Wednesday, June 10, 2015

The Todd Hunter

Todd, being the star of our household, took front and center stage this week!
We were just coming back from our morning walk on Tuesday when I noticed Todd vomiting. I'd taken the other dogs for a walk, leaving him unattended in the fenced yard, and he was fine 10 minutes prior to that.  I had no idea what happened. I got all the dogs inside, including Todd who had vomited again and was shaking his head and pawing at his mouth.  In between his getting sick, I managed to catch him and rinse out his mouth, and wipe his face and beard off, thinking (and hoping) I could wash off whatever he'd gotten into.  It was not an easy thing to do because even on a slow day Todd is pretty fast. Added to that, he doesn't really like being picked up, and he especially didn't want his mouth washed or wiped out.  In the end, he knew he had no choice.      

I'd noted to myself that Todd had gotten sick 8 times.  But by about a half-hour, thankfully the vomiting was lessening and he seemed to be getting better.  His ears that had been laying back were now standing up, and he was drinking a little water. Good signs!

After about an hour, Todd seemed to be recovered, and was taking small bites of food that I was offering him and wagging his tail.  I went with him outside and he led me right to the scene of his crime.  It was what I'd suspected -- a toad.
I think we'd all agree that toads are great to have in your garden because they dine on bugs and are a natural pest control. But a dog like Todd that loves to investigate and play with anything that moves, a toad is not a good thing to have around.  I'm sure the (now dead) toad would agree with that...  

It wasn't even 9 o'clock in the morning, and I was already feeling frazzled and worn out.  Todd however, was no worse for wear.  He'd moved on and forgotten all about the events of the hour before, and was back on patrol of the yard.  Something I wish I could have done!


  1. What a scary moment. I try to watch out for frogs as well. Don't want Roscoe getting sick.
    Glad that Todd is doing better. ana

  2. Kyla disapproved of vomiting. It's a waste of food.

  3. yup. i figured a toad, too. i am glad my pups learned to leave them alone (mostly) after one or two episodes.

  4. We are so glad you figured out the problem, we don't usually have toads in our yard but we will be on the look out for them...thanks for sharing this information. give todd a hug from us pugs.
    stella rose

  5. Nothing like devouring a toad to get everyone worked up. Sophie is a great toad eater.

  6. BOL Todd, you are such a true Scottie.

    Aroo to you,

  7. Ooh poor Todd, he's a true hunter !
    No many toads around our place, but down at the creek we hear them at night.
    Hope Todd stays away from those nasty toads :)

  8. You poor thing, Kim ... Todd had already received his fair share of sympathy. I never thought about using toads to induce vomiting. (Just kidding.) Thanks for the lesson.

  9. Todd the Hunter. Bit off a bit more than he could handle this time. Hopefully, the toads will stay away from him.

    Bella had us all up at 3:30 a.m. vomiting. Don't know what caused that. She usually only eats legitimate FOOD.

  10. This sounds like our Uncle Fergus (RIP). He used to hunt frogs... With the same consequences... The irks...

  11. What a frightening attack of illness, sickened by a toad. Remind me never to bite a toad! Todd is so cute, I must say.

  12. Was this a normal run of the mill toad or some special toad only found in your area?
    Glad the drama is over, his poor mouth and tummy!

  13. Oh Todd, please don't Toad Hunt again there's a good boy!

  14. three have all been there...we just chase them along till they get outside the touchie....Dad has even watched us in our game of Toad chase....them things are NASTY!

    Da Sus

  15. Thank goodness you're okay, Todd! We've never eaten a toad before.

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  16. Hello Kim, I did not know toads could make the dogs so sick. I am glad Todd is ok now. He is so cute, I hope he stays away from the toads in the future! Enjoy your evening.

  17. That must have been scary! I'm so glad that Todd bounced back so fast. I hope that you're on the mend too!

  18. I never saw a toad either. I would love to though!!


  19. Oh Todd,,
    Were so glad your okay!! That was mighty scary. I know your all recovered,, but your poor mom is tuckered out..
    No more toads my friend!

  20. Crikey Todd ...... you gotta leave those blokes alone, mate?? We've got heaps of 'em here. They are a pest and were introduced into Australia to get rid of vermon in the cane fields. They left the cane fields alone and headed to town and multiplied and multiplied and multipied. Dad kills 'em whenever he sees 'em. I ALWAYS wanna help but he won' let me. Spoil sport!!

  21. Oh no Todd, don't eats the toads, they are so not good fur you!!!!
    Us pups can be a real worry with our snaffling and eating habits! Poor Mom!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  22. OH KIM!!!
    i want to laugh. but i know always how scary it is whenever they get sick.
    it's such a helpless feeling. not knowing what caused it.
    but then he took you right to the culprit as if letting you know! or was he bragging? LOL!
    incorrigible adorable todd. nobody like him. what a fine little fellow.
    thanks for stopping by the peanut.
    to tell you the truth ... when i see you're there... in my world... it's like being visited by a celebrity! XOXO♥

  23. Oh those Terriers!!!! Always on the hunt. Blessings Francine.

  24. Seth loves hunting toads, too. We had one that we removed from the yard 3 times. He kept coming back. Seth kept hunting. We finally took the road across the street. Still not sure who was more exhausted from the or the toad BOL! Glad Todd is okay! What a mighty hunter!

    Braeden, Seth and Riley

  25. Don't think you'll eat another toad in a hurry, Todd. It's not an example to set to the others - especially Georgie, though sometimes he looks as though he's just eaten one !

  26. I did not know about the toads! I welcome them into my garden, but I'll need to keep Harley (my old Golden) away from them. He's much more interested in the dead critter across the yard - wanting to roll in it and that keeps me busy. I love your blog.

  27. Let's hope Todd has at least learned his lesson about playing with toads.

  28. Poor Todd the Toad Hunter . . .
    Tell him NO . . . Some frogs, toads ? are poisonous . . .
    Happy his ears are perked back up!

  29. Thanks goodness it wasn't one of those dreadful cane toads that were introduced into Australia to eradicate pests in the cane fields of Queensland. They are now rapidly spreading across the top of our country and they are deadly to our native and other animals.
    So glad it was a common toad in this case and hopefully Todd has learned his lesson.


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