Sunday, July 17, 2016

Max Arrives at Golden Pines!

Summertime fun and life continues to keep me busy and away from blogging. Vet visits for both Bella and Jake this week filled the precious spare time,
Both are doing well, and today we celebrate 164 days since Jake left the shelter where he'd been taken to be euthanized. He continues to do really well, as he and Bella are in competition for the worst ear infections.
~Jake celebrates 164 Days of Grace!~
The busy pace continued on Saturday when we welcomed a new addition....

Say hello to Max, a six year old Goldendoodle! For those of you who don't know, a Goldendoodle is a “designer dog,” or a hybrid-mix of a Poodle and a Golden Retriever.
Max was given up because his owners, a retired couple are leaving for a church mission in Ethiopia. Having a Goldendoodle, and giving up a dog to fill a mission to Ethiopia are firsts for us. And as you well know, we don't typically foster dogs that are his age. But Max is having problems with his back, and is unable to do a lot of steps, so we were asked to take him.  I have to admit, I couldn't resist that face!  
After Webster, our last dog for Lab Rescue, I'm very relieved that the intros to our crew have gone pretty well.  Max has growled at all the dogs except Todd and Charlie. He lived with "smaller dogs" so that may be why.  But I'm glad that it's getting better the more he interacts with them.
"Max keeping an eye on the fiercest dog in our house, George." 
With the intros behind us, the smile on Todd's face this evening, is mirroring the one on mine.  I think Max is going to be just fine with us. Paws crossed, just in case!


  1. Awww, Max has the sweetest face!!! Too bad he has to have back issues at such a young age. You are so good to give him a place to stay that we know will be filled with lots of love.

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  2. He's definitely a handsome boy and we'll keep paws crossed things keep going smoothly! Welcome, Max!

    Monty, Harlow and Monty

  3. oh you're right. . . THAT FACE! how adorable.
    and he might think charlie is one of his cousins!
    and little todd just seems to like everybody. :)

  4. awww. i like your mixed 'herd'. :)

  5. Welcome to Max. He sure is a cutie.

  6. Max doesn't growl at Todd because he knows who's boss.

    Give up your dog? Very Christian of them. Good for you-just because it is a "designer dog" doesn't mean that is less than canine. Just one parrot's opinion.

  7. Aww, hello Max, you've landed your dream home !

  8. Max is very cute, I hope he transitions well. Yay for Jake's 164 days!

  9. Retired, going overseas to start work all over again, and having to leave your dog, a huge sacrifice that I know I could not make. Love his face, and I send all wishes and hopes that the extended family live happily together.Your heart just expanded to another chamber.

  10. Awww - we love Todd's smiling face! There's a lot of Goldendoodles in Southern California. A lot. Now, they are trying to make them smaller - that's the latest. We feel sad for the 'it' dogs because they got them because they are trendy. I hope Max's back starts to feel better super soon!

  11. Hope everything works out well for you all. Be safe and God bless.

  12. Dogs should be "forever", and not, "until".. until you move, until you have a baby, etc. We can add, "until you decide to go on a church mission to Ethiopia" to that list.

    DECIDE is the key word here. How very rude of them.

    And speaking of rude, Ethiopians do not want their religion.

    Sorry. These kinds of surrender stories get me riled up!

  13. Well, Max, you've fallen on your feet old boy! Aren't you just the luckiest chap! He does ave a delightful smile, doesn't he?

  14. Can't help but agree with the adverse comments about the people who gave Max up. Not a very Christian attitude, but no doubt they will preach love of all God's creatures to the poor Ethiopians.
    Max has such a lovely face, and I'm sure he'll have a lovely nature too. I know I couldn't part with him. Having dogs, (we have two) is one of the greatest pleasures of being retired. However he's landed on his feet at Golden Pines and he's assured of a very happy future, with lots of equally happy companions.

  15. Got to agree about the not giving him up part. A dog is family and is a lifetime commitment. Bit, Charlie should enjoy having someone who looks like him join the pack.

  16. I adore Max' " lamb chop" puppet legs

  17. Hello Kim, happy to hear Jake and Belle are doing fine except for the ear infections. I will never understand giving up a dog???? So sad but so glad for Max, what a great deal for him, love that face.Hugs Francine.

  18. Max is a cutie! He is lucky to have found his way to your home.

  19. We're sure everyone will settle down quickly. Yuck to the ear infections, hope those clear up soon.

    Roxy is our 'Designer Dog'.....designed by a committee.

  20. Max sure is a cutie pie,, We have a feeling he will fit in just perfect. He has some beautiful curls!

  21. Oh Max! You is too handsome!!

    Otto's mom

  22. What a sweet face! Doodles are great dogs, from all I've heard. I wonder why he has back issues at such a young age. I guess a little growling should sort itself out, as long as no one's getting too upset or hurt. It's a big adjustment for any dog, going into a new home. It must be so confusing for them. Enjoy him.

  23. What wonderful characters. Is Max's problem an arthritic thing that's particular to the breed?

  24. There are a lot of Goldendoodles that come into the vet clinic that I work at.
    They are the designer dog of the moment.
    So many people, especially AKC breeders, are very negative about them and say they aren't a breed but a mutt.
    I take care of several in my boarding area and don't tell anyone but I ADORE them! LOL
    Sorry to read that he's having back issues but glad he's with you.
    It's wonderful that he gets along with Todd.
    Maybe the bigger dogs are just scary to him.

    I also agree with so many of the other comments, how can you decide to leave your dog? A dog with health issues! Grrrrr.
    and THEY are going to teach religions and values?

  25. I cannot imagine ever making a choice that would make me leave my dog behind. Buttttt, I'll leave that thought behind and thank goodness that Max landed with you. I hope his hind end gets better with your TLC.

  26. That face is impossible to resist. And, again, it touches my heart so - those 164, now 168 days of one dog's life. The adventures, the walks, the good food, the treats..... Kim and Carl, you are amazing!

  27. Sorry to hear he has back issues hope the vets can help , glad he gets along with Todd now Todd has a partner in crime lol ! .They are such sweet dogs the Golden doodles they are a cross like shepherds and collies and shepherds and huskies have been for decades and were the in thing years ago . The Golden Doodles have a nice disposition and are good family dogs . I could never leave my dogs ever for any reason they are a part of me , I would remortgage the house to look after them if I had to and keep them by my side . Hope all goes well he is a cutie , Thanks for sharing . Have a good weekend !

  28. Oh my . . . how sweet that Max face is . . .
    And then there is Todd who always brings a smile to my face!
    (Happy that two of your "rescued" are living out good lives!)


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