Thursday, January 5, 2017

Blogging in 2017

My blog is now a little more seven years old, and I’ve published just under a thousand posts in that time. Along the way, I have written and still have about 100 drafts that I have never published. Sometimes I just didn’t finish the posts. Sometimes I thought they were too boring. Sometimes I wrote an entire blog post then changed my mind about publishing it for whatever reason.
~Todd never changes his mind --  He loves his red ball!~
Last year, as you may know, was a struggle to keep my blog going.  Many times I thought about just giving it up. But I have changed my mind about doing that because as bad as I am about blogging, I hold onto what I why I began this blog in the first place.  It was because I wanted a place where the dogs who are so often forgotten about, are remembered. YOU have helped that to become a reality.  You have helped to celebrate our successes, helped me welcome the new additions and shared in the lowest moments and the losses -- For that and so much more, I am truly humbled and so very, very grateful.
~A loss in 2016, our beloved friend and companion, Sheba~
Another reason I want to continue blogging is because I also have come to truly value my cyber friendships that keep me going.  Blogging has given me a chance to connect to people. I love reading your comments, and I love reading your blogs.  I am never bored when I blog.  I get to experience snippets of your lives I would otherwise not see.  I can have adventures I otherwise don't get to have. And I really believe that blogging has given me the chance to connect to humanity as a whole because it takes me one step closer to other people in the world.
~Eva, seeing the world for the first time...  Or a bird!~ 
There are some of you who no longer blog, or don't have one. You know who you are, and I also want to thank you for your kind thoughts, support and friendship as well.  This year, my hope and goal for "Life at Golden Pines" is to try and do better.
So, onward we go.  At a fast pace.  Today was the day that Max had his 2nd knee surgery.  The report tonight was that all has gone pretty well.  He'll be home tomorrow.
We have a busy, busy weekend ahead - We will welcome back the lovely Bella (below with her family) who we placed in a new home this past summer.  She'll be here for two weeks while "Dick and Judy" take a two week cruise of the Panama Canal.
AND, we may be welcoming a new addition.  Stay tuned!

Happy, Happy New Year!!                


  1. Congratulations on your 7 year anniversary!! It's funny when you realize how many of us started our blogs around the same time.

    I don't get here as often as I used to, but I hope you know how much I love your blog, your writing and you.

    I'm glad to hear your boy's surgery went well. I hope he has an easy recovery and heals quickly.

    Don't beat yourself up about not posting, I think we all get to that point at times.

  2. Oh Kim, I echo your words. We all share so much across the world, there are many new friends, older ones that remain constant, and some others may think words are not much use in any situation, but they do not know the true value of blog friendships.I have learnt so much, travelled to wonderful places, seen views that are amazing, and meet each of you with delight. Sheba, a darling, Todd who amazes, and those who have had surgery, and we wait for news. And then, like Bella, back for a brief stay.That is trust beyond measure. Hugs as you continue to write those words.

  3. I love your blog too. It was a part of what inspired me to start fostering. And I do see senior dogs in a different way because of you and a couple others out there. As I think about how my future may look - I know helping homeless dogs will be part of it. So thanks for telling us your stories.

    1. Thank-you Kara!! How wonderful that you've opened your heart and home to those who need a safe place to go! You are truly making a difference!!! I would love to read your stories too!!

  4. You are one of my favourite blogs. :) Not sure how I found you but super glad I did. ;)

  5. Your pictures of the beautiful dogs always make me smile. Your words touch and inspire me.

  6. We love hearing about other people and dogs, too. There are so many who only blog for a short time, and we wonder where they've gone. Keep blogging. You tend to observe the world and life's incidents more.

  7. New addition? I didn't know you were pregnant.

    1. LOL - Now that WOULD be a miracle!! :-)!!!

    2. Well, it's the right time of year for one, Kim !!

  8. I was so worried in your opening paragraph that you were about to say that you were stopping blogging. Phew!

    I started my blog eight years ago, and I keep doing it for the same reasons as you do. I'm happy that we found each other's blogs! I'm so glad that you'll be continuing!

    I hope that Max is doing well. I'm sending him POTP, and I can't wait to hear about your new addition :)

  9. Was a little worried there for a bit ...
    Glad that Max went through the surgery fairly well. He's going to have to stay calm again for a while, isn't he? Poor guy.
    That pic of the line-up in the snow is one of my favorites!
    Nice for you to have Bella there for a bit, I imagine.

  10. I am so very glad that you have decided to continue blogging Kim! I, too, treasure my online friends and all of the relationships I have built over my ten years of blogging! I look forward to reading more about how the operation went and your new addition! Happy New Year!!

  11. Kim, I don't think you realise how much pleasure your blog brings to us all. We so much enjoy sharing with you the trials, tribulations, and the occasional sadness that you encounter. For me the highlight of your recent blog was the look of rapture on Eva's sweet little face as she gazed in awe at the Christmas tree. You've brought so much love to so many unwanted dogs and cats, how I wish there were more like you and Carl.

  12. Glad Max's surgery went okay and hope he is home by now. Looking forward to your adventures at golden pines this year, it is lovely to step over your threshold and see the crew and all they get up to.

  13. Hello, I am so glad to read you will continue your blogging. I love reading about your rescues. They are all so cute, I wish i could give them all a hug. Sending Max get well wishes and my prayers for a quick recovery. I am looking forward to your new post in 2017. Best wishes for a happy healthy New Year. Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!

  14. Glad you will continue blogging - love reading about your adventures with the pups and your pictures as well. Happy New Year!

  15. I'm happy to hear you will continue blogging. Even though I don't comment much, I am a faithful reader as it comes to me on my email.

