Thursday, November 24, 2016

Better Days Ahead for Evah!

Another blur of a week for us.  I'm sure many of you are like me and are enjoying the Thanksgiving break as much as I am.  The only thing we have planned is dinner with good friends and their family today (Thursday) and spending some time at home.

Thank-you all for your kind words and supportive comments for our newest arrival Evah. One comment that Stoermann Home left and deleted, was one I really thought was a good and valid thought about Evah's care that asked about her staying with Retired Lady, Stoermann Home said:
 "isn't there a program out there that helps the elderly keep their companion dogs when they get financially difficult to keep? I mean, its great that you got the dog, but what if SHE kept the dog and didn't have to bear the cost of the unexpected medical issues."  
The answer to that question is yes there are vets offices that provide routine care to senior pet owners at a reduced fee or for no charge.  Understandably it's also up to individual practices to decide what discounted services they'll provide beyond that. The vet care that Evah needed by Thursday was more than Retired Lady was able and willing to pay, and my vets office and any nearby were willing to provide at no cost to her.
It all began when Retired Lady got Evah on Saturday afternoon.  From that time until Tuesday when she was first taken to see the vet, Evah had not relieved herself. The vet emptied her very full bladder, but did nothing about her bowels.  Retired Lady wasn't charged for other palliative care and they were hoping Evah would be okay. But by Thursday, no matter how many times she was taken outside, Evah would do nothing but try to go back inside because she was afraid of the noise made by passing cars. By Thursday Evah was (understandably) beginning to not feel well and hadn't eaten.  When I got Evah home I'd hoped that letting her off lead in our big yard, with no cars around would do the trick.  It didn't, and she even became sick overnight.  On Friday morning I dropped Evah off at the vets office and she received all the needed treatment including blood work and a few other tests.  Twelve hours later I was picked up an exhausted Evah who was feeling much better.
~Evah last Saturday, showing off her post-puppy figure~
Caring for the other dogs (in my next post) and getting Evah all settled in has taken us to a week later. Evah has ended her first week with us on a good note and with everything (now) working like clock-work. A needed antibiotic has kicked in, and that has helped as well.

Evah is just as lovely on the inside as she is on the outside.  She gets along really well with all the dogs, and is also learning about cats.  In true Golden Retriever fashion she takes everything in stride, loves her meals and happily takes treats.  If we're having any problems with her, it's that she is very nervous about exploring the house. I've tried to introduce her to other rooms but she gets nervous and wants to go back to the ex-pen where she feels safe. I'm sure in time that will change as she gets more confidence.
I decided to sign over my ownership of Evah to the rescue.  This was in part in the event that there are unforeseen repercussions between the kennel and Retired Lady no longer having her. I think that there being another link between Evah and where she originally came from is best for her.  And the Rescue as Evah's owner are in a better position to stand up against the kennel that she came from.
I think we'd all agree that Evah should only go forward to a new life and not back to her old one.


  1. Sorry the poor girl had to go through all that, but glad she's functioning again.
    Have a lovely day with your friends!

  2. She's such a beautiful girl that I'm sure it won't be long before she finds her forever home. Perhaps the Retired Lady's anxiety about caring for Evah transmitted itself to her, and caused some of the problems? If I lived nearer and your side of the pond, I would certainly love to have her.

    1. I thought the same thing, and I think the stress of the changes from what Evah knew didn't help either.

  3. Evah may not technically be yours now, but she can enjoy safety, your love and care. We're sure she'll be blooming soon.

  4. Our Kaci also seeks safety. This comes from being in a pen with big dogs on Death Row in a kill shelter-traumatic.

  5. Hello, it would be nice if the elderly did have help with the vet cost. They are all on fixed incomes and a very sick dog would be hard to handle. I am glad Evah is getting the care and love from being with you and the rescue. Thanks for being there for Evah. She is beautiful. Happy Thanksgiving and have a great weekend ahead.

  6. You and your family should be commended for the willingness to endure so many sad stories and see them thru to the end. I can only imagine how hard it is to see sweet babies come in and go out so often. Thank you for sharing a little of your life with us so gracefully. I'm sure there are many things you want to say but keep within. Bless you!

  7. thankful today that you are doing what is best to protect and care for Evah.
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  8. So glad Evah found her way to you!

  9. With you at the helm we know Evah will get the best care . Glad she is getting better and hope all goes well for her !

  10. I'm so glad she's on the mend and will have a 'happily ever after' life from now on. Thanks for all you do! One of my fosters began her trial last Friday and all things are 'go'. I miss her but the people that have her are already in love. Happy Thanksgiving!

  11. I'm happy to hear Evah is feeling better and getting settled in her new home. She is so lucky to have found you.

  12. Thank you for the update on Evah and glad to know that she is feeling better now and has a brighter future to look forward to - nose licks and love from Moth xx

  13. Thank goodness you are "in the picture", cognizant of Evah's history/journey and connected and in concert with the people at the rescue. The best for Evah is in good process . . . I hope her anxiety lessens and the best home for her is found. You are a "golden person" in my book!

