Saturday, April 1, 2017

Good-Bye to a Trusted Friend

On Friday I said good-bye to a trusted friend -- My 2007 Dodge Caravan that I've had for about 9 years, that took me, Carl and the dogs safely more than 235,000 miles (around 361,000 kilometers) She had about 6,000 miles on her when we met.
~Our beloved Sheba on a roadtrip~
 I never named HER.  But I talked to HER, patted HER on the dashboard like a faithful friend, doted on HER, and fought with HER on some days, especially after the heat and air-conditioning stopped working last year.  In November when she was replaced by a newer version of HER that is sparkly and clean, at least for now, with satellite radio and 2nd row windows that roll down, she sat proudly and alone in the driveway all winter but still started up every.single.time without any hesitation.
~Coming home from Tennessee in 2015~
Except for that last time when I went to clean HER out, leaving all the dog-hair behind so she can be picked up by the group I donated her to. Maybe it was HER way of telling me good-bye.

The dogs of course didn't care about HER leaving.  But they did care about the man that came to pick HER up. When he arrived, he asked if Todd had ever bitten anyone - He said the only dog that had ever bitten him was a Scottie.
I told him that wouldn't change if he came into the yard.

**I donated my "old van" to the SPCA of Northern Virginia.  There are so many good charities and causes, and donating a car, truck, boat or even a plane is a great way to support them.    


  1. It is always hard to say good bye to a trusted friend!
    nice of you to donate Her
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  2. Todd, you have to maintain the breed's reputation.

  3. Always good to have a reputation for keeping a ferocious Scottie. Keeps unwanted visitors away.

  4. I am glad to see that it is your van! My heart always skips a beat when I see a headline like that. Wow...she held up well for a LOT of miles!! Would Todd really bite someone if they came in the yard? I have a friend with a Scottie and he was not very friendly with me. I thought it was just because he was old...

  5. Hello, It is hard letting your trusted friend go. But, no heat and no AC would be the end for me. Todd must be very protective of his yard and family. He is still a cutie! Happy Sunday, enjoy your day!

  6. Oh My I was worried there by your title Few it is a van your talking about my heart skipped a beat I tell ya lol ! Yes our old clunker of a 2006 Dodge Caravan with 158,500 miles ours has done and it is still hanging in there hubs has replaced a few things on it nothing major yet our heat still works and Ac to thankfully one day we will get a new vehicle . I am a former trainer of all kinds of breeds dogs in my years and never been bit by any of them thankfully Todd I bet a nice treat from someone would make you their friend in no time lol ! Thanks for sharing lovely photos have a good weekend and Happy April !

  7. The van served you well, not every vehicle is that trustworthy. Lots of memories, I'm sure ...

  8. What a well loved and trusted gal she was. What a great way to part ways though!

  9. This gave me a huge smile . . .
    My mister Irish hubs loves a Dodge Caravan . . .
    He has two from the 2004 year . . . with many, many, many miles on each.
    He will not part with them and receives some complaining of such, from me!
    He prefers the Dodge Caravan over a truck . . . not much lifting, open the hatch and slide things in. (I wonder if I could encourage him to donate!)

    I must admit . . . I was a bit hesitant to continue reading when I saw the words . . . " . . . I said goodbye . . ."
    Enjoy your new "friend," and give "it" a welcome pat for me!
    Safe travels . . .

  10. Wow, that's some mileage she's done ! I hope that the new owners have just as many more miles from the trusty Dodge, and that many happy animals will ride safely in her.

  11. Mommy actually cried when we said goodbye to our 1999 Ford Econoline van with 250,000 miles on it. (We even had a party when she hit that milestone) It's hard giving up someone so dependable for the unknown. But yours went to a wonderful place.

    Thank you for all the POTP for my sissy, Holly. She is doing much better since the surgery and even her liver is getting better. POTP sure is POWERFUL

  12. I know she will make you proud continuing to help others. Todd always puts a smile on my face with his Scottie ways.

    Aroo to you,

  13. My goodness, Todd’s red balls are multiplying themselves!
    My heart skipped a beat, too when I read the post title.
    Your Dodge Caravan has been a true friend. May she run forever.

  14. That sure is a long time and a long distance for one vehicle to serve you and it did a great job.

  15. i once had to leave my dearest little white dodge dakota sport pickup on an icy lot. the generator and transmission quit literally both at the same time. never had heard of that before. i had to get to work the next day so bought a used car there on the spot.
    i cried looking in the rear view mirror. it looked so abandoned. old and sick. and sleet coming down.
    i have always humanized my vehicles. that has a name but i can't think of it at the moment.
    a beautiful picture of beloved sheba. ♥

  16. It is hard to part with a good pal, but it has to make you feel better knowing that SHE brought some more good to those who could use some extras.

    Woos - Lightning and Misty

  17. God bless, Kim. Be safe, in this storm that is blowing through to the East Coast. ♥

  18. Our car is 2007 vintage and it hasn't quite reached 87,000 km yet!

  19. Your title had me goin'. Glad it was your van and not a dog. It looks like the crew is made up of good travelers.

  20. We just got a new car and we were amazed that all the dogs needed to check it out. Who knew they paid that much attention.

  21. I'm with Lori, glad it was a van, not a dog. Phew! The old van gave you a lot of miles. And carried a lot of dogs.

  22. What a wonderful cause to donate it to! I imagine that there's a new van joining the family! We are still driving our 1996 4Runners - the oldest and dirtiest vehicles in any parking lot!

  23. Well I'm so happy that it was your CAR that you said goodbye to. You've had to say goodbye to way too many other trusted friends!!! :)


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