Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Two Weeks

~Mt. Rainier~
It has been a very long two weeks at Golden Pines with my husband Carl out of town. He traveled (via train) to visit his youngest brother in Vancouver Washington.  Even though he had been ill for quite some time, he passed away unexpectedly while he was there. As brothers they shared a unique bond.  This has made his loss a very sad and profound one, not just for him but his entire family.  It's understandable.

At home, and with work, it left little spare time.  I felt like I kept up with all the work and things went pretty well.  Even if it hadn't gone well, of course I was not going to complain.
~Charlie and Todd kept busy looking at who-knows-what? ~

While Carl was gone, as you know, Bo arrived. He's getting along nicely with all the dogs.  However I was hoping that after nearly 2 weeks he would be a little more adjusted to the routine, but he's not.  Maybe it's the blindness, and because how he is living is so different than what he has always known.
Bo is not a very confident boy, but I feel like he trusts me. Because he still "wanders around" when outside, I've been working on teaching him to come in the direction of my voice.  He's a work in progress, but as you can see in the video below, he's getting better.

Max returned last Saturday to have his "healing x-rays" taken, and to also snap a picture of his other knee.  One of the screws in Max's knee (3rd from the bottom) looks like it may have drifted, but otherwise, everything looks pretty good.

We're continuing with weekly cold laser therapy and acupuncture for both knees and his back which is sore.  In between treatments I've been shown how to massage Max's back, and I apply warm compresses. He loves the extra attention and the pampering!  Max is getting around pretty well and he's putting his full weight onto his repaired knee, but is still really tentative on his right knee.  We're waiting to hear from the surgeon about the next step for Max.  Until then, he's kept on a leash and is on "restricted activity" for (at least) a few more weeks.

Yes, there's no doubt that the last two weeks have been mostly business at our house.  But there is the comic relief from "You Know Who" that always makes me laugh.

What would I do without him?

Thank-you so much for stopping by!  I've really missed having the time read blogs, but I know you understand.  I so look forward to being able to catch up with you!!  
~A late season Monarch Butterfly on Sunday~


  1. Oh Kim,,, I feel sad for Carl and his family... and for you. Its good Carl was able to travel to see his brother,,, but so sad he unexpectedly passed away.
    You did a good job of holding Golden Pines together while he was gone,, You did your best.
    I can see a sparkle in Bo's spirit as you talk to him.. I think he will keep improving,,
    And Max,,,it just all takes time. doesn't it?
    Thank goodness for Todd,, and his never ending smile!!
    The butterfly,,, oh,, it is sooo beautiful.

  2. Howdy Kim. Sorry it's been so long for us between visits. Sorry too, to hear of your husband's brother passing away. We send our condolences to you all. Glad to see life at Golden Pines continues to help those doggies in need. We have had sadness at our place with our darling boy Rory passing to the Rainbow Bridge. We are all so lost without him. Take care mates. No worries, and love, Carol and Stella

  3. Sadly, life goes on, and when a dear one has gone, the hugest gap is made . Carl, so glad you were able to be there, and Kim, to keep all things ticking over as normal.Bo must be happy as he does come when you call, and he might still be adjusting to his new home.. Like cheese, as they say in the NZ advertisement, " All good things take time"

  4. Sounds like you have had your hands full. I do hop that Bo will come around..maybe it will take just a bit longer. My condolences to your husband on the loss of his brother.

  5. i am so sorry for carl and all... so glad he was there. i know you've got your hands full. i wish bo easier adjustments and patience for max. bless you.

  6. Hugs to all of you. I'm so sorry to hear of Carl's brother passing - let him know we are thinking of him, and all of you, at this time.

    ...and hugs to the new pup. I had a blind girl, Cisco, who was challenging, but oh so worth it!

    Monty, Harlow and Ramble

  7. I am very sorry for the loss of Carl's brother. I wish a peaceful time for you and yours and ongoing progress with your sweet pups.

  8. Amber is also totally blind now and I found it very hard to believe how well she adapted to her new home when we moved. I see many of her actions in Bo also and he's doing quite well considering his new surroundings. I think he'll adapt quite well with time and one would not even recognize that he's blind. (sometimes I think Amber can see perfectly from the way she moves around).

    My deepest sympathy to you and Carl.