  14. NEVER back to that kennel home!!! the most important words of all!
    oh darling evah. smiling at us from her 'safe' crate there. I think she will find her courage too eventually...
    the more she sees she's loved and truly finally safe.
    and i would like to send just a kind message to stoermann home... perhaps a new perspective...
    i am 71 years old with a wonky heart. it seems to be fine for awhile and then it causes me no end of problems.
    at the moment i have fluid around it which is being treated with a med.
    but it leaves me without being able to take a deep breath. and walking is difficult.
    if you recall this summer i got severely dehydrated from a virus and that weakened me a great deal and was a longer recovery than i thought it would be.

    i pretend to people that i'm in better shape than i am! it's easy to do that with people. i don't want to be one of those boring people with always something wrong!
    but with dogs you can't pretend. they need and deserve good care. and exercise. and they have to go out to do their business in all kinds of weather.
    i love dogs more than i do most people!
    i have ALWAYS had a dog. all my life. and every single one of them has been a rescued dog. and though i would still have one in a minute... i know in this terrible acting heart of mine that it wouldn't be fair to the dog.
    i live in an apartment and there's no way to just 'let one out into a fenced yard.' they need to walk and play. and i can no longer give that to them.
    i have many good days that i could. but sometimes there are weeks that i can't. i can live with that. but i couldn't ask my dog to live with that.

    the only reason i write this is for people to not feel bad toward 'retired' (old! LOL!) people giving up their beloved pets. it's not always about the money.

    sometimes it's because they know they simply can't do right by their dog.
    i would rescue another one in the next minute if it were possible and i knew i could give it what it needs!
    i must be happy to live vicariously through your wonderful blog and other's blogs.
    and i bless you for taking in those who have to be given up in that way! XOXOX♥

    1. I hope it goes without saying how I feel about you Tammy! Your insight, kind, empathetic, caring and compassionate part of you is something I have come to admire, and is an example for so many of us to follow - Not to mention your fun sense of humor! I so appreciate and respect what you've said. Several years ago, my Mom found herself in the same place as you. It didn't keep her from loving and caring about animals -- Like you, she found ways to help them and be their advocate without ever taking one into her home.

      Thank-you again for your thoughts Tammy!! I hope you're doing well, and had a good Thanksgiving!!

    2. oh my own kim!
      you have taken some of the guilt thoughts I always have away. thank you for your words. it's so hard to have to give up HAVING THEM! xoxo♥

    3. Tammy,
      After reading your comment I felt that I had to share something on my blog that I wasn't sure I'd share.
      But yes, there are reasons, good reasons, why people can't alway keep their pets or have pets.

  15. Were so thankful Kim, that there are people like you,, who are able to get involved, and help.
    This story of Evah feeling better,, is just the beginning of her new journey.

  16. Forward and not back. Any Hebridean would understand that Evah has discovered that Gods serendipity is being in the right place at the right time. Sensible with the signing over to the rescue - the kennels sounds like an outfit guided by what they can get rather than what they can give.

  17. It sounds as if you've made a wise decision regarding Evah. I'm wishing her all the very best. I immediately fell in love with her pictures.

  18. Poor Eva! Lucky Eva, and lucky Retired Lady having your help. Goldies are such sensitive souls, she will blossom with you, but in my experience they take a while to trust if they've had a bad time.

  19. Well said Kim. Eva is very lucky to be with you. We know that you will shower her and love and take the best possible care of her. Thank you Kim for all you do for dogs.

  20. Everything that is being done for Evah sounds like a true blessing for her. Poor baby, I cannot even imagine the pain she must have endured not being able to relieve herself. And being too scared of the noises, when I am sure she had been confined to a small enclosure most of her life must be traumatizing. It sound as though she is responding remarkably well. How glorious for her having a new loving life!
    Thank you and lots of sweet pats to all your babies.
    Gus' Mom

  21. I'm so glad she found her way to you Kim! She is already looking so much better!! Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and thanks again for ALL you do for animals!! You are an angel on earth. Blessings to you!

  22. Poor Evah. I guess she spent so much of her life in a crate that she's afraid of the open space. We're hoping that she settles in soon and gets to enjoy her freedom.

  23. Oh Evah! You found your way to the absolute right place. Tiny Osa, our new girl is only a year and a half old and has already had a litter of puppies. Part of the reason we purchased her from her owner who is "moving and can't take the dog with..." We'll take good care of her - if she stops growling at me!!

  24. Evah. Wish I could take her.

  25. Thank you for everything you have done for Evah.
    What a huge relief it must be for her to be able to potty
    and also to feel safe and away from the original kennel.

    I totally understand about adding links.
    My own little Twinkle came to me because I provided a "link" that would take her to a new state.

    I also work with someone who is part of a Pitbull rescue.
    Someone called her who had seen an ad on Craigslist for a FREE dog and she had gone and rescued it. It turned out to be a starving dog that was being given away. The woman had no money but was terrified not to take her and have the wrong person come for an un-spayed female Pitbull. My co-worker went to the woman's home and got the dog and put it in a foster home in another state. That dog is now healthy, chubby and running in the country far from where anyone from her "beginning" can ever find her.

    Thank you for being you!

  26. You have the fullest and kindest of hearts.

    Abby Lab's Mom L.B.


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