Friday, May 13, 2016

A Lucky Friday the 13th

Some may see Friday the 13th as an unlucky day, but it's not for our boy Jake. Today marks a milestone of 100 days since he left the shelter where as you know he'd been taken to be euthanized by his owner because he had trouble walking.
Each day I marvel and am so grateful for how well he's getting around and that he's not letting his diagnosis of spondylosis slow him down.

It was also a lucky day for Lady, our foster girl for Lab Rescue.  I was caught off guard by phone call this afternoon from an adoption coordinator from the rescue telling me about applicants who are very interested in meeting Lady.  I received a call from "retired couple" and I chatted with "former teacher" on the phone for about an hour.  My first impression of her is that she could not be more kind and gracious.  She has had Labs for 50 years, and got choked up telling me that they have been dog-less since they lost their yellow lab last year.  Former Teacher sounded so excited about the prospect that if it goes well when they come tomorrow afternoon, Lady would be going home with them.
~Josh, Jake and Lady~
Of course it goes without saying that I'm very fond of Lady. She is a dog of great character, attitude and spark.  But she is another dog that I feel that we're the "gateway" to get her to where she's supposed to go.
Onto Dusty.  I'm guarded about how he's doing.  He's preferring to spend all of his time outside in the grass sleeping the day away.  With the sun finally returning after 16 days, I'm letting him stay out as long as he'd like. Carl and I both check on him, and offer him and treats and water which he always gratefully takes.  The picture below of Dusty was taken a couple of months ago.  The last week it has been easy to see that he's not feeling well, which is why I'm letting him rest and set his own pace for this part of his life's journey.


  1. My peeps choose to rescue. If you're gonna be a foster, you have to let go. Our kudos to you.

    I'm just a burd but I approved this message.

  2. Your care for these dogs brings tears to my eyes. Bless you.

  3. You'll be letting Lady "go" in the best possible way, Kim, I do home it goes well for her and she's found her forever home.
    Jake's happy face in that second photo says it all.

  4. Sounds like you found a wonderful family for Lady. I hope this leg of the journey is a comfortable one for Dusty.

  5. I love a visit with you and the family . . .
    Not sure how you do it emotionally . . .
    Miles between us but as I watch from afar,
    I have tears for Dusty and the journey.
    and send you hugs and thanksgiving for your wonderful foster home . . .

  6. Hope all goes well with 'former teacher' and this day proves to be a good one for Lady ♥

  7. you have such an incredibly big heart.

  8. It's amazing how well Jake is doing. 100 extra days and counting. He is looking so good! I'm hoping that all goes well for Lady today. Dusty does look like he is slowing down more. Each to his own time. Hugs.

  9. Morning, you are an Angel here on earth...So happy to read Jake is feeling ok, love your furry kids.Blessings Francine.

  10. That is such wonderful news about both Lucky and Lady - we hope they both have many good days ahead of them whether with you or a wonderful new home. And Dusty is so lucky to have people who understand what he needs and love him so deeply.

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  11. the natural wisdom you live by always leaves me in awe. i am gentled into your world of love and loss.
    and it is like knowing the seasons first hand.
    these old souls are in the best of care. trusting you totally is something i've learned to do!
    bless you darling bean! xoxo♥

  12. I always get both teary eyed and happy when I read about your dogs. Life's journey so well described.

  13. I commend you for the involved and beloved foster you are. I've only fostered kittens and mamas. Someday we will get another dog. . Who Knows we could go to VIrginia to get the right pup from YOU!

  14. Hello, I just love all these sweet dogs. I would be so attached and not want any to leave me. I am not sure how you do it! I know they are all happy to be spending their time with you. Adorable photos of all the dogs. Happy weekend to all of you!

  15. We'll keep our paws crossed for Lady. We hope she can find a wonderful home for her retirement years. Hooray for Jake! We know those last 100 days have been filled with love and caring. Glad the sun's out for Dusty.

  16. I hope Lady has found her new peeps. My tail is waging with excitement. Tell Todd hello for me.

    Aroo to you,

  17. Friday the 13th sure is a lucky one for you. We hope all went well for Lady too.

  18. Paws crossed for everyone in this transitional time.

  19. Such good news for Jake and Lady!
    and Dusty, I know all too well what you and he are going through.
    It's part of the journey but it's still difficult to watch.

  20. Jake looks wonderful and we hope all went well for Lady today. sending hugs for Dusty
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  21. You are right Kim,, Golden Pines is the gateway for so many. I was thinking about how many hearts have been healed from their sadness, by being able to have one of the goldens that have come your way... like Lady..
    I know you want the best for Lady,,, and you will know what the answer is.
    Jake has really shown us a lot, hasn't he.. that he can still enjoy life,, It just took some TLC,, and time..
    Were keeping Dusty in our prayers,,, that love is felt deep into his bones,,, love and safty..
    I am glad the sun has come back to you...!

  22. We have to agree with Tweedles...your place is a stopover for some...but all of the love you have in your heart goes right along with each and every one of your fosters. Nobody has a bigger heart...hope all the adoptions go well!

  23. Yay for Friday the 13th being lucky and I hope that Lady has found her furever home!! DakotasDen

  24. I hope all went well with Lady and her possible family.

  25. Good news hopefully for Lady. It really sounds like her prospective owner is perfect for her. I feel like when we love a specific breed a little more than others we tend to have even more patience with them. But mat of all, just loving animals and respecting them.
    Sweet love and hugs to Dusty.
    My heart swells for Jake and that he has been given days of grace.
    Hugs to both of of you for all of the tender loving care that all of the many deserving animals have received in your home.
    Gus' Mom

  26. I hope Lady is settling in and enjoying her new home. The news about Dusty is worrying. All paws crossed here.


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