  9. I'm so sorry to hear about your husband's brother's passing. It was at least good that your husband was already there and had time to spend with his brother. You sure have had your hands full but it's good that Todd is there for some comic relief.


  10. No one ever tells you how debilitating grief can be ! Then to have Max and Bo as well ! With them it's a good kind of exhausting but exhausting nonetheless .

  11. Todd should take Bo under his wing. He'd have Bo Aroooooing in no time.

  12. it's almost as if carl's brother waited to see him one last time. my gram did that with my husband whom she hadn't seen in a couple of years. she died a day after he flew to NY to see her. love is an amazing thing.
    sweetest bo.
    i've been fighting puppy mills in this state for years. it's common for the dogs in one to NEVER be outside of their cages. it's literally a factory for making more dogs.
    he is probably still astounded at his sense of freedom. and it will take some getting used to. and i'm sure as you say... the blindness doesn't help.
    but in the video... when he started to come to your voice and you said "GOOD BOY!" look at his whole body and demeanor! he just looks full of joy! oh kim.
    bless you. always. but especially when you handle it all alone.

  13. So sorry to hear of Carl's brother. I do love Vancouver WA, it is the birthplace of my Ryker boy.
    I know how hard it is to do the work of two people and then not have them to complain too at that!!!
    God bless you and Bo, he is a treasure and I love to watch him unfold. It must be hard for the old boy but he could not be in a better place : )

  14. So sorry to hear of the loss of Carl's brother, but how good that he was able to be there for the visit. Please give him our deepest sympathies.

    We once had a dog who had lost both of his eyes to glaucoma. He did very well as long as we didn't change anything in his environment. But when we moved to another state, it did take quite some time for him to adjust. We hope Bo will adjust too. All paws crossed for continued good healing for Max.

    Woos - Lightning and Misty

  15. We are so sorry to hear about your husbands brother, we are sure he was glad he made the trip. We bet Bo will continue to adapt with your wonderful help
    Mr Bailey, hazel & Mabel

  16. This is sad news about Carl's brother. Life is never quite the same again.

    The dogs look wonderful. Special good wishes go to Max and Bo.

    The pictures of Mt. Rainier and the Monarch are stunning.

  17. So far, haven't had to face the loss of a sibling, but can understand Carl's loss.

    Sounds like you're busy and keeping the homefires going.

  18. you have such a positive outlook with all the things that come your way with so many depending on you. I am always in awe of the way you get so much done.

  19. Hello, So sorry for the loss of your BIL. My prayers go out to you, Carl and his family. It is nice to see Bo responding to you voice. My good wishes to Max and Bo. Cute shots of Todd and all your pups. Enjoy your day and week ahead!

  20. I can barely handle my 2 with hubby out, I don't know how you are handling the crew. Sending my sincere sympathy to Carl, you and his family for the loss of his brother.

  21. I am sorry for your family's loss, Kim.

    These dogs you foster are so fortunate to have you and Carl around to make their difficult lives so much better. You are a fantasticly kind person.

  22. Condolences to Carl and family for the sad loss of his brother.
    After all the years poor Bo was at the puppy mill, he's probably still getting used to his freedom - it must be wonderful for him to be free to roam, and then hear you calling him. I'm sure he'll settle down well.
    Bless Todd, he's always there to raise a smile.

  23. I'm so so sorry to hear about Carl's brother, prayers for the family... Bo will do great with you to help him, such a sweet boy. Todd is so funny, quit the character indeed.Hugs Francine.

  24. I'm so sorry about the sad loss of your brother in law. Your husband must be having a rough time of it.

    I'm so glad that Bo is there with you. I think that video shows that he's learning that it's a good thing to come to your voice. I wish that he hadn't had such a rough life before now.

    As for Max, I'm still sending POTP. I hope that both knees are well before too long.

    Lots of good thoughts are coming your way.

  25. Your days must have been filled to the brim . . .
    Sad for your husband and his brothers death . . .
    Wonderful they were together in his final hour . . .
    Happy Todd ghives you some smiles and giggles . . .

  26. Love the progress report on everyone.

  27. I'm just reading this now and I'm so so sorry to read about your husband's loss.
    I hope he finds some comfort in the fact that he was able to be with him.
    Such sad sad news.
    I'm sending good positive thoughts and energy your way!

  28. If Bo was just crated all of the time, it may be strange for him to even be outside. He sure responds to your voice!


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