Friday, April 14, 2017

Catching Up to Easter

We all know spring has sprung, and April is already confirming what we already know, and that's that it's an unusually busy month at our house.
~Life is good....For Eva!~

Max (below) was released from the care of the orthopedic surgeon a few weeks ago.  With the all clear, he'll finally be able to get that much needed visit to the groomer.
He really needs it!
Charlie had his spring hair-cut this past Thursday.
Bo has been enrolled in a "nose class" that began last week.  It's a very basic beginner class. He is the first blind dog that the instructor has had in any of her classes. The dogs attended the 2nd class.  We practiced their finding food-treats in boxes scattered in the ring.  Bo did better on his second try after I changed what he was looking to cheese-popcorn. I'm hoping the class will build his confidence and get him out of his shell.

We have also said good-bye, for the third time to our foster-kitty, Mo.  I know, I know, I should have (and was going to) adopt him.  But for several reasons that I'll tell you about in another post, we didn't. I have left the door open for him to return to us if it doesn't work out.
Carl has been out of town, and will be back on Monday. So Easter weekend will be a quiet one at our house.  I wonder what kind of trouble we will Todd can get into?


  1. just a little wash under my chin for now!!! And Mo, maybe this time will find the home that fits the bill. Enjoy your Easter, and all at your place will have company with you and everyone there.

  2. Cheese popcorn...surely that'll get him going. Todd looks like he's waiting to attack that water.

  3. All good news, and keeping my fingers crossed that sweet kitty Mo will find his forever home this time.
    Todd looks excited to tackle the water sprinkler !
    Happy Easter dear friend.

  4. Hello, Tod, Max and Charlie are adorable. I love the sweet Eva. I am glad Bo is doing well, cheese popcorn is yummy. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend! Happy Easter to you and your family!

  5. Todd and the others will keep you smiling . . .
    busy too, I am sure, while Carl is out of town.
    Happy Easter Kim . . .
    Cheesy popcorn you say . . . for Bo and the nose class!

  6. Everyone is doing so well, it's nice to see. A nose class, what a great idea. Sweet Bo, I want to hug him.
    Have a peaceful and uneventful Easter!

  7. Happy Easter to you all. It's good to see how happy everyone looks !

  8. Was very afraid at the start of the post that I wasn't going to get my "Todd" fix, but you came through with the last picture! He is such a character.

  9. Sounds like everyone is doing well at your house. I hope Mo has finally found his forever home.

  10. water and bare dirt and todd. can't be a good mix!
    charlie is lookin' good! and you can tell he thinks so too.
    wonderful news about bo and max!
    and as to wee mo... i'll have to take you at your word. it's your home after all. and i truly know that you know best! have a wonderful easter darling bean! ♥

  11. No, Todd, DON'T. It's too much like a bath.

  12. Good for Bo - that nose work could come in very handy for him.

    Misty says she is sure Todd will find some fun somewhere, especially with that sprinkler:)

    Woos - Lightning and Misty

  13. I must admit that I’m sad to see Mo depart, but wish him all the best. And also good wishes for Bo and his class; may it give him the boost he needs. Max is looking like a wooly lamb and Charlie is very spiff. Eva is as beautiful as ever and Todd . . . always up to something funny. Happy Easter!

  14. have a wonderful Easter!
    Mr Bailey Hazel & Mabel

  15. Happy Easter from our home to yours Kim. May you have an incredible quiet, peaceful day filled with love from your fur babies.
    Noreen and Hunter

  16. Quiet and peaceful Easter. Sounds about perfect. Have a great weekend with the critters.

  17. I do hope Mo finds his forever home.
    Cheese is good and cheese popcorn even better! I hope all goes well for Bo.
    A Blessed Easter to you all, Kim. God bless.

  18. Max is looking so good! This change in the weather sure is an improvement. Enjoy your day...all the pups and kitty look very happy.


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