Sunday, July 24, 2016

Ciao Bella!

It was a day that I knew would come too soon.  As we said good-bye to Bella, someone else, was saying hello to her, and welcoming her into their home.  Bella has been adopted!  
~Bella ready for the ride to meet her forever family~
The retired couple that met her in late April were finally ready to move forward with adopting her.  There were several last minute hurdles that we had to get through with Bella.  She had a few issues with her health that required a few more tests.  But I hope (and pray) that Bella continues to have good health as she begins this new chapter in her life.
~Smiles all around~
Bella had been with us for just over a year.  But I'd felt for a long time that she should have a family all her own that she didn't have to share.
~Bella being spoiled~ 
While she may have growled at our dogs and the cats, Bella has a gentle spirit and is truly a dog with a big heart and a lot of love to give and share.  I think that living in a retirement community, with a lot of people around will give her the chance to share that love.  And at the end of the day, she has a family all her own. It could not be more perfect.  The below e-mail that I received this evening confirms those thoughts.

Hi Kim,
    We have had a wonderful day with Bella! The ride home was uneventful and, after a brief mid-day walk, we all had a short nap. Then, Bella spent the afternoon either with Dick watching TV or with me in the office. She was very content to nap with an occasional raising of her head to confirm that we were just a few feet away. After dinner, she had a walk with Dick where she met several neighbors, who all fell in love with her.Then it was back to the house where she now is lying at our feet while we are watching a PBS mystery program.   All in all, Bella's first day with us exceeded our expectations.
     She said to tell you and her four-legged friends that all is well and to be happy for her because she thinks she has found her forever home.
      Best wishes from the three of us,

I hope for many good days like this for Bella.  I will and do miss her.  

Bella on the first day we met her.  She was tired and not feeling well. 


  1. I know you'll miss her.
    I know I'll probably look for up-dates for a while.
    Her new home and family sounds like a good thing for her to have all the attention to herself. She was a special lady.

  2. The adoption of Bella made room for another dog in need. Good gravy, you've started a tear job from all of us because of Kyla 19 months ago. Kyla would approve of the two rescues that we presently have because she was a rescue. I know birds and Bella is a lucky duck.

  3. Yes, Ciao Bella . . .
    Sounds like a good match . . .
    Left me a bit teary eyed though . .
    Not sure how you endure . . .
    I have tremendous respect for you and for the JOY you bring to so many!

  4. oh KIM!
    that picture of her with her new couple.
    especially that joy looking up at judy. how can you surpass that? and the wonderful day... meeting and being loved by the neighbors... and then feeling at home in her new home with her little family.
    tears of happiness shining in my eyes. good that i'm typing by memory of the keys! XOXOXO♥

  5. A new home so full of love, the photo and then those wonderful words of their first day together, this is so loving and thoughtful, and although there is a huge gap, happiness for Bella in a home where she is one of a threesome, and to be able to share her with others as they have done already,maybe a little bit of a miracle here. Hugs to your empty heart, with sadness but happiness too.

  6. So glad Bella has found her forever home. We're sure she will make their lives as happy as they will make her life.
    Room for another one now !

  7. A bitter sweet day! So glad Bella has a new for ever and ever home and how lovely to have a message back from her new peeps.But its sad to see her leave the puppy pack and you have done such a wonderful job preparing her fur her new home
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  8. oh, sweet girl... and sweet people to love her.

  9. All is well that ends well. Hope she lives a long and happy life with her new family. Great ending to a great chapter on Bella.

  10. Morning Kim, awwww, very sweet for Bella, but kinda sad for you and us,God bless Bella!, hugs Francine.

  11. It looks like Bella found the perfect home for her!

  12. Your Before and After photos of Bella, on the first and last days with you, show clearly how much she blossomed under your care. Well done, Foster Mama!!

  13. Oh, what wonderful news. I am crying happy tears for Bella and her new forever home! It sounds like she will get lots of love and attention.

  14. Sounds like Bella found a good family and what a sweet note from her new peeps. High paw, Bella!

    Aroo to you,

  15. As tough as it is to say farewell, we know how happy you are to have saved another furry and found them a wonderful home. God bless you for what you do.

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  16. Hugs to you! It looks like Bella has found a wonderful home
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & mabel

  17. I am soo glad to read that Bella has found her forever home with a nice couple . Lovely photos . Hope all goes well for them all . Thanks for sharing , have a good week !

  18. It's a nice sort of goodbye, though. We hope she has a long, healthy life with lots of love (and treats.)

  19. A bitter sweet day for you but a wonderful new beginning for Bella.

  20. Sweet story. Looks as if they are a great match.

  21. Wonderful news Kim, looks like Bella will be spoiled in her forever home. Thank you for giving her that chance.

  22. this is just fabulous!!!! I have tears in my eyes...thank you for all of the good you did for her.....I am certain she has now found her furever home!! DakotasDen

  23. How wonderful for Bella and how wonderful for her new forever family.

  24. Hello, Bella is a sweetie. Love her smile. I am glad she is doing well in a happy forever home. Enjoy your day and the week ahead!

  25. I'm so happy that Bella has found her forever home, but sad because I know you miss her so...I hope it is comforting to know that she has two parents who really love her.

  26. That post just warmed my heart. I love that Bella is with two retired people who have the time to love her and be with her. You did a great job keeping her when you did. -Jenn

  27. This brings tears to my eyes.
    But they are happy tears.
    Thank you for being you!

  28. Good fortune to Bella. How wonderful she has found a loving furever home.
    You will miss her but feel content that she is with two people who are going to shower her with love and will look after her so well.
    Well done you for looking her so well during the year she was with you and for bringing her back to good health.
    I think the letter was just lovely and contained all you wanted to hear about how Bella was settling in.


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