    Our blogs and dogs have introduced us and given us a wonderful friendship. I look forward to seeing you in the spring!!


  16. My peeps would like to point out that reading your blog helped them stay sane in the 'between dogs bit' they had so a big Fank You to you from me 'cos they is nutty enuffs already, couldn't stand it if they got worse!!!!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx
    PeeS Can't wait to hear about the 'new addition'

  17. LOL! i'm one that you know who i are!
    to think i only made it through four years.
    but i think i might have my inspiration now. YOU.
    as far as i'm concerned you are a national treasure.
    it's so wonderful that you can let bella spend their holiday back with her 'family' !!! familiar smells and wags and cheer until her new family returns. the best of both worlds!
    can't wait to hear the new news. ahem. since you're not with child. LOL! xoxo♥
    ps... awoke to 4 inches of SNOW!!! and i love your new winter banner up top. beautiful.

  18. I identify with every word you wrote about blogging! I also have a bunch of draft posts that probably won't get posted, have slowed down and struggled to dream up new material, and am now resolving to be on the blog more often. You are one of the reasons that I am continuing to try ... I cannot bear to lose touch with blog friends like you!

    Happy 2017 to you and the entire Golden Pines crew!

  19. I'm glad to hear you will keep blogging. Good luck with Max's recovery and enjoy your time with your house guest.


  20. I don't blog nearly as often as I once did. But I appreciate the people I've come to know and you are one that I respect greatly. Happy New Year to you and the dogs. Just do the best you can.

  21. I also have been inspired by all the good you have done at Golden Pines and look forward to reading many more of your posts. The most important thing that I have learned from you is that taking on a senior or needy dog (for as long as they live) is one of the kindest things you can do. Giving them quality of life, even tho it might not be for long, has to be so comforting to them. You have made a difference to so many. Thank you. And Happy New Year.

  22. I do not blog as I am not very good with writing or telling a story. I just LOVE reading your blog. I love the work you do with the older pups. I do not always comment but I do read your words. Congrats on Seven Years. Please do not stop writing.
    Pat & Bentley, my Wheaten Scottie.

  23. Sometimes life in general just gets in the way of being able to blog as much as we would like too. But we are happy to hear that you will continue. Your stories and your love for those who are so need it warm our hearts. Happy 2017!!!

    Woos - Lightning and Misty

  24. WE love reading your blog and all the wonderful work you do for these seniors. We have not blogged as long but there have been times it can overwhelm and I have thought about stopping. But the friendships I have made are too important and we don't want to lose that
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  25. I have always enjoyed your blog and photos . All you both do for these wonderful animals is amazing . I understand what you mean about connecting through blogging with other around the world it is like taking a trip and seeing the world with in the comfort of your own home and make some wonderful friends along the way . Thanks for sharing and for letting us in your world . Hope Charlie heals well . Have a good weekend .

  26. Kim, you are a wonderful inspiration! The sweet faces of your animals and their stories touch my heart and give me hope. I'm so happy that you'll continue to blog. (I can only imagine the time and effort it takes to create a wonderful blog like this.) My husband and I have taken in many homeless dogs and cats over the years. Many came to us when I worked at the elementary school down our road. It was a convenient "drop off" point for animals that were abandoned. I was so grateful for each one. All the very best to you all this year!

  27. I am so glad you are continuing on, I love seeing the dogs. Gentle old souls are the best. I miss mine like crazy!

  28. I love your blog . . .
    And your commitment . . .
    This inspires me even more to "keep going!"
    Even though my posts may be fewer than the daily "used to be!"
    Happy travels to Dick and Judy . . .
    Hugs to Bella . . .
    Hugs to you Kim too . . .

  29. Hi Kim,

    I love reading about the dogs. I foster for a local rescue in Raleigh, north Carolina so relate to your life.
    I stopped blogging after I lost Princess but continue to visit you and my other favorites. I'd hate for you to stop your blog.

    Happy New Year and thank you for giving the dogs a loving place to stay.

  30. I too, have had many drafts and deletes.
    Sometimes I will post something and then think no one will comment and it will turn out to have the most responses!
    Sometimes I think I should stop too but then suddenly I find that I need to turn to my blog friends because they are the ones who REALLY get me.
    I'm so glad you decided to continue.
    I love reading about your world and feel such a kinship.

  31. Your blog is wonderful. As you know I just post bits of nonsense but from blogs like yours we learn about various your case it is about animals and the wonderful care you take of them. To me that is well worth blogging about.
    I haven't been visiting as many blogs as I should of late but even though I do much less now I am old everything seems to take much longer.
    I look forward to further wonderful dog and cat stories from you and I promise to try and keep up better in 2017. Happy New Year.

  32. I echo everyone else...this is the loveliest blog. I always read, rarely comment. I would miss you and your dogs if you stopped. The line you wrote about a place for dogs who are so often forgotten, to be remembered, made me tear up. So true.

  33. I love and enjoy your blog and would hate to see it go.

  34. Happy New Year Kim!
    My blog has certainly taken a hit since Facebook. However I continue to try and post every couple of weeks and share some of my favorite photographs of Ryker, which was the main reason I started our blog.
    Yours makes me happy to see the other side of people...instead of abuse and neglect that I see so frequently I love seeing the open hearted love and care that you provide for these senior forgoten souls! You warm my heart and bring back my faith in humanity!

  35. I've been following your blog a long time. I am really glad you decided to continue you, I'd really miss you and the dogs and cats!

  36. Kim,,,, people need you,, I need you.
    I would be so lost if you were not here,


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