate.  I'm not sure what the next step will be.  I'm hoping that with rest, restricted activity and medications, we can *maybe* avoid doing surgery to repair it. At the moment, Cissy is not able to walk real well, so we've put Gus's harness on her to help her get up and around.
~A carefree moment for Cissy last weekend~ 
Then of course there's our new addition, Bella.  She has come to the rescue via an owner who had recently moved to this part of the country. They said "they had no room for Bella in their new home, and couldn't give her the care she needs, or afford to take her to the vet."
Then Bella became sick. It is times like this when I try very hard to not judge people, but am just grateful they contacted the rescue and they were/are there for her when she needed someone.  As you can see (below) Bella is on quite a cocktail of medications.
However, on her third day, it's easy to see that Bella is feeling a lot better physically...
And emotionally too.  She still isn't thrilled with her new pack mates, but it is getting better.
Bella & Charlie, with a new summer hair 
So, I'm hopeful and trying to remain optimistic--for both Bella and Cissy.     
~Todd on Saturday, watching Bella~ 


  1. Tommy John surgery for Cissy?

  2. sorry cissy tore her knee! such an easy injury for country pups, sadly.

    hope sweet bella fits in okay. glad she's feeling better!

  3. Hope surgery won't be in Cissy's plan . . .
    I must say . . . why are there people who won't follow through and be responsible . . . thanks goodness there is YOU!

  4. Oh, Cissy! That's such a bummer. We had something similar happen with our very senior Lab years ago. We assumed that he would never chase anything because he had mobility issues. So, we took him out for a potty break off-leash. A coyote was standing almost right outside the door. Our Lab chased, and he pulled up with a badly hurt leg within a few steps... So, we know what it's like...

    Bella is looking much happier. I hope that she learns to get along with her new pack, and I really hope that Cissy's knee improves with rest and rehab. Thinking of you...

  5. Wow, you surely have had a full plate. Fingers and paws crossed that Cissy will heal with rest and care. And Bella looks so much better. I'm sure she will adjust to the pack. Here's hoping you have a better week to come.

  6. Definitely a full plate. Poor Cissy, I wonder if she can relate that fun chase to her knee problem. Maybe rest id the ticket. Is Josh okay?

    How do you pill a dog with that many pills, it's not like you can sneak it in food, unless you give her a Big Mac. She does look better.

    Does Todd want to play with her yet? Or just checking her out?

  7. Howdy mates. All we can say is Yaahoo for you for sharing your home and love with all your sweet pups. No room in the new house??? You know we're kinda glad about that cause we think Bella has a much better home with you all now!! We will keep paws crossed for Cissy and hope her knee improves. No worries and love Stella and Rory

  8. Bella certainly won the jackpot when she got you! Good luck to poor Cissy.

  9. Crikey ..... you try not to judge????? You're a much better person than my Mum. She's judging those people to the end of earth and back. No room in their new home indeed!! Hmmmmmmph .... says Mum. Look at those eyes ...... I'm so glad she's with you. Poor Cissy ..... I hope some rest time fixes her up.
    Your hydrangeas are very pretty. One of Mum's very favourites.

  10. I suppose Bella's family cared enough to send her to a rescue.....though we think it's still a mean thing to do to an older animal. Glad she's starting to relax. We can completely understand Todd's interest. Hope Cissy improves soon. Chasing deer should just be fun.

  11. I am sending you lots of luffs and hugs 'cos yous soooo special fur looking after Cissy and Bella so well. Its great to nose that all your pups are in such caring paws....luffs you
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  12. All I can say is thank God for you and the rescue. I hope Cissy can recover without the surgery and I am happy to see Bella feeling better. I love the photos, they are all so darn cute! Wishing you all a happy week ahead!

  13. It is so fortunate for Bella that she found a new home with you.

  14. Your sweet dogs do keep you busy, that's for sure. I love that you take time to share their photos and lives with all of us. I hope Cissy gets back on her feet soon and Bella comes to appreciate her new pack.

  15. if you're in a new place... even a wonderful place like golden pines...
    and you feel pretty miserable... and you're missing the people who just didn't want you... and now there's lots of strangers furry and non! ...
    i could see how it might take some time to relax and know you're safe and loved. i wish i could tell you that little bella... you're in heaven on earth and just don't know it yet! but you will girl. you will!
    and as to cissy!
    oh my. just proof that in our minds and hearts we're always young!
    and then we pay the price.
    bless you dear kim. take care of YOU too in all of this. xoxoxo♥

  16. Hoping things go well for you all. God bless. ♥

  17. Cissy, NONE of us are as young as we used to be!

    Your senior friend,


    Bella, we're glad that your people took you to rescue. You have no idea how lucky you are!!

  18. Ouch! We went thru the torn cruciates with Morgan. I hate to bring bad news, but once they've torn one, the odds go way up for tearing the other. We didn't do surgery but opted for six weeks of enforced rest. hat meant carrying her up and down stairs and absolutely now walks or play. Then after that we did physical therapy. her legs are weak but more from age than from the tears.

  19. Poor Cissy - we hope she is a good girl and does exactly as she's told so that she recovers quickly.
    Our dog Duke, who looked just like Bella, had issues with our two other dogs, and they never really bonded. We hope Bella settles in and makes friends - she has the chance of such a happy life with you all.

  20. Never a dull moment at Golden Pines. I hope all goes well with the pups.
    Absolutely love the first photo! Wow.

  21. We hope Cissy will be feeling better soon. It's good to hear that Bella is doing better. We hope she settles in and learns to love her new companions.

  22. Oh poor sweet Cissy, that's terrible, hope all goes well.Happy Bella is doing good, she will be fine at Golden Pines.Hugs Francine.

  23. Oh my gosh-- poor Cissy! She was doing what felt good to her,, and then it turns out she over did,,, like we all do sometimes.
    We hope that with rest,,, she is okay too,,
    And we hope Bella gets to feeling more comfortable there with her new roomates.
    So much for you to be worrying abot- your right,, its a full plate

  24. Hectic. No other word for it.

  25. Oh poor Cissy. Getting older is not all it's cracked up to be! And Todd. Is there anything as cute as Todd? I feel for Bella, but she's a golden, so she will respond to your care in time. She's a lucky good girl. My 8+ yr old male is wary around all dogs except other goldens and Oscar Cobblepot O'Malley. Oscar is his young bulldog rescue brother. Keep up your wonderful work!

  26. I think Todd is infatuated with Bella. I hope they will be fast friends soon. Hope Cissy is feeling better.

  27. So glad Miss Bella is feeling better!

  28. Poor Bella. Her new home with you must be such a relief. Getting the care she needs seems to make her a new dog.